Things to explore in Amsterdam during the night

7 things to do in Amsterdam at night

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The hours passing by might be the end of another day coming closer, but mostly the starting sign of a brand new night with endless possibilities offered to you by one of the most exciting cities in the world. When you’re in Amsterdam it doesn’t matter what time it is, where one activity ends another one is just getting started.

So let us show you where to go after dark, guide the way to where the Dutch go after leaving the office, and how to set the mood for a night out on the town. Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is your admission to the best time of your life.

7 things to do in Amsterdam at Night

Try Different Food at the Foodhallen

Warm weather is not always a guarantee, but your food options don’t have to suffer from a little bit of wind and rain. The Foodhallen (food halls) is an excellent place to go for dinner, especially when you’re with a group of people that have different food preferences.

You can all sit together in the great atmosphere of a historical building that used to be a tram depot, but all eat something different if you want. Dim sum, burgers, Vietnamese cuisine, pizza, sushi, desserts and much more, including some local specialties.


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Watch a Movie at an Art House Cinema

Is it still raining outside after you’ve finished dessert and a little early to hit the club? Stick around and watch a movie in the Filmhallen next door in the same building. It’s not your average, mainstream cinema showing all the Hollywood blockbusters. They make a selection of good quality Hollywood films as well as award-winning European movies and documentaries from all over the world.

There are a few more art house movie theatres around the city that are definitely worth a visit. Not just because of their unique program of quality movies, just as much because of their rare characteristics and local feel. The Movies on Haarlemmerdijk will amaze you with their art deco interior and snug bar and restaurant. Kriterion was founded by students in 1945 as a way to finance their education. Nowadays it’s still run by students, so obviously a great place to have a drink, and offers a varied movie program.


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Check Out some Bars

There isn’t much that beats the coziness of a nice bar or small club when you’re away from home and looking to have a good time feeling like a local. The Dutch call it ‘gezelligheid’ and we know just how to make it and of course where to find it. We’ve made sure your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is your invitation to plenty of those places and to make you feel more than appreciated, most of them offer you a welcome shot to get you acquainted with the Dutch hospitality.

Club Amsterdamned on the Korte Leidsedwarsstraat, right in the center of where most of the partying happens, is exactly one of those places. Stick around to get your moves on to some hip-hop, R&B, dance and 80’s music.

Candela, just a few doors down, also welcomes you with a shot and if Latin, international pop & eclectic music is your scene this is definitely your destination for the night.

In the same area, ‘Feest van Joop’ (Joop’s party) is always in celebration mode and an excellent location to get a taste of Dutch music. But don’t worry you won’t be able to sing along, they also play international pop and house music and it’s all served with a free welcome shot. The same music menu and welcome policy can be found at club Bubbels just around the corner and if you’d rather move to chart hits and dance music we suggest you hop over to club Hartje. So many bars, so little time.

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7 things to do at night in Amsterdam

Visit the Torture Museum

Amsterdam wasn’t always the tolerant and laid back place it is today and if you care for a peek into the hurtful and harrowing history of torture this is where you should go. The museum is open until 11 pm every night and we would definitely recommend visiting this eerie place after dark to add a few extra chills to the creepiness. Instruments with names like ‘thumb screws’, ‘the sling’, ‘Judas cradle’ and ‘skull cracker’ weren’t just applied to disobedient Dutch but left a trace of torment all over Europe a few centuries ago. So head over to the Torture Museum and find out what you’re missing out on when you break the law in 2019.

Have a Barbecue in the Park

Dutch people get a little crazy when the sun comes out and temperatures rise. Everyone just loves the sun, and wants to enjoy as much of it as possible! When the clock strikes 5 pm everyone rushes out of their office and heads over to one of Amsterdam’s parks. With a short stop at Albert Heijn on the way there, of course, to get some cookout essentials.

Firing up the barbecue is allowed in many of the parks in Amsterdam (not all, so check first) and it’s a right many Dutchies exploit to the fullest in spring and summer and whenever the weather allows it basically. All you need is a blanket, a single-use barbecue, some beer and wine, and whatever you like to grill and eat that night. Add a little bit of music and you have a perfect start of the night right there. Trust us, you won’t be the only one and it might at times even be difficult to find a spot. But as the Dutch always say, ‘the more the merrier’ and this is an excellent way to make some local friends to bring to the party later that night.

Go Clubbing

Of course, clubbing deserves a solid spot on your agenda and is one of the best things to do at night in Amsterdam. What advice would you expect from your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket allies? Your ticket gives you access to a large number of clubs and you would be crazy not to use it to the max. And because there is so much to discover, see and hear we suggest you get right to it!  

