Red light District

Put your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket to great use and explore Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District. It’s a place you cannot miss out on, especially if this is your first visit to the Dutch capital. Just a stone’s throw away from Central Station, you find yourself in a completely different world. A playground for adults with many facets to explore and your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is the admission to a night you will never forget.


There is no better way to start an evening out in the capital city than to delve into the epic center of what it’s famous for. Liberal culture, creativity, a fine drinking and dining scene and of course those red-lit windows with scarcely dressed ladies; the red light district Amsterdam embodies everything that pops into your mind when you think about Amsterdam.

Late in the afternoon when locals leave the office and make their way home, there is one part of town that only just begins to awaken. When twilight hits you can see lights popping up alongside the ‘Oudezijds Voorburgwal’ and ‘Oudezijds Achterburgwal’. These are the two canals surrounding the area and the reason it is called ‘De Wallen.

The atmosphere is open and friendly and you are more than welcome to walk around and take in the vibes of this one of a kind area. Dive into an alley or two, like the ‘Molensteeg’ or ‘Gordijnensteeg’(which means ‘curtains alley’) to see the prostitutes trying to seduce curious passerby and negotiate with potential customers.

Ladies with their red light on are open for business. When the curtains are closed, you can probably guess what’s going on right behind them. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, provided that it’s not done on the streets. The Dutch government prefers not to limit anyone in how they make their money, but no one escapes the strict tax laws and this profession is definitely no exception.

And yes, we do know what you’ve been wanting to ask. How much? Prostitution isn’t going to get you super rich, let’s put that up front. Negotiations generally start at €50, but extras aren’t free if you know what we mean. Ladies have to pay rent for their spot behind the window, the minimum age for workers is 21 and they can reject anyone they want at any time. And don’t let your eyes deceive you, that nice looking young lady might in some cases be a young man.

Prostitution is of course nothing new in the Netherlands and dates all the way back to 1400. It wasn’t always legal but tolerated during most times. Whether or not prostitution should be legal and allowed is a discussion that will probably never reach an agreement. In the meantime, the ‘Rosse buurt’ in Amsterdam is always open for business. But sexual services charged by the hour is not the only thing it has to offer. A large variety of sights and activities will make your time in the Red Light District worthwhile.


The ladies of the evening out in plain sight aren’t the only hard working people in the district. Fancy a private peepshow or an onstage erotic performance? De Wallen will make it happen. Located on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal you can find strip clubs and various locations for lap dances, stripteases and sex shows featuring men, women, or couples.


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18+ toy stores.

Do you want to bring a unique souvenir home that gives a little bit more excitement than a kitchen magnet? Set foot in one of the many sex shops and get teleported to a world that goes beyond your imagination. Some places specialize in something more specific like SM, condoms, lingerie or vibrators so they’re definitely not all the same. Discover your fetish and feel free to ask the staff about their goodies, as you are guaranteed to encounter things you have never seen before.

Red Light District Amsterdam

Not your average museum.

As you can probably imagine, the history of the Red Light District is anything but boring. There are different ways to learn more about the area’s intriguing past. You can take a tour with a local guide, or even former prostitutes. A number of museums prove that sex isn’t the only interesting happening behind closed doors. Red Light Secrets is a museum of prostitution, Hash Marihuana & Hemp museum probably doesn’t need any clarification and the Erotic Museum gives you a peek into the world of sex through toys, prints, and artworks. Finally, the ‘Our Lord in the Attic Museum’ shows you a well preserved Dutch seventeenth-century house that hides an entire Catholic church in the attic.

More to see.

The neighborhood of forbidden fruits isn’t just the most forward place in town, it’s also the oldest. So once your eyes have had time to adjust to the red lights, try to look beyond the windows. Check out the actual houses and other buildings in the area, as they are truly one of a kind. The ‘Oude Kerk’, Old Church, is the oldest building in Amsterdam and dates back to the 13th century.

Monuments for sex workers.

On the ‘Old Church Square’ (Oudekerksplein) you can find two sculptures. The first is carefully tucked in between the cobblestones and pictures a hand holding a breast. It’s a tribute to the ladies who work in the area, but the artist remains unknown. Belle honors sex workers all over the world and is a bronze statue of a lady standing in a door frame. She’s also the only girl in the area that doesn’t mind having her picture taken, so take that holiday photo right here.

The only thing more seductive than the almost naked women covered in their famous red glow is the place they call home. Let Amsterdam’s red light district welcome you with open arms and make you feel like you’re part of the city, even if it’s just for a night.


Ready to go? Whether you want a casual day out in the city to seamlessly turn into a fun night or have spent hours dressing up, Amsterdam is all set to get your night out started. You can literally take your night in any direction you want and we’ll show you what lies ahead on every route.

In the Red Light District.

Red Light District

Hungry? Pop in around dinnertime, lunch too on the weekends, and forget about the time because the kitchen closes late. The courtesy shot you receive with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is the perfect way to kick off the night. Add in a few more drinks, laughs and mischievous fun and your time in Sin City is guaranteed to be unforgettable.


As we said, it’s entirely up to you to choose the final destination of your evening, but may we suggest Rembrandt square? No less than seven Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket hotspots can be found at only 10 minutes walking distance from De Wallen. It’s the perfect place for those who like to keep their options open.

Escape through a getaway to fun.
Every party is done right at this multiple floor venue, four nights a week. An excellent place for groups to party and a great reason to dress up nicely, which is required to make sure everyone’s looks match the outstanding night you’re about to dive into. Select a special event when booking your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and who knows, maybe that’s you on the dance floor this Thirsty Thursday.

Food, fun and sports at Heffer.
Another destination within the area of red glowing houses and the possibilities of your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is Sports bar Heffer. But not exclusively for lovers of sports, as their food and beer game is also pretty strong. Talking about beer, with your ticket you get two for the price of one. So sit back, chill and let all impressions from outside settle in while you enjoy a cold drink and a tasty meal.

Party Chique Suzy Wong
Amsterdam is a city of contradictions and by continuing a night that started in the Red Light District in this chic establishment, you can experience that firsthand. Select an available event at this venue when you book your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, no extra costs, and prepare for a remarkable night just a 15-minute stroll away from de Wallen. And by preparing we mean dressing up, as Suzy Wong only wants to see your sexy and classy side. Politeness, protocols, and shoes are checked at the door, time to loosen up and let Suzy Wong dazzle you with music, performances and food concepts you will never forget.

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket offer: 2 for 1 cocktail.

Music: eclectic, pop, hip-hop, house, R&B, latin, dancehall.


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Red Light District Amsterdam


Use your ticket to get free entrance and dance the night away on R&B, dance, hip-hop, dance and of course what the Dutch do best: EDM. Dress up and mingle in a crowd of locals, students, and travelers where no one is out of tune. If you’re lucky your visit to Prime coincides with an edition of their famous NEON Party, in which case a little glow-in-the-dark paint is appropriate to wear for the evening.

Club Smokey.
Switch into the party mode because Smokey is ready to celebrate, whether it’s Monday, Wednesday or Saturday. Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gives you free entry, seven nights a week so there is literally no excuse to skip this venue.

Music: dance, dance, dance!


Can’t party on an empty stomach, can’t go to sleep hungry either. That’s why your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket offers you the opportunity to upgrade your burger to a medium menu for free at Burger King. You can find one in the Reguliersbreestraat, just a 2-minute walk from Rembrandtplein. On Fridays, they are open till 4 am, a good time for a hearty meal we’d say.

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