Amsterdam Light Festival

Enjoy the light art in Amsterdam during Amsterdam Light Festival from the 1st of December till the 22nd of January.  Check the Special Event Calendar and get your tickets here.

When we say city of light, an awesome walking route passing one impressive light installation after the other shedding a completely new glow on the beautiful streets, what place comes to mind? We’re guessing it took you about one second to think: Amsterdam of course. Move over Paris, Amsterdam is the new city of light!

And not just any lights. On top of the classic holiday decorations that bring an amazing, cozy winter vibe to the city, Amsterdam Light Festival makes things really special. This year, the 11nd edition of the festival will take place, revolving around the theme ‘Imagne behind’. From the 1st of December 2023 until the 22nd of January 2024, Amsterdam will be the brightest place in the universe.

And you haven’t heard the best news yet, you can get your Amsterdam Light Ticket directly here, you can choose between three different types of boat cruises. And if there’s something cool happening in the city, the best way to see it is always from the water. But it’s not the only way, definitely not. Below we’ll guide you through the Amsterdam Light Festival experience.

Amsterdam Light Festival

The art

About 20 art installations and 10 city stories will form the base of the festival, and they will have a lot to tell you. But before we tell you all about this year’s theme, let us give you an idea of the size of the festival. Perhaps 20 art installations doesn’t sound like much, but for this year’s edition over 650 concepts from 60 countries were considered for the festival. And only the best 20 are welcome in Amsterdam for this year’s edition.

The theme of the 11th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival is Imagine Beyond. With this theme the festival will take you into the world of imagination. Be inspired by the twenty light artworks against the winter backdrop of Amsterdam and Imagine Beyond.

Each works of art on display for this light tour through Amsterdam naturally tells its own story, however, there are many common themes and stories to discover. The world around us is temporary and can suddenly be completely different. We have all experienced this recently. But the power of our imagination remains! This years art collection will show that. With our imagination, we can transcend the here and now and imagine tomorrow's day without limit. Let the artworks take you to other worlds. The best way to celebrate Amsterdam Light Festival is with a canal cruise. That way you have the best view of the light art while you can relax and take it all in.

The Amsterdam Light Festival brings stories to light that would otherwise remain enveloped in darkness.

The activities


Walking route

The Amsterdam Light Festival walking route doesn’t only take you where the art installations are. It guides you through the most beautiful parts of the city with plenty of options for food, drinks and fun along the way or afterwards. You can start at central station and head East or West.

If you head West, you’ll start in the Jordaan area and the first thing you will see on the route are Amsterdam’s stunning canals. Spotting the art installations is like a treasure hunt and every time you see one there is a story to unravel. Starting East? Prepare for epic views of the Amstel River that provide a stunning backdrop for the extraordinary art pieces.

Want to get a preview of what’s waiting for you along the route? Check out the official website to learn more about the artists and their stories.


TIP: Choose between three different boat cruises to enjoy the light art during Amsterdam Light Festival, get your tickets here.

Amsterdam Light Festival


Boat tour

Amsterdam is beautiful from the water. Getting on a boat is like stepping into a new world that gives you a different perspective on this famous city. And the magic that comes with the light festival definitely adds another dimension to the experience. For 6.5 kilometers you can see Amsterdam shine. Take it all in while you sit back and relax, don’t have to watch out for traffic and focus your full attention on the Light Festival.

With your chosen boat cruise you get to enjoy the beautiful light art in Amsterdam. You can choose between a boat cruise with a regular boat, with a semi-open boat or a boat with local bites and drinks. Get your ticket for Amsterdam Light Festival now here!

Fun in the City

December and January are excellent months to visit Amsterdam. It’s cozy, warm (inside) and pretty. And there’s lots of fun to have! Especially when you are equipped with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. With the suggestions below, you can create your trip of a lifetime.

