What to see in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is one of the most exceptional capitals in the world. Blessed with a rich history, cultural landmarks on every corner, and the wildest nightlife, it is a travel destination suitable for people of any age.

Whether you are in Amsterdam for a day or a week, for the first or the tenth time, this city never ceases to make one wonder how it is possible for such a laid-back and open-minded place to exist in a world of everlasting problems and conflicts?

A Friendly Advice on What to see in Amsterdam

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What to see In Amsterdam

Anne Frank’s House

Our professional expertise may usually be focused on nightlife experiences but we know a thing or two about the most popular sightings and activities in Amsterdam.

There is hardly anyone who has never heard of the amazing diary of a little girl written during World War II – Anne Frank. She spent a few years there hiding from the Nazis with her family and has remained as one of Amsterdam’s most notable residents from the modern age.

She gave the world a different point of view on the Holocaust, from the eyes of a teenage girl. So many decades later, her diary continues to be relevant and many humanitarian organizations work on her behalf.

This is what makes her hidden apartment one of the most popular sightings in Amsterdam. In order to really be able to get through, make sure you book your tickets online at least a few weeks in advance. When we say that Anne Frank’s House is a popular tourist attraction, we mean that it is nearly impossible to find a ticket on the spot.

Plan your visit a couple of weeks ahead and save yourself the unpleasant experience of not being able to enter.

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam (Wax Museum)

Chances are that you already know what Madame Tussaud’s wax museum is. Possibly, you have actually visited one somewhere before as well. The one in Amsterdam, however, is quite more special as it was the first museum of the institution situated outside of Britain.

Nevertheless, if you have a couple of spare hours and want a memorable experience, the wax museum is one of the most suitable options. Don’t miss the chance to take a selfie with the exact copies of your favorite movie & sports stars.

Not to mention the possibility to trick a relative into believing that you actually met their own favorite celebrity. Believe us; these wax figures can easily give the impression of the real person.

Van Gogh Museum

Among the tenths of unique museums, there are those that cannot be missed. The first one of them that you definitely need to see in Amsterdam is the Van Gogh Museum. 

Van Gogh continues to be one of the most prominent figures in the world of Arts and, without a doubt, one of the most widely-known Dutch painters, together with Rembrandt. His museum in Amsterdam will give you access to the largest collection of his works in the world, in addition to famous works by other contemporary artists.

Even the most uninterested person can find the beauty of Van Gogh’s art. Therefore, even if your friend or relative doesn’t find an art gallery tempting, don’t miss the chance to witness the art of a genius.

Experiencing post-impressionism with somebody else gives you the opportunity to share your deep thoughts and feelings. Art is accepted differently by every individual and thus makes an even greater topic for conversation, as well as a memorable experience.


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What to see In Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Zoo – Artis Zoo

If you have given yourself a longer vacation and wonder where to spend your day, why don’t you dive in the beauty of nature in the famous Artis Zoo in Amsterdam? Without a doubt, you have been to a zoo before and you may be thinking “Why would I waste a day there?” but before I even start giving you the details, hold on for a second and imagine the animals. We all love them, am I right? Well, in that case, you need to know that in Artis Zoo, there are over 900 species of animals.

The creators have managed to include every type of natural landscape in a separate area.  There is even a planetarium, a kids’ petting spot where they can pet different wild animals, and also an aquarium with unique fish and coral species.

To end things on a high note, we saved the most unique experience for last. Artis Zoo was the first zoo in the world that dedicated an entire area to microbiological life and called it Micropia. In fact, they look after millions of microbes and you can be one of the lucky ones that have seen the exhibition. Microbes may not sound like a tempting experience but once you see it, you will have an entirely different opinion.

What to see in Amsterdam

Oude Kerk (Amsterdam’s Oldest Building)

Built around the beginning of the 13th century, Oude Kerk is the oldest building in Amsterdam and without a doubt, one of the oldest preserved structures in Europe. It served as a Catholic church since it was consecrated in 1306 until 1578 when it became a Calvinist church and remains today.

After a few decades of renovations, Oude Kerk was opened as an art venue for tourists and continued to be one of the most popular sightings in Amsterdam. Although a lot of the original Medieval art and interior was lost in the ages, you can still see the exceptional organ, the stained glass, the gravestones, as well as a variety of exhibitions.

