Pub Crawl Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the ideal place for a pub crawl! With an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you not only receive free shots at different locations, but also free access to 30+ clubs, experiences and extras!

Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket unlocks a portal to over 30 dynamic bars and clubs in the world's most energetic city. Yet, with the average visitor staying for merely two nights, how can one fully experience Amsterdam's nightlife? A well-planned pub crawl appears to be the perfect solution to this dilemma. Don't worry, we won't leave you directionless. Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket not only assists in structuring your pub crawl, but also offers the flexibility to tailor it to your preferences.

Pub Crawl Amsterdam

Best of Both

Big clubs often kick off their parties later in the evening, but who says you must wait till 1 am to get your groove on? Design your pub crawl to embrace the best of both worlds, starting with a few bar visits and concluding in one of the larger clubs.

Your journey can begin at Drink n' Sink, a local favourite that initiates the revelry early on, making it an excellent first stop. From there, head over to El Punto Latino to savor some salsa, bachata, and merengue. Its vibrant ambiance serves as an impeccable warm-up for the rest of the night. We recommend wrapping up your pub crawl at Club Candela, a unique establishment located near the main square. It boasts a skillful bar staff and an energetic dance floor that sees a mix of local and international performers.

Mix, Match, Dance!

While the night described above is just one option, the permutations are virtually limitless. So, we've curated a list of places that would seamlessly fit into your pub crawl, all conveniently situated in the city centre.

Dinner Time & Early hours

The Red Light District springs to life at this time. Begin your night at Hot Or Not, where your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket grants you a 'buy one beer, get one free' deal. Enjoy a hearty meal and a drink to set the base for the night before you progress to the next stop.

9 PM - Midnight (and sometimes beyond!)

Embrace the local custom of starting the party in a cozy 'gezellig', as the Dutch say) bar or a smaller club. Surprise Bar in the Leidse Square area is renowned for setting the right atmosphere for an epic night out. Alternatively, T'lammetje is another fan favorite that serves up an energizing welcome shot and electrifying beats from live DJs.

Another favorite in the area is Club Hartje , where 9 pm is the starting sign of the fun to begin, regardless of what day it is. The Monday mood doesn’t exist at this place and a free welcome shot makes you forget about all your troubles and makes those feet move towards a night full of dancing. Hits and dance music provide everyone an opportunity to sing along and live DJ’s will deliver the beats.

Having your pre-midnight bash around Rembrandt squareClub Prime and Smokey both start the night a little later, at 11 pm and absolutely deliver in the professional party departmentDress up if you’re heading over to one of these spots. Nothing too fancy, but definitely no sportswear. Ready to find out where style meets nightlife in Amsterdam?

Club Prime is bold, flashy and never sits still. EDM, hip-hop, R&B and dance are what it sounds like and you won’t be disappointed in the looks and drinks department either. Smokey is open seven days a week and the standard is up each night with DJ’s always in the house.


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After Midnights - Sunrise

As the smaller bars start filling up, it's time to move to more spacious locations. Club John Doe, with its thrilling ambiance and premium quality music, could be your next stop. In the Leidseplein area, Melkweg is a hot spot that deserves your attention after midnight.

At Club John Doe you can take on any identity you like and a mysterious night awaits you. But you will never have to pretend to be someone you’re not because there’s room for everyone. John Doe doesn’t shy away from a little craziness and isn’t afraid to get out of control. The only thing they’re clear about is the quality of music and light and combining those two to set the stage for a memorable night.

In the Leidseplein area? Melkweg is the only place that deserves the honor of being your last. Head over after midnight and party the night away, Melkweg is always a good idea. Check the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket calendar to see what’s on and select the event you like!

Seeking more of a luxurious experience? Step into the opulent world of Supperclub, where the realms of glamour, entertainment, and nightlife merge into a sensory extravaganza.

For a more intimate experience, Paradiso provides a mesmerizing atmosphere that encourages self-expression. Alternatively, 
enter the enchanting world of Paradiso, where reality fades and imagination takes flight. Let the pulsating beats transport you to a realm of boundless self-expression and embrace the extraordinary in a captivating atmosphere where every moment becomes a memorable experience.

Last but certainly not least, if you are not so into the luxury partying you can step into the vibrant realm of Club Panama, where reality and fantasy intertwine to create an unforgettable sensory journey. Surrender to the dynamic energy, join a diverse crowd, and embark on a mesmerizing adventure filled with pulsating rhythms, surprises, and a night that defies expectations.

Pub Crawl Amsterdam


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Experience the Extras

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