Pride Amsterdam

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Gay Pride Amsterdam has become one of the city’s most popular celebrations. It can easily compete with national holidays like New Year’s Eve and even Kingsday and international Pride celebrations across the globe. Pride takes over every inch of town, the spirit of everyone who lives there and there isn’t a spot left out of rainbow glitter and bright colors. To achieve visibility for diversity is necessary even in 2023, but no one says it shouldn’t be fun. And fun is definitely one of the main focus areas of Pride Amsterdam. The events embody everything the Dutch are proud of: inclusion, love and a party spirit of magnitude. Politicians, local and international businesses, government institutions and of course the people; Pride Amsterdam doesn’t leave anyone out. The famous rainbow flag pops up everywhere, showing the world we believe people should be free to be who they are and love whoever they want.

Need a hand navigating the Pride landscape? Trust us, you do! Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket will guide you through all your Pride options and possibilities and brings you right to the center of the party. We know where to go, what to wear and how to do pride justice. Let your rainbow colors shine and party: in the name of love!

How to Celebrate Pride 2023

Countless events and activities are held throughout the city during Pride week and everybody’s in. Museums, shops, theatres, public places and exhibitions and shows are organized. There are movies, games, parties and of course the infamous canal parade as the highlight of the event. Pick your options and make your own Pride menu, but below we’ve listed some things we believe you really shouldn’t miss out on.



Club John Doe

The approach of John Doe in the nightlife of Amsterdam is different than others. As the name says, John Doe wanted to be mysterious, highly unknown and above all, different. The club showed this off with its grand opening party, where people of many kinds, craziness and curiosities came together. So don’t hesitate and come be whoever you’d like to be at John Doe.
The Amsterdam Nightlife Calendar will tell you exactly when to go and what is on. Don’t forget to bring your sparkles!

Pride Amsterdam Festival


An opportunity to celebrate love in all its shapes and colors? Count on Melkweg to grab on to an opportunity like that with everything they’ve got. Theater performances on taboo topics and of course epic club nights. They’ve got the DJ’s, they’ve got the sound, the decorations, and the drinks. And the spirit? Well, that part of Melkweg doesn’t need a transformation for the occasion, as this club is the free spirit among all hotspots in Amsterdam.

Check the Amsterdam Nightlife Calendar to see what’s on during pride 2023 and secure your spot at the party of the century.


Bear-Necessity is Panama’s reoccurring Pride party. It’s diverse, attitude-free and everyone is invited to party along and show each other some love. Whether you’re 25 or 83, love leather or lace, are big, small, hairy or bald: you’re part of the crowd. Pop and disco tunes set the tone and the free spirited crowd will take the party to the next level and beyond. Get yourself over to the dance floor and move to the beat at the heart of Pride!  


Crazy is a term that applies to every regular club night at Bubbels. So what more to expect at Pride? The usual LED lights decorated walls for sure, live music as always and the ‘Power Hour’ when drinks are even better priced than usual. But that’s only the start! Crazy covered in glitter can best be described as insane and that’s exactly what Pride 2023 will look like at Bubbels. Insane in the best way imaginable, with energetic vibes, Bubbels bathing in sparkles, glam and people feeling free to show their true colors to the world.

Pride Festival Amsterdam

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Milkshake Festival

Milkshake festival takes 29-30 July in an open minded environment at Westerpark. Expect surprises, sexy people everywhere who’ve dressed to impress and cocktails that take you to the stars. This outdoor festival features 9 stages, Dj’s, performances, and most importantly, a guaranteed crazy fun time!

Funhouse XXL

This year, the GasHouder will welcome you to the wildly popular Funhouse concept after their huge succes last year. Expect to experience lasers and light shows you have never seen before with talented DJs from all around the world. The event will be happening from the 5th of August till the 6th, from 22:00 to 07:00 at GasHouder. Come as you are, or however you feel like being, with guys usually tend to leave their trousers there to wear sportswear shorts only… anything is possible, and everyone is welcome!