Amsterdam Light Festival Boom Chicago


Boom Chicago Comedy Club has been around for 25 years, and that’s not because they aren’t funny. They offer improvisation, theatrical shows and stand-up comedy and most of their shows are in English. They love making fun of everything Dutch and with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you enjoy 2 for 1 entrance. Get there early because the locals know where the fun is and things can get a little crowded. And you don’t want to miss out on the free shot that’s also included with your Nightlife Ticket!

Amsterdam Light Festival

Suzy Wong 

Only a small detour from the walking route and a perfect spot to end your Amsterdam ligt festival. Cocktails are two for one with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and while you enjoy that drink. Suzy Wong is the place to go if you are looking for a chill atmosphere with a pinch of chic and exclusiveness.This perfect setting is further completed by the wide range of exclusive cocktails and professional live DJs that will take good care of your mood for the night.

Dutch Beer

Your visit to the Netherlands is not complete without a local beer tasting. The staff at Delirium knows all about what’s brewed within the borders and can help you find your favorite. There are over 500 beers to choose from, so a little help is probably wanted but trying them all is perfectly fine too of course. With your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you can enjoy 2 for 1 beers, but that’s not all. The 2 for 1 also applies to the beer tasting! You will taste five quality beers and hear more about their unique story and background. And to make it even better, each beer is served with a carefully selected snack that helps bring out the flavor of what you are drinking. 

Pathé City

Tired of the cold weather outside? Watching a movie in the cinema always remains a fun activity. At Pathé, you can enjoy the best films and snacks in the evening as well as during the day. Put on your most comfortable outfit and enjoy a relaxing chill evening in Pathé's luxurious relaxing seats. Or make it a romantic date night, with Pathé City new loveseats, where you and your partner can sit together on a comfortable big chair.

With your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you will receive a free popcorn for during the film of your choice!

Spend Less And Experience More!

Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise

With the Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise you get to enjoy the beautiful light art in Amsterdam from the canals


Party All Night Long

Of course you’re not ready to call it a night after the lights of the festival have faded into the night. In other parts of the city, things are just getting started! Get a tight hold of your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and step into the excitement of the city’s bars and clubs.

In the Leidseplein area, you’ll find some of Amsterdam’s finest clubs and most appreciated bars. Melkweg and Panama go way back and always bring a good party to the agenda. Club Up may not look as impressive from the outside but is definitely a hidden gem. The best house music is found here and the audience is always a little crazy. A few smaller bars, like Hartje and Surprise bar, offer you a cozy place to dance into the night. Small: yes, but definitely not limited in any way and excellent places to experience some of Amsterdam’s wildest nights.
Can’t decide on what music you and your group want to dance to? Hush Silent Disco is your answer. Your personal headphone connects to three different channels, so you can bring your friends along but dance with your own crowd. 

Rembrandplein does everything bigger and better and that starts with Club Prime. This spot gives you eclectic party music seven nights a week, because who needs a break from partying? Music is an important part of this energetic night out. Several genres are played ranging from electronic favorites to hip hop classics. So dress up and head over for a great night at Club Prime! Club John Doe is mysterious in many ways, but we can tell you this is where you want to be for your dose of techno and tech-house and more.

Looking for something a bit different? Apart from the main party squares, a few treasures from the party department can be found in less obvious places throughout the city. Disco Dolly in the Handboogstraat is open 7 days a week with everyday a different program. Disco, Funk, Soul, Boogie, House, Hiphop, Urban and R&B. It all sounds like music to the ears.  With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you can always attend all Special Events in this awesome club. 

Club Goodvibes, it’s all in the name, is known for bringing you the best Afrobeats in the country and they present them to you in style.

Check the Special Events Calendar to see exactly what’s on during your visit and what you don’t want to miss out on!

Are you in Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve? Read our blog about here what to do on the wildest night of the year!

Practical Info.

– In winter, you don’t have to wait long before the sun to set in the Netherlands. That means the lights get switched on at 5 pm in the afternoon. They will illuminate the city until it’s time to go to sleep, at 11 pm (except on NYE, the lights will be switched off at 8 pm).
– Check the weather before you head out! Wear gloves, and bring an umbrella as the Dutch weather also perfectly matches this year’s winter.



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