Party like there’s no tomorrow is your mission and we’re here to help you out with a list of our favorite clubs. Visit Club Prime Nightclub on Rembrandtplein and show off your looks and dance moves in a crowd that loves to dress up and get classy. In the same area, Club John Doe is a bit more casual in the outfit regulations department and gives you the chance to loosen up to tech house and afro beats.

Club Nova on Leidseplein serves partygoers a unique experience with their original interior, worldly staff and crazy parties Everything is styled to perfection, from the seating area surrounding the dance floor, the copper paneled walls and spectacular lights, and makes you feel sexy the second you arrive. Radion is located a little bit outside the city and combines music, art and culture in one place dipped in a nice underground feel.

Think this is it? Better guess again because these clubs are just a tiny selection of more than 20 clubs and bars that open their doors to you and your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

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Go to the Zoo

Amsterdam’s zoo Artis is a great place to be. It’s an oasis in the middle of Amsterdam, with that cozy city zoo feel. On Saturday nights throughout summer, the zoo opens until sunset, which is 10 pm. Apart from discovering what wild animals are up to at night, you can enjoy live performances by Dutch musicians and students from Amsterdam’s music academy and picnic’s and barbecues are also among the options.

Because of the perfect central location of the zoo, heading over to the city for a party afterward is super easy.

Explore the Zeedijk and Red Light District

One of the liveliest areas at night is definitely the “Rosse buurt” in Amsterdam and there’s plenty to do and see at night. So we suggest you start your evening early and don’t miss out on anything. For the area’s highlights, check out this blog with lots of detailed information.

Warmoesstraat is one of the oldest streets in the city and definitely worth a stroll. It has plenty of shops, cafes and is also known to be gay central with flags in rainbow colors and black and blue (leather scene) popping up everywhere.

The Zeedijk starts at the Prins Hendrikkade in front of Amsterdam’s Central Station and flows around the Red Light Districted and ends on the Nieuwmarkt. The Zeedijk is the closest thing to Chinatown Amsterdam has and although it’s definitely not as impressive as in other cities, you do find bilingual street signs, a Buddhist temple that’s open to the public and lots of Asian restaurants, shops and (karaoke) bars. It used to be a sailor’s neighborhood and the place was long known for its drugs trade and a no go for law abiding citizens, but these days it definitely deserves a visit.

7 things to do at night in Amsterdam

Chill out on the Water

Water plays a central role in the city that’s home to more than 1280 bridges and 165 canals with a length of 50 kilometers. Add in the Ij Lake that separates two parts of the city and you understand why the Dutch spend so much of their free time on and around the water.

Sitting on a spot overlooking the water is never boring, as there are always people to watch, boats passing by and sights to see. Many cafes are strategically located on the waterside to provide locals and visitors with a calming ambiance that lets you wind down, relax and work on your tan.

Hanneke’s Boom, located right next to Central Station, is like a tree house for grownups that serves great snacks and dinner. It’s almost fully surrounded by water so there are many spots to find to sit down on the grass and let your feet dangle over the waterfront while you watch the boats and ferries go by.

Pllek is located in the Northern part of the city and easily reached by (free) ferry. Matching the industrial atmosphere of the area, this spot is basically a couple of old shipping containers put together in a U shape with a huge glass front (and a fireplace) overlooking the Ij Lake. On warmer days everyone moves outside to chill on the sand of their private little beach and there’s often music, movies and other fun stuff on.

Waterkant can be found on a canal in the heart of the city, just 10 minutes walking away from Leidseplein where you’re probably going to party afterward. This hotspot is located right behind an ugly parking garage. The owners saw something in this location that many didn’t but it’s been a huge success from the minute they opened the doors to their sunny terrace. The menu offers a lot of Surinamese dishes, a popular cuisine in the Netherlands, and we know you’ll love it too.

Get a Little Cultural at Museumplein

Take your bike through the bicycle passage of the Rijksmuseum and stop right in the middle of the square. Park your bike and just look around for a second, as you are now surrounded by the finest museums in the Netherlands.

Want to learn more about the art history of the country and see Rembrandt’s famous painting ‘The Night Watch’? The Rijksmuseum is your destination. The Van Gogh museum is obviously dedicated to the work of this famous painter. But you won’t just see his work, you’ll also learn more about the painter, the life he lived and letters he wrote. More into modern art? The Stedelijk Museum’s got your back, just look out for something that looks like a giant bathtub and you cannot miss it.

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