Pride Festival Amsterdam

Club Prime

During pride, there are many parties during the day, but when it comes to night time, Club Prime is always open to welcome you as it is open all week long! Enjoy their newly renovated venue with an vibrant and exotic atmosphere, night full of music, and wide selection of drinks they have to offer.
Check the Amsterdam Nightlife Calendar to see what’s on during pride 2023 and secure your spot for the best party in town!

Bar Hartje

The Leidseplein area transforms into a lovers of love meeting ground where music brings everyone together. Hartje is welcoming guests as usual, no entrance fee and a free drink for guests with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. So the tone is set and everyone’s ready to party. Watch locals in their most creative rainbow outfits dance to tunes provided by live DJ’s and move along to the rhythm of Hartje.

Other events


Pride walk

Part of the opening of Pride week is a walk that starts at the Demonstration Damsquare and ends at the Vondelpark, where the official opening starts. The event will take place the 22th of July from 12:00 . This walk aims to raise awareness for places where homosexuality is still included in the criminal code and punishable by law, by carrying the flags of those countries.

Pride Festival Amsterdam


Pride Park

Head over to the Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s most famous open air hangout, for the starting signal of two weeks filled with events. The event will take place the 29th of July from 12:00 to 22:00. Youth Pride, Performances , Arts, Sports, and Open Air Theatre… you’ll have to go to find out the rest!

Pride at the Beach

A magical 3 days LGBTI+ festival is happening this 30th of July until the 1st of August from 14:00 to 23:30 in Zandvoort and is part of Pride Amsterdam. You can expect crazy parties, sun, fun and diversity. There will be a parade, music, culture, a beach walk, art, drag queens, yoga, films and dance!


Gay central on any day of the week, center of the universe during Pride week. Street parties are held on the weekends and start early in the afternoon. There’s a stage, DJ’s and happy people. Around 1am the party moves inside to one of the many clubs in the street and continues till the sun comes up. Other street parties can be found at Zeedijk, Rembrandtplein, Amstelveld and Spuistraat. Check the official website and calendar for more info.

Spend Less And Experience More!

Check out all of the best things to do in Amsterdam!


PRIDECanal Parade

Definitely the highlight of Pride week and a great opportunity to go all out. Head over to the canals early and secure a spot on the Prinsengracht to guarantee good views. About eighty boats will parade the canals to bring you music, spectacle and important messages. Expect to see government institutions, big Dutch brands (like Heineken) and human rights organizations. What they’ll all have in common is loud music, colors and the mood to party. This event will be happening the 5th of August from 12:00 to 18:00.
Dress to impress on this occasion and make sure you get something in rainbow colors to wear. HEMA is usually a good place to go for some party preps, they design a shirt for Pride every year and also sell decorations and delicious rainbow tompouce if you’re early.
The canals can get extremely crowded and don’t forget to take your eyes off the water between boats to look around and check out what the other party goers are wearing. You’ll see things you never thought you’d see in your life and go far beyond your wildest imagination.

Dam Square Closing Party

On the 6th of august at 2 in the afternoon it is time to start saying goodbye to Pride and start counting down till next year. The entrance is free, the line-up impressive. At 10pm Pride is officially over, but the after parties are only just getting started. The perfect time to move to one of the clubs mentioned above for a Pride appropriate closing night.

Practical Info

– Getting around by public transport during the canal parade? Forget it, make your way into town by foot. 

– Pride Week is one of the busiest weeks of the year in Amsterdam so make sure you book a hotel or AirBnB early. 

– Cruising the canals in your rental boat is fine on most days, but not when the canal pride is on. You need a permit so if you’re planning to check out the party from the water, make arrangements early or you’ll miss the boat.

TIP: Learn about our Celebrations, locations and different districts in Amsterdam. Read our Amsterdam Nightlife blogs to find out  what you can do with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket including food recommendations and more. Learn about  all the different ways to get the most out of your experience here!

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