King’s Day Amsterdam

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Why You Should Visit Amsterdam on April 27

One of the most colorful and fun filed events to ever grace the streets of Amsterdam is Kings Day Amsterdam. Known locally as ‘Koningsdag’, it is held every 27th of April. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the canals, street or at the parks. This open-air celebration promises fun times for everyone. And what’s more you can make the most of it with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

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Formerly it was referred to as koninginnedag or queen’s day in honor of the birthday of queen Wilhelmina back in 1885. Her daughter Juliana later ascended to the throne in 1949 and the date was changed to 30th April to reflect her birthday.

Princess Beatrix later decided to keep the tradition alive when she became queen. However, since 2014, it became King’s Day. The date was also changed to 27th April which is the king’s birthday.

The primary color at the festivities is orange and everyone including humble pets are adorned in it. It serves to show respect and pride to the House of Orange-Nassau, the Dutch Royal Family.

King’s Day Amsterdam festivities take place throughout the city. It is also a time for anyone to try their hand at trade as everyone is allowed to sell their second-hand items.

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Children get to learn how to conduct trade all while having a great time. And let’s not forget the food stalls that are available everywhere to keep the crowd well fed for the bee hive of activity. Other interesting things that kids can be a part of include face painting as well as plenty of sports and games.

The canals are nothing short of spectacular as boats filled with bright colors decorations cover the canals in their thousands. You can choose to dance in one of these boats or you can opt to stand in the many bridges and watch all the action from a higher viewpoint.

And then there are the parties. It may be a public holiday but people in the Netherlands have no intention of staying still on King’s Day Amsterdam. The Dutch are not the only ones taking part in the celebrations. Tourists flock in from other parts of Europe and the world to partake in the fun.

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The parties will often begin on the eve of King’s Day Amsterdam and continue till the end of the day. There’s the Koning Nieges x Baskets x FluFlu to look forward to. It begins at noon and will keep going till the following morning. While you are enjoying the superb music, you can take time to snap a few shots at the photo booth. You can also play traditional Dutch games.

Nightclubs in Amsterdam have their own special programs and you will certainly want to check them out. To enjoy the most of it, make sure you purchase your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket at only €10 for two days free access and €20 for 7 days free access to some of the best party clubs in the city.You need to rush however as the tickets are normally sold out before King’s Day.

If you prefer to have your celebrations away from the city, then check in at the Rolling Rock Kitchen in Amsterdam Noord.

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On Kings Day Amsterdam, no other place in Europe does it better than the Netherlands. If you plan to visit Amsterdam anytime soon, perhaps you might want to arrive here just in time for the fun and games!