Celebrate your birthday party in Amsterdam with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Amsterdam is a city packed with history, secrets and overall, funIf you or a loved one are thinking of celebrating their birthday in Amsterdam, look no further. We have collected unlimited weekly access to over 20 different nightclubs and bars5 nightlife experiences and a handful of perks like free Uber rides and UberEAT credits all included on the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

We hope that this inspires you about ways you are able to plan your birthday with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Plan with ease and benefit from the cost friendly prices and all that is included on your ticket. We realize how difficult it can be to plan a celebration, use this ticket and leave your worries back home.

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The Perfect Birthday Celebration

We know how it goes. The cancelling plans, making new ones, making sure your friends approve, cancelling more plans when they don’t… planning a party is hard work. On behalf of the Nightlife Ticket Team, we have brought you a selection of 20+ different nightclubs and bars, 5 different nightlife experiences as well as other assorted perks.

But, how can you plan your birthday in Amsterdam? Easy, with the purchase of your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you will receive full and unlimited access to everything included on the ticket, for 1, 2 days or the whole week.

Although Amsterdam is a smaller city, the amount to do and see remains endless. If you’re staying for a week or weekend, this is your Nightlife tool and navigation. See what’s on each night to start creating your nights out with friends and loved ones. You can also make it up as you go although we recommend planning at least a day ahead to assure a spotless night each time. If you are traveling with a large party or are having difficulty booking a hotel/hostel, we have an information page where you can choose where to stay. Each hotel and hostel listed are all nearby the participating Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket locations but is not included on your ticket.


TIP: If you are celebrating your birthday in Amsterdam with a group and have bought several tickets, you are able to take advantage of several experiences and perks like Uber rides and UberEATS credits or extra admission to locations like AlohaThe more the merrier, Woo!

Make Each Night Your Own

With the use of your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you are able to plan your birthday in Amsterdam with several nightlife perks and experiences. Ride comfortably to or from clubs with a €10 Uber credit on your first ride. If eating out is too much of a hassle simply read up on traditional dutch foods to order or your favorite meal with a discount of €10, courtesy of UberEATS. If gambling is your cup of tea you can head on over to the Holland Casino and try your luck at the tables or assortment of slot machines. For those young at heart, Aloha Amsterdam offers hours of LED bowling, laser-tag and glow in the dark mini-golf. Enjoy beautiful waterfront views while you throw back some drinks and have some care-free fun. These are only just a few nightlife options with your ticket, however, you want to plan it, it’s up to you.

The Nightlife Team hopes that you have a fantastic birthday in Amsterdam and wants to make sure that happens! Do you want something extra? Please make sure to contact us. We can arrange a special nightlife birthday surprise! If you are able to confirm the birthday, the time you will arrive and the night you would like this VIP experience, we can arrange something special, within reason (i.e. cake, prosecco, etc).


You want to experience a night out at an exclusive club this weekend? Then go to Supperclub Amsterdam and experience a night you will never forget.

Every Thursday there is YOU&EYE, every Friday there is Mayhem and every Sunday they celebrate the weekend with Sundaze

3 awesome events that will most definetely provide you with a luxurious great night out!

Choose your 1, 2 or 7 days Nightlife Ticket here, and add the special events at Supperclub, which you would like to attend!


We hope to see you soon and if you want to have anything extra or a different package included in your program like a stripper, limousine or a VIP area (with drinks/bottles), just send a mail to! We will make sure that you and your group have the best Birthday, Stag and/or Hen Party ever!



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