What to see in Amsterdam


Amsterdam Dungeon

Do you have an attraction to the unknown? Do you feel like you need a little bit of harmless horror in your day? If this is the case, then the Amsterdam Dungeon can possibly become your favorite experience in Amsterdam.

This 80-minute tour will take you through the darkest times in Dutch history through 12 show performances made by 7 actors. See if you can survive the plague, escape from the torment of the Middle Ages, and find the right path through the mirror maze. For the bravest, there is a roller coaster of horrors.

Most of the performances are done in complete darkness with light, sound, and smell effects. Although the entire setting is impressive, the actors are the main attraction. Be ready for a lot of black humor and some moments of genuine historical horror.

Need another reason to go? One of the incredible extras of your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gives you a 2 for 1 discount on tickets for the Amsterdam Dungeon.

The Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum

We all know what the Netherlands is often related to – Marijuana and other light drugs. Many tourists come here with the thought of trying out the best weed in the world. Others, however, believe in the harmfulness of these light drugs and prefer to stand away.

Whether you are from the smoking type or the abstainer type, the Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum is worth your time. Especially, if you choose to see Oude Kerk, you should know that they are close by. What better way to construct a plan of what to see in Amsterdam than combining a few wonderful tourist attractions that are close to each other every day. 

This museum offers visitors extensive documentation and historical facts about cannabis use. In addition, attention has been paid to the importance of cannabis use for the environment, agriculture, and industry.

Without a doubt, you will leave the museum with a different opinion on marijuana and with a lot more knowledge on light drugs than you would have thought.

What to see In Amsterdam


Hard Rock Café Amsterdam

Wherever you are in the world, you will stumble upon people wearing Hard Rock Café clothing. With locations in practically all the major cities in the world now, it is a well-known brand, as well as a great resting spot for tourists.

Needless to say, the Hard Rock Café in Amsterdam is one of the most amazing brand locations out of all. Situated at the perfect center of the city, it is close to the majority of important museums in our list, as well as other significant spots such as the Holland Casino.

It is the perfect getaway spot during your city tour. You will find yourself in a modern museum of the rock ‘n’ roll culture and history. You will see authentic items and belongings from legends like Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix. You can also use the Rock Wall™ Solo technology which allows you to go on a virtual tour of the Hard Rock Café locations around the world.

Last but not least, you can use the special extra of your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and get unlimited two for one Cocktails at the location. If the Hard Rock Café wasn’t alluring enough before, with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket it becomes the perfect spot to get a few drinks and prepare for your memorable nightlife experiences later.

The Red Light District

Nestled between canals and alleys in the part of Amsterdam that really looks different from the rest of the city is the Red Light District – the most widely popular area of the city.

This well-known neighborhood is located in the heart of the oldest part of town and covers several different streets, canals, and alleys.

Of course, the Red Light District can be considered an acquired taste. Wondering why? Here, prostitution is legal and if you want to wander down the streets of De Wallen, prostitution is pretty visible too. In fact, this is one of the few places in Europe where legal brothels still exist and function as they did hundreds of years ago.

In Medieval times, women in the business would carry red lanterns to attract customers. Nowadays, brothels try to keep the experience similar. You can take a walk and watch the sex workers through large windows covered in red light until you choose a suitable one to hire. Outstanding, right?

The Red Light District is available during the day as well, but the real experience is at night. No matter if you wish to try the full experience or you would rather just take a look, the feeling in the area is unimaginable. Where else would you find hundreds of people legally enjoying activities that are considered unethical or illegal in the larger portion of the world?

There is so much more to see than the sex workers and brothels, of course. Peep shows, sex museums, coffee shops, this area offers a little something for everyone. Just remember, taking photos of the sex workers are prohibited by law and the fines can be apocalyptic for your holiday.

And since you will most likely go at night, you should also take advantage of your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. To further lift the mood, why don’t you take a closer look at some of our hotspots? If you are yet unfamiliar with some of the other benefits of your ticket, it gives you entrance and a welcome drink or shot at many of the best venues and clubs in the city.

Therefore, a drink here and there is the most suitable way to fulfill your exhausting city tour.

Before we go…

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If you need more information and ideas about your trip to Amsterdam, check out our other blogs here. No matter how many times you go to Amsterdam, the questions ‘What to do in Amsterdam’ and ‘What to see in Amsterdam’ are always valid. This city will never leave you bored and will always make you want to return.

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