Best techno clubs in Amsterdam

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If Techno is what you’re here for, we will do anything to make sure you don’t end up dancing to indecipherable Dutch classics in a local cafe. And of course, you don’t have to, because Amsterdam is home to a good number of techno clubs. Where to find the best ones? We’ll show you!

The big, mainstream clubs offer their fair share of techno but in a city that’s home to an almost endless amount of abandoned factory buildings, new underground hangouts are popping up all the time. They often offer a lot more than just music and are definitely worth a visit on other hours of the day. But when the sun sets, the real party gets started.

Every week, Amsterdam hosts numerous Techno Club events, but which ones are truly worth it? We've handpicked the best ones just for you!


John Doe  Dark Disco  Every Wednesday  Click here
Melkweg   Techno Tuesday   Every Tuesday  Click here
Club Atelier   All Night  Every Saturday  Click here
Het Sieraad   Techno Nights  (almost) Every Saturday   Click here
H7 Warehouse  Various Techno Events   (mostly) Saturdays  Click here

So check our Special Event Calendar and get ready to explore and have a good time. 

Techno clubs

Club John Doe

Techno & Tech-house

Located on Rembrandt square and the spot in town where exciting things happen around the clock. Club John Doe is anything but anonymous but mysterious nonetheless. Picture dark but intensely stylish rooms with top-notch lighting technologies to set the mood.

According to John, there is ‘No Sunday Without Techno’ and he will make sure that is the case. The city’s best underground artists guarantee outstanding quality of music six nights of the week. They aim to remain undefined and that reflects in the sound they offer.

Check the Special Events Calendar to explore other events at this club, because No Sunday Without Techno isn’t always the only techno devoted night at John Doe.

H7 Warehouse

Techno, House, Hardcore

H7, an old warehouse located in Amsterdam, has become a legendary destination for techno and rave enthusiasts. With its gritty industrial vibe and massive open space, H7 provides the perfect venue for these high-energy events. The warehouse's history adds to its allure, as it has been around for decades and has seen its fair share of wild parties. Despite its age, H7 remains a popular spot for both locals and tourists, drawing in crowds from all over the world. For those looking for an unforgettable techno or rave experience, H7 is the place to be.

Club Panama

Techno, EDM

Club Panama Amsterdam is one of the most appreciated techno clubs. Enjoy the best Techno music every Thursday at Panama, ‘Techno Thursdays.

The club is located nearby Amsterdam Central Station, surrounded by like-minded souls and music lovers. And although Claire’s interior is anything but grungy, party folks are not required to dress up fancy. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and more important, something that allows you to move till the sun comes up. Get your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and check what Panama has waiting for you.

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Drum, Bass, House, Techno, Electronic

It’s got the looks and the location. An old factory with two separate halls to show off your moves, right in the middle of the city at LeidsepleinMelkweg is an all-time favorite that pleases both locals and visitors and also holds a few surprises in the techno department.

Techno Tuesday is a weekly event and with a name like that, an explanation is unnecessary. Knock out techno beats all night long for you to party till you drop. Care for some drum ‘n bass too? Melkweg’s Cheeky Monday also makes a weekly comeback to guarantee a good start of the week.

Add Melkweg's Special Events to your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket without any additional costs. Click here to see the upcoming Special Events.


House, Techno & EBM

At Kleurstoff nothing is certain and that’s exactly how they like it to be. The LGBTQ-friendliest place of all techno clubs in Amsterdam, but what Kleurstoff really wants is to be close with everyone. That means the only rule they’ve set is that everyone is welcome and free to be who they are.

You are encouraged to explore your own and each other’s uniqueness and express in the way you dress! Outrageous is good so dust off your glitter pants, kinky boots or wear nothing at all. Just don’t look like a bum because those won’t make it past the entrance to make sure everyone will have an awesome time.

Club Atelier

Techno, Hip-Hop & house

Club Atelier is one of the most popular clubs in Amsterdam, known for its vibrant and lively atmosphere. The club is spread over two floors and features state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. The main room is perfect for dancing and socializing with your friends, while the upstairs area offers a more relaxed atmosphere with comfortable seating and a balcony with a fantastic view of the dance floor. The club also offers an outdoor smoking area, where you can take a break from the party and enjoy the fresh air.

