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Explore your nightlife experiences, perks, bars and clubs located in Rembrandtsquare. When searching for a party zone in the city of Amsterdam, one place you are guaranteed to find endless fun every night of the week is Rembrandtplein. This street is home to some of the best nightclubs in Amsterdam that are strategically located around a single square.


Club Escape is the biggest club at the Rembrandt square in Amsterdam. It is a must visit for all nightlife enthusiasts. In recent years the club renovated its interior and gave it a stylish and vibrant new look. It features multiple floors each playing a different genre of music.

Club Escape has the best bartenders in town. Here you will find some of the best DJs such as Ziggy and Billy the Kid. Dance to the best in electro, house, R&B and Afro Music.

With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you can get free access at just €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days.


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Students, however, can gain free access which explains why the crowd at club Escape is mainly young. If you want to make a reservation for a VIP arrangement, simply call in advance and have everything set up for you and your crew.

Enjoy your favourite cocktails and drinks at Club Escape.



With its large Neon lights, Club Smokey is easily noticeable on Rembrandt square. The club has a full agenda and is open every night of the week from 11 PM to 4 AM. Get your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket to get free entrance at €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days.

At Club Smokey you will find the coolest DJs from local and international backgrounds who will make you dance to the best in hip hop, R&B, Hits, Pop and House music.

And when you simply want to chill and enjoy a smoke, there is a smokers lounge area conveniently located with a large HD

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If you are looking to party every night of the week, then Club Prime is one nightclub that you will want to check out. Situated on Rembrandtplein 22, Club Prime is right across Club Escape and is open from 11 PM to 4 PM Monday to Sunday. Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket will grant you free access to the club.


Club Prime is a famous Amsterdam nightclub. The experience is nothing short of remarkable with international DJs playing the coolest hits, Live Dancers and party vibe, this is one cool place to party.

Club Prime love’s new party people, so you will always feel welcome here.


Yet another club to watch out for is AIR Amsterdam. Conveniently situated in Rembrandtplein on Amstelstraat 16, AIR Amsterdam is open from Thursday to Sunday from 11 PM to 4 PM. The club features 55 bars that will offer you the best drinks and cocktails.


With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you can get free entry at €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days. A large dance floor is open to anyone who wants to move to the groove and is one of the best places to listen to the best in urban, house, R&B, hip hop, and techno music.


TIP: With the Amsterdam nightlife ticket, you get free entrance to Air Amsterdam when you select the Special events for this location

John Doe | CLUB

Situated at Amstelstraat 30, Blue Ivy is one of the best nightclubs for R&B, Hip Hop, house, Techno and Urban Music. John Doe  is open from Monday till sunday  from 11 PM to 4 AM. With your Amsterdam Nightlife ticket, you can get free entrance at the club. Just make sure to arrive early to beat the long lines.

The atmosphere at John Doe is relaxing, which makes you want to chill and lounge away the evening as you listen to cool DJs and mingle with new people. There are different agendas on different nights to keep you well entertained.


TIP: With the Amsterdam nightlife ticket, you get free entrance to John Doe when you select the Special events for this location


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