Where to stay in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam has always been one of Europe’s tourist centers. Millions of people visit this beautiful city every year and this has made it one of the most expensive cities to visit. Prices rarely fall here as it is a suitable tourist location during the entire year.

Nevertheless, Amsterdam is a must-visit location for every traveler and at some point, the question arises – Where to stay in Amsterdam? We have put together a comprehensive list of different places to choose from, depending on your budget and travel purposes.

There are hundreds of hotels in Amsterdam ranging from the lowest to the highest class. It may be sad to hear, however, that even the cheapest hotel here may seem expensive at certain moments.

Fortunately, there are so many other types of accommodation to choose from, some of which are quite unique and rare. Hostel rooms seem like the better choice for larger groups of people, while there is also the more unusual accommodation offered by several campsites.

Nowadays, more and more people turn their attention towards the opportunities of Airbnb. If you are unfamiliar, Airbnb is a platform where people can put their additional rooms or apartments for rent. In most cases, this is the cheapest option for longer stays and for families. Fortunately, when you search for accommodation in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, there are a lot of places to choose from.

The most unique and uncommon way of staying in Amsterdam is to rent a houseboat. There are few places in Europe where you can try this type of accommodation and you should know that it is really developed here.

Simply said, there is something for every budget and personality. If you are a fan of luxury, the choice will be significantly easier. Since this city is definitely not your ordinary tourist destination, open-minded people with adventure on their mind will have a harder time when choosing where to stay in Amsterdam.


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Where to stay in Amsterdam


The Student Hotel – A Worthy Budget Choice

Do not let the name trick you. This relatively new hotel in Amsterdam may be a popular choice among the younger generations but it meets all kinds of guests and travellers. Nevertheless, it creates a similar feeling to that of living at a campus.

It is situated close to the historic centre of Amsterdam and does not look out of the ordinary from the outside. On the inside, however, you will see a palette of bright colours and street art murals. The rooms are spacious enough and have all the necessary conveniences of the higher class hotels.

What makes the hotel special are the large communal areas which are often used by local students as well. These include workspaces, a gym, and a bar. Overall, this is an incredible hotel for people of all ages, perfect for leisure or working trips.

Lloyd Hotel – Comfort & History at a Mid-range Price

This incredible hotel is a worthy location for more than just being an incredibly stylish and comfortable location at a fair price. One of the more unusual aspects of this place is that it has rooms that fit any budget and expectations. If you need a cheap place to stay, this is the place for you. Simultaneously, if you need a semi-luxurious spot that grants all the necessary comforts, this is also the place for you.

Needless to say, this hotel is both a historical treasure and a piece of art. Since the building was built in 1920, it has had several outstanding purposes before it was finally transformed into a hotel. In the beginning, it served as a prison. Weird enough, I know, but there is more. It also served as a refugee centre and also a juvenile detention centre.

Later on, it was an artists’ studio and there were more than 40 artists who took part in the interior design of the hotel you can book today. In other words, if you are a lover of the unusual, then there is no more need to look for where to stay in Amsterdam.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

Hotel Ibis Centre – the Perfect Choice if you Want to be in the Centre

The Ibis hotel company remains a popular choice among tourists simply because they offer accommodation for any budget and have locations in literally most of the major cities in the world.

The Ibis Hotel in the Centre is located near Amsterdam Central Station. It is extremely affordable and gives its guest the opportunity to be close to the most important historical locations in town.

By booking a stay at Ibis, you can also take greater advantage of your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. After a long day of exploring, you would normally be exhausted. The decision to go out or stay and rest at your room can often depend on the distance between your accommodation and the party locations.

Fortunately, Hotel Ibis Centre is located at a walking distance to some of the most iconic clubs and venues. If you do not feel like walking, you can use public transport and reach literally any location in the city.

If you are yet unfamiliar with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, it is the cheapest way of experiencing the outstanding party life of this city. Needless to say, Amsterdam is known worldwide for its incredible nightlife. With the Nightlife Ticket, you can visit more than 30 of the best clubs and venues for two days as many times as you want for only €10.