The club regularly hosts top DJs and performers, ensuring that the music never stops, and the party never ends. The resident DJs are also skilled at reading the crowd and playing the right music to keep everyone on the dance floor. So, whether you are a fan of hip hop or techno, you can be sure that Club Atelier has got you covered.

Select an event at the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket checkout and find out what this mysterious place is hiding behind its doors.

Het Sieraad

House, Techno, Drum and Base & Electronic

Looking for the ultimate techno club experience in Amsterdam? Let us introduce you to Het Sieraad, a former jewelry factory transformed into one of the city's most iconic techno and electronic music venues. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse lineup, Het Sieraad attracts over 470,000 visitors annually, making it an essential stop on your Amsterdam Nightlife tour.

At Het Sieraad, you'll be immersed in a pulsating world of techno, electronic, drum and bass, and house music.

What truly sets Het Sieraad apart is its commitment to showcasing both emerging talent and established artists. The club provides an unparalleled platform for new artists to captivate a broader audience, ensuring a fresh and innovative lineup for every event. This dedication to nurturing talent makes Het Sieraad a must-visit destination for those looking to discover the next big thing in techno and electronic music. Ready to experience the best that Het Sieraad has to offer? Don't miss out on their exciting Special Events – check out our Special Events Calendar here and book your tickets now.


House & techno

A relatively new underground space in town that’s literally below the surface. Enter the staircase through the huge hatch door and you’ll find yourself right beneath the tall Amsterdam Tower, a new city icon.

The sound system is just as solid as the concrete interior. The space is quite dark because Shelter doesn’t allow for too many distractions from what it’s all about: music. The dress code tells visitors to dress in a way that matches their personality, so this club is definitely a place where you can be you.

Shelter’s main focus is on house and techno, but sometimes they allow room for disco and other controversial sounds to seep in through the cracks of the basement.  Often they’re open till 8 am in the morning, but check their facebook page for specific info about opening hours and events.


Electronic, house & techno

Access a huge selection of events during the weekend at Radion and trust us, you don't want to miss out on these Techno events. This cultural breeding place is constantly trying to find the edge of experimental projects. It used to be a lecture hall, but nowadays ‘partying’ is the only subject they teach. Progressive club nights are the usual, on top of creative events they regularly host.

So take your pick and decide on what you’d like your dose of techno to go with because the variety is endless in this artistic juncture. Live performances? International DJ’s? You name it. Radion’s club nights will make all your techno dreams come true.


Check out all of the best Events in Amsterdam!



This non-profit organization located right next to the famous Vondelpark aims to give its visitors something unique, diverse and affordable. Both local and international DJ’s steal the show on weekends and on weekdays live performances are part of the program.

The big, steel door entrance gives you a sneak peek of what you’ll find on the inside. Rough around the edges, but also intimate and intense. Check their facebook page to see what’s happening during your visit, because when we say diverse that’s exactly what we mean. From karaoke to jungle dub, indietronica and techno, OT301 is literally all over the place.

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Techno clubs

De School

By now you probably understand that Amsterdam is a creative hub, epic center of free expression and experiments and a place where art is found on every street corner. Go big or go home seems to be the motto which translates into organizations like De School. There’s a cafe, restaurant, art program, even a gym and of course a nightclub.  

It has only been open for a few years, yet the club nights and line-ups have made a name for themselves and locals are eager to cycle an extra kilometer for it. De School will exceed your expectations so head over to their website to explore the program and make dinner reservations while you’re at it.

Bigger is better.

As becomes clear from this list, the big clubs and underground establishments are your best bet for finding the finest techno in town. These places like to mix things up, so look out for that specific blend that makes your heart skip a beat and design your perfect night out.

Dress codes are often casual, but suits, uniforms and shirt dresses are not appreciated at most venues so make sure to check first or go safe. But not too safe, as Amsterdam leaves plenty of room for expression and creativity is much appreciated.

Some sites are located outside the city center. Luckily Amsterdam is small and a few drinks are great fuel for a nice bike ride. Forget about public transport in the early hours of a new day, so make sure you have your rental all set or UBER installed. Your first ride under €10 is free with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket as well as access to the best techno clubs in town. A visit to this thrilling capital filled with your favorite beats is just a step away!


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