Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

The first thing people think of when they hear about Amsterdam is cannabis. Although there are many more important and impressive things to see and do there, the fact that it is a real paradise for weed-smokers cannot be overlooked.

Currently, there are over a hundred coffeeshops in Amsterdam, most of which located in the city center. As with anything else, there are those few that stand out and today, we will only discuss the ones that definitely deserve a visit. Along with the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam, we will discuss smoking regulations, what you should avoid in order not to get in trouble and several misconceptions about local people and cannabis use.

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam: Rules and Regulations

The most common misconception about Dutch people is that they smoke all day. This is usually caused by the prohibition of marijuana around the world which makes people think that if cannabis was allowed, everyone would be high all the time. 

As an expatriate myself, I was left surprised when literally none of my Dutch friends smoked regularly. You will not be wrong if you consider cannabis as a part of Dutch culture nowadays but you will rarely find anyone that abuses its use. 

Another common misconception is that marijuana is legal. In reality, it is not legal but it is widely tolerated. In Amsterdam, you can consume it freely as long as you are 18 years old but there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed.

For instance, you can only buy up to 5 grams in a coffeeshop. Of course, that does not mean that you cannot go to several places and get 5 grams from each but you will, of course, not need that much if you are a tourist. 

In addition, you can only carry up to 5 grams in your pocket outside. This means that if you get stopped by police and you carry over that amount, you will get fined. For an amount of up to 30 grams, you will get an unpleasant fine of up to €75. 

Carrying over 30 grams, however, is considered a serious crime and could lead to a devastating fine of up to €67.500 and even up to 4 years in prison. Nevertheless, if you live in the Netherlands, you can keep up to 500 grams at your home for personal use. The amounts that coffeeshops are limited to are also 500 grams. 

If you are in Amsterdam to party and have fun, then you would most certainly go clubbing at night, correct? In this case, you need to know that you will not be allowed in any club if you are completely high. 

Therefore, our advice is to smoke during the day and give your head a couple of hours to clear out before you go to the club. Do not underestimate the effects of high-quality marijuana in Amsterdam. 

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With this said, let’s take a look at the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam.


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Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop

Tweede Kamer is one of the oldest coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Its history began in 1985 less than 10 years after cannabis was allowed for recreational use. It is known as the first coffee shop that gave customers the opportunity to feel and smell the products before making a purchase, as well as weighing and packaging everything after someone has decided to buy. 

As for the coffeeshop today, it has kept its traditions for making the customers feel like home. If you are not a regular smoker and would like to try out new things, you should definitely ask the staff for help. The only problem with Tweede Kamer is that it is really small and you will hardly find a place to sit if you are not lucky.

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

The Bulldog

The Bulldog is one of the most well-known coffeeshops in Amsterdam for more than one reasons. Before anything else, there are actually five locations scattered around Amsterdam and the city center. We can safely call it a brand as they also have a hotel, locations in Canada, and even a merch line. 

What makes The Bulldog even more special is that its first location was the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam in 1975. Of course, each of the five coffeeshops is worth visiting but in order to get that historical feeling, you should go to The Bulldog No.90 which was the original place and is still open today. 

It is a great place to experience the history of cannabis smoking in the Netherlands, try out new things, and even watch a football game on the weekend.

Grey Area

Grey Area is another coffeeshop in Amsterdam with decades of history. This particular spot here, however, has welcomed quite a few of the most popular celebrity smokers in the world – Snoop Dogg, Woody Harrelson, Ty Dolla $ign, and so many others. Keep your camera ready as you may stumble on a celebrity here. 

The Grey Area itself is small and cozy and always full of customers which unfortunately decreases your chances of finding a place to sit. The entrance itself is easy to find – look for the grey wall that is covered with hundreds upon hundreds of stickers. 

Once you find it, all you have to do is ask the staff for assistance in choosing the most fitting weed for yourself, and dive into relaxation and happiness. As one of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam with the richest history and its own distinctive atmosphere, it deserves a visit even if you already smoked.

Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Unlike every single coffee shop we discussed above, Coffeeshop Amsterdam is large and spacious and has enough sitting space for over 90 people. If you are looking for a good place to sit and chill, then you should definitely give it a chance. 

Besides the beautiful and relaxing decor, interior, and great music, Coffeeshop Amsterdam also offers some of the best weed in town. In addition, you should definitely try their incredible cakes. Quite conveniently, it is located just a few minutes on foot away from Central Station and the city center. 

Last but not least, even if Coffeeshop Amsterdam is full, they have their own pub just a minute away on the neighboring street. It is a great option for football fans as well as they often screen games.


Coffeeshop Siberie is the kind of place that makes you not want to leave. Besides the incredible cannabis menu and the outstanding non-alcoholic beverages, this place offers something new every day. 

Don’t forget to bring friends to Siberie with you and try some of their fun board games. As for the extraordinary events for a coffeeshop that you can participate in, take a look at their calendar. There are open mic nights, exhibitions, horoscope readings, and many other events. On the weekends, they also have a DJ in the house. 

Coffeeshop Siberie is the perfect location for expatriates that want to make new connections while actually doing something fun or unusual. After all, getting high goes hand in hand with making new friends. Or does it?

420 CoffeeShop

420 CoffeeShop has a special location which gives it a different type of atmosphere. It is located on the side of a canal and just next to Spui Square which is also known as the cultural center of Amsterdam and where some of the largest and best restaurants and cafes are located. 

If you love being surrounded by people, then you should absolutely take a sit at 420 and smoke something from their excellent cannabis menu. If you are not lucky enough to find a sitting place outside, take a seat inside but not before you get a closer look at the unusual interior and furniture. Will you find the two rows of old movie theatre fold-down seats? 

In terms of their cannabis menu, it is quite small with less than a dozen items available but everything is high-quality. It will not be suitable if you want to smoke something unique and extraordinary but is a great option if you want to have a good smoke and relax at one of the loveliest parts of the city center.

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