Halloween In amsterdam

Although Halloween is not officially celebrated in Amsterdam, there are numerous locations and venues that host wonderful events both day and night. With this said, there are many interesting places to visit during the day in the hours before the crazy parties begin. Check all available Special Events during Halloween here.

Halloween in Amsterdam

Halloween in Amsterdam. It is getting bigger and bigger every year and it is definitely something you don't want to miss! This year, there are quite a few parties and events you'll want to attend!

Halloween in Amsterdam: Is it celebrated?

When you think of the Netherlands, something fun like Halloween cannot possibly go unnoticed, right? This is partly true. Here in the Netherlands, we have our own version of Halloween, called Sint Maarten, which takes place every year on 11 November. 

 hat does not mean that during Halloween, at the end of October, it is not a good time to visit the Netherlands. Halloween in Amsterdam, will be an experience you will never forget. All the big clubs organise incredible themed events, certain places in the city like Amsterdam Dungeon become a must-see, and there are even masked balls at a few locations in Amsterdam.

After two years, it is finally possible to celebrate Halloween again! The first events have already been announced and it's something you don't want to miss. And because partying here is never cheap, the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is once again the best option for partying on Halloween in Amsterdam.

Before you decide to party somewhere in Amsterdam, check out the clubs and venues that partner with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, because chances are you will party harder and experience more!

Here are some events we recommend visiting during Halloween:

FRI - 27/10   | Ijland - Baila Dembow XL - Latin Halloween TICKETS & INFO
FRI - 27/10   | Panama - Haunted Halloween - TICKETS & INFO
SAT - 28/10  |
 De Melkweg - Halloween edition - TICKETS & INFO
SAT - 28/10  | Club Atelier - Soul Train -  TICKETS & INFO
SAT - 28/10  | Nova Club - Benauwd  -  TICKETS &INFO
SUN - 29/10 | Supperclub - It's a Hype  -
SUN- 29/10  | John Doe - No Sunday w/o Techno - 
MON- 30/10 | Club Noir - Afro Moday. -  TICKETS & INFO

Halloween In Amsterdam

Halloween in Amsterdam: nightlife experiences 

Halloween is coming and it is finally time to celebrate it well after two years. Clubs in Amsterdam are organising various Halloween events. From big over-the-top parties, to a casual club night. With your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you can go to all these parties, but which location exactly should you go to?

PANAMA - Haunted Halloween

Panama is having a big Halloween this year. It will be a Halloween party like we know from American movies; exaggerated outfits, entertainment and good music. They invite everyone to have a drink and dance in their spooky night playground on Friday 27 of October. Do you dare? Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket will get you free entry to this night of spookiness when you add the event as a special event (without extra costs) 

This Halloween event is for the enthusiast who wants to enjoy his/her Halloween without any embarrassment or shame. An unforgettable night with lots of diverse DJs, entertainment and lots of extras. From delicious water popsicles, kilos of sweets to fantastic entertainment that will ensure this is a Halloween to remember!

 The dress code is taken very seriously on this night, so get your best Halloween outfit out of the closet or do some quick shopping in the city.

The Panama nightclub has everything you need for a successful party. This venue located along the water in the Eastern Docklands has several rooms that can also be combined. It is an old warehouse, with large windows overlooking a beautiful view. The bright neon lights combined with the industrial interior makes Club Panama a real hotspot of Amsterdam 

Panama brings both international and local DJs, bringing lots of diversity to young audiences, old audiences, locals and tourists. For this Halloween special, MyCrush brings the band La Rouge to Panama. This Surinamese band brings a piece of Suriname to the Netherlands. In addition, the programme will be completed with various Tech House, Electro, Urban and Hiphop DJs such as; Shug La Sheedah, Kimberlee Ramirez, Daims, Riley Scotch, Daron Jay and Taquito

Don't want to miss this spooky night? And stand a chance to win 100 euros cash? Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket will get you entry to this fat event if you add it as a special event (no extra charges)! This will guarantee you a great Halloween night and who knows, maybe 100 euros more


Halloween In Amsterdam

TIP: Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gives you free entrance to the best clubs in Amsterdam, experiences and more!

Melkweg - Halloween Special

 The nightlife is open again and Encore is back too! Encore is the hip-hop and R&B club night in the Netherlands in Melkweg. The place where you will discover new sounds, but also hear true classics. Go wild to your favourite tracks, good vibes, the best DJs, original entertainment and performances! Expect the best hip-hop, afro, dancehall and R&B tunes. 

During Halloween, Encore organises Amsterdam's Halloween night in Melkweg. Due to