Cocktailbars in Amsterdam

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There is no rule for when you should drink a cocktail. We cannot be the only people who often think about cocktails during the day as well.
If you are one of us and you often wonder whether the next place you visit will have tasty cocktails, we have you covered. We have prepared you the ultimate guide to the Best Cocktail Bars in Amsterdam.

Which are the Best Cocktail Bars in Amsterdam?

In a city popular for its parties and nightlife, there are surely more than enough spots that you can visit. Our list combines the best of every type of establishment – cafes and bars which work during the day, and the best cocktail bars to check out at night.

There is no particular order in which the places below will be listed. Some have become favorites to both locals and travelers; others have made us the best impression and have become our partners in our Nightlife service.

If you are not yet familiar with our Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, it gives you access to over 30 clubs and venues for 1 day for just €10. Fortunately, many of these clubs are also among the best Cocktail bars in Amsterdam. It is the perfect opportunity for people who wish to party without spending a small fortune on entry fees.

Moreover, you get some incredible extras such as the 2 for 1 Cocktails at King's Cross and a welcome drink at 9 of the clubs and bars. Now that you are well informed about the main opportunities of the Nightlife Ticket connected to our topic, let’s take a look at the best cocktail bars in Amsterdam.


Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam, nestled in the vibrant Leidseplein district, stands as a testament to the city's rich musical and culinary scene. Since 1999, it has been a haven for locals and tourists alike, offering a unique blend of American-inspired cuisine, iconic memorabilia, and live music. 

Fortunately, Hard Rock Cafe, iconic and lively restaurant, is also one of our partners. Therefore, Nightlife Ticket owners can take advantage of the 2 for 1 discount on all cocktails which means that you can double your enjoyment on every sip ! 


Bar TwentySeven

Cocktails, bites, and vibrant nights. Indulge yourself in Amsterdam's best cocktail experience while sharing exquisite food with friends or your date.

Bar TwentySeven invites you to experience a concept that will elevate your night out to the next level: "Fine Drinking." Allow yourself to be charmed with mind-blowing cocktails, innovative culinary creations, elegant designs, and impeccable service.

Bar TwentySeven is a unique place where significant champagne flows, and you can indulge yourself in a luxurious atmosphere with a personal touch. The cocktails at Bar TwentySeven are an experience for the senses. With the intent to amaze, surprise, and astonish you with flavor combinations you have never tasted before.

In addition to the original cocktail recipes, the bar bites, those from the kitchen of Tim Golsteijn, Executive chef of Bougainville, and awarded one Michelin star, are just as impressive and add a nice touch to the cocktail experience. The drinks and the bites are prepared to complement each other and deliver a rich, sensual experience in the most luxurious Bar you can find in Amsterdam.

Spend less and experience more. Enjoy 2 signature cocktails + barbites of your choice. Book your cocktail night out at Bar TwentySeven here.

*Strict Dresscode: Chic and Elegant.


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Cocktailbars in Amsterdam



To reproduce the feel of the flashing era of Prohibition, Door 74 keeps things quiet by hiding its entrance and only allowing guests to access their lounge after making reservations. Larger groups are welcome at Door 74 after booking, and the bar also offers cocktail ateliers and a place for private parties.
The interior of the bar coincides with its secret but with an exceptional stance on hospitality and features elegant Art Deco-style furniture dating back to the early 20th century. This bar is known for its exceptional drinks which are quite often unique. This is because the bartenders create a brand new cocktail every day! The bar works from 18:00 every day up to 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning.

cocktailbars In Amsterdam

Twenty Third Bar

This amazing cocktail bar is located on the 23rd floor of the Okura Hotel and offers guests panoramic views of central and southern Amsterdam. Although located in a hotel, foreign guests are welcome at Twenty Third Bar and can enjoy an impressive array of high-class cocktails in their stylish lounge or order from an extensive wine and champagne list organized by a professional sommelier.

Twenty Third Bar also serves a selection of meals prepared at a Michelin-starred restaurant called Ciel Bleu, also located inside the Okura Hotel.

If you are ready to spend the extra euro or wish to experience the food of the highest quality with your cocktail, there is no better place in Amsterdam.

Cocktailbars In Amsterdam


Bar Oldenhof

This exclusive Speakeasy-style bar is known for the difficulty of finding it, even with Google Maps. Once guests find their way to the Oldenhof Bar, they should ring an unmarked door and wait for a server to greet them.

Upon entering the bar, guests are welcomed into a charming, two-story, solid-wood lounge that looks as if it were lifted from an Ernst Hemingway’s novel. Oldenhof offers an excellent selection of beer, wine and alcoholic beverages from around the world.

If you are reading this article, then you will be most interested in the many exceptional cocktails ranging from classic simple blends to more adventurous creations laced with high-quality alcoholic beverages.

Since Bar Oldenhof is a seating-only bar, you may have to wait a few minutes before they let you in. Have no worries as you will be asked whether you would like to wait for a table or not. Nevertheless, it is one of the few truly incredible cocktail bars in Amsterdam for cocktail connoisseurs.