Not only can you enter these special locations without paying an entry fee but you can take advantage of the other benefits and discounts which come with the package. When you have all these opportunities you need a convenient place to stay. Hotel Ibis Centre will give all the necessary convenience in the centre of Amsterdam without the need to go bankrupt.

Where to stay in Amsterdam


Finding a good hostel depends entirely on your own expectations and budget, similar to the case with hotels. Do you simply need a cheap place to crash while you explore during the day and party during the night? Do you need a working place or something more luxurious like a private room and bed? Here are our carefully selected choices for hostels in Amsterdam:

Stay Okay Hostel Stadsdoelen – BEST Budget Location

There are many Stay Okay locations in Amsterdam and the Netherlands overall but our top choice is the one closest to the centre. It is located at a short walking distance from Dam Square which gives you countless opportunities to experience the best of Amsterdam during the day or night. The rooms are nothing out of the ordinary but are bright, spacious and clean.

Not only is it located at the exact centre of the city close to some of the most important historical landmarks and nightlife venues but it is the perfect choice if you are on a budget. When it comes to the previously mentioned opportunities, this location allows every type.

You can take a closer look at the widely popular Red Light District and get a taste of the atmosphere of this unique district which can be found only in Amsterdam. At night, you can take advantage of your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and visit not one but a few of the most incredible clubs and venues.

The Bulldog – Cheap & Central

One of the cheapest and simplest hostels you can find in Amsterdam is also located quite near to Dam Square – The Bulldog. What makes this place special are not low prices. It is the small things that the owner (self-proclaimed traveler) has included to ensure that each guest has anything they need without paying incredible sums of money. Right next to the small details is the picturesque view that you get from your windows.

The rooms are spacious and stylish, and you can choose between dorms with many beds or a personal room which comes at a higher price – regularly twice the amount. There are ensuite bathrooms in each room and there are also all-female dorms. Last but not least, the Bulldog has a bar and a restaurant.

Of course, the Bulldog is located right outside the historical and party centers of Amsterdam. If you were wondering where to stay in Amsterdam having heard that the center is the most expensive area, the Bulldog will give you all the necessary comforts for almost no money per night.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

Need Anything Else for your trip to Amsterdam?

You may or may have not already found a suitable hotel/hostel for your trip after reading this article. Since Airbnb accommodation is entirely different and offers more in terms of personal expectations and desires. If you wish to be in a more homelike environment, then Airbnb is the greatest option for you.

Campsites are always out of Amsterdam and go beyond our area of expertise; therefore, it is not anything we can offer. Still, it is our duty to tell you of this type of accommodation.

Our carefully selected choices have been made from personal experience as well as two other characteristics – to be highly recommended by locals and tourists, and to be close enough to both the cultural and nightlife areas of Amsterdam.

Since we specialise in party life and fun experiences, each of our locations gives you the opportunity to have the time of your life in terms of nightlife and unique daily activities. If you haven’t yet purchased your own Nightlife Ticket, and need a better reason than the money-saving aspect from clubs and venues entrance fees, continue reading below.

The Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket also gives you discounts for various activities in Amsterdam. There is no way that you will not visit the Hard Rock Café. Come on, the one in Amsterdam has literally become a tourist attraction and also one of the most loved locations of the brand. It is good to know that your Nightlife Ticket gives you 2 for 1 on all cocktails and they do have some of the greatest cocktails in Amsterdam.

Not only can you enter over 30 clubs for free but you also can visit the incredible Holland Casino. With your Nightlife Ticket, the entry fee will be lifted off your shoulders and you will get a welcome drink as well. Believe me, this is not your regular casino but on the contrary, a full experience that you cannot imagine unless you pay it a visit. 

Aloha Amsterdam is a unique indoor entertainment centre which combines group activities like Laser Tag and Bowling at one location. With the Nightlife Ticket, you can take advantage of the two for one at Aloha

These and many other benefits can be seen at the Nightlife Ticket page here. If you need more information regarding visiting Amsterdam, you can find everything from our blog section. 

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