10 € discount on first order of Uber Ride and Uber Eats | Exclusively with your Nightlife Ticket



Uber is an innovative company that strives to deliver its unique services through user-friendly apps and website. They developed two revolutionary services based on what they lacked in modern society. You can get Uber and UberEATS credits with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. However, you should read about these great services and find out how they work for you.

The Uber app is their first revolutionary tool (downloadable to your smartphone or tablet via the app store) that allows you to easily order a taxi wherever you are. Less waiting and less hassle, this journey just got easier. The approximate price of the trip is shown in the app so that you, your driver and your wallet know exactly what you are getting..

This great app also shows you in real time who your driver is, what their Uber rating is, and their estimated arrival time. Uber is cheaper than a regular taxi service. The amount of your trip will be charged to your credit card or Paypal, which you can enter when you download the app on your smartphone. However, if you have purchased the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and your trip costs less than € 10, then it will cost you nothing! The app is easy to use and focused on making the process as simple as possible.

Uber has also released a new service called UberEATS. You can use your Uber account to easily order the best food from fantastic restaurants around the city. Order food with the UberEATS app and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket Benefits

Does all of this sound good to you? We think so too. Luckily you can use your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket to redeem the credits on your first Uber ride as well as your first meal with UberEATS.

You can redeem these credits by first downloading both the Uber and UberEATS apps on your smartphone or tablet, creating an account and then linking your Credit Card or Paypal. Once you have made your new account you can redeem your credits in the app or online.

Everyone dreads that “It’s time to go home” moment. With Uber you can ride home in ease. Leave out the endless searching for taxis at 4 in the morning. Instead, pull out your phone and order a ride to your exact spot. Your friends and loved ones will be thanking you and so will their feet. Hungry? Order in your favorite meal for dinner or check out whats open late night on UberEATS for those late night munchies (we’re all guilty).

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket wants you to have the best and easiest experience possible. We are proud to be working with Uber to provide exactly that. For questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us through our customer live-chat or email.

You can also check out our food blog here where we list our favorite and traditional Dutch foods. (Each restaurant and bakery listed can be found and ordered with the UberEATS app.)


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