Similar to the majority of good places, the working hours start at 18:00 and continue to late at night.

Kings's Cross

King's Cross

In the center of Amsterdam, King's Cross is a café, bar, and club with a cozy ambiance. In the city where everything is possible, feel free to smoke, drink, dance and defeat expectations. King's Cross is always prepared to offer you the authentic Amsterdam experience and is open 7 days a week. 

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Cocktailbars in Amsterdam

Labyrinth Amsterdam

This lively multifunctional venue serves cocktails inspired by great works of poetry or literature. Although these drinks are predominantly based on classic cocktails, the professional bartenders add special twists to bring out new flavors or add delicate nuances.

As its full title implies, Labyrinth also serves as a restaurant and poetry platform where guests can enjoy delicious soul food while listening to poets, storytellers, and word artists. The venue organizes live events three times a week and organizes its popular open microphone every Monday. This is when customers and whoever may want to can take the stage and read/perform their own work.

All in all, Labyrinth is one of the unique cocktail bars in Amsterdam that offer experiences that cannot be seen anywhere else.

cocktailbar Amsterdam

Calle Ocho

This charming bar and restaurant was named after a street in Little Havana, Miami, famous for its multicultural atmosphere and lively culinary scene. In honor of its namesake, Calle Ocho brings together flavors from across North and Central America.

They serve dishes that are mostly inspired by Mexican, Tex-Mexican and Cuban cuisine. Calle Ocho imports regional alcoholic beverages to accompany its meals and supplies of many varieties of high-quality mezcal, tequila, and rum.

Of course, the bar also serves a wide range of cocktails based on the aforementioned alcoholic beverages and also uses a signature cream used to mix first-degree frozen margaritas. As many of our bar choices above, this is one of the special cocktail bars in Amsterdam where you can enjoy your favorite drinks with an unexpected twist.

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Cocktailbars In Amsterdam
Hidden In Plain Sight

Although it is located deep in the vibrant city center of Amsterdam, Hidden In Plain Sight manages to maintain an atmosphere that is usually reserved for more mysterious places.

The entrance to the bar looks south from the port of Oosterdok in Amsterdam and leads to an intimate, dimly lit lounge furnished with red velvet chairs and leather armchairs.

Once seated, Hidden In Plain Sight guests receive a modest menu, featuring a sophisticated selection of wine, beer, and craft cocktails. This means that you can forget about your well-known favorites and try something unique.

The bar regularly changes its assortment and bases its mixes on specific themes related to 19th and early 20th-century culture, such as Charles Darwin’s magical opus on the origin of species or the origins of the mystery genre in literature.

It is one of the cocktail bars in Amsterdam that you need to visit more than once. For example, if you go there today and come back in a year, it will be an entirely different setting with a completely different cocktail selection.

cocktailbars in Amsterdam

Oosterbar Amsterdam

There is no other place in Amsterdam that better fits the phrase ‘Party Experimenting’ than Oosterbar. Combining a long selection of experimental cocktails and shots, and an even larger variety of musical genres, you are guaranteed a once in a lifetime nightlife experience.

Located in the basement of a former zoological university, it is not your regular party venue. Do not expect an overly crowded place with no place to move or dance. On the contrary, it is surprisingly cozy and outgoing.

The out of this world DJ will take you on a journey through various musical genres from around the world mixed to perfection. Even better – the location gives the opportunity for the music to be louder than that of your regular club.

If not for the music, you need to go and taste the premium experimental cocktails for yourself.  There is something for everyone even the acquired taste. Of course, Oosterbar cannot really be placed next to the designated cocktail bars in Amsterdam as it is a nightclub but it does not change the exceptional quality of the drinks they offer.  

There are two things to know before we go. Oosterbar is open exclusively only on Fridays and Saturdays which makes it an even more mandatory experience.  If you have not already seen it in our list of clubs, you can skip the entrance fee and get in for free with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

cocktailbars in Amsterdam

El Punto Latino

If you are looking for an excellent cocktail experience with a twist, El Punto Latino may actually be the place you never thought you need. This, of course, if you love Latin music and dancing.

El Punto Latino works seven days of the week and is the perfect location to enjoy a tasty cocktail while you dance the night away. Surprisingly, out of all the alcoholic beverages available at the location, the cocktails are the ones that receive the highest appraisal.

Even if you have no dance partner with you, you are guaranteed to find many who will join you for any song. No matter if you are experienced or this will be your first salsa experience, this experience will stay fresh in your mind long after your trip to Amsterdam ends.

Having second thoughts? The Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gives you the opportunity to skip the entrance fee and see if this is the right place for you. Having that the location is right next to many other great venues, you have no excuse not to check it out.

Before you go, you need to know that the place is 21+ only. If you are under that age, you will not be allowed to enter. Bring your ID with you as it will be requested at the entrance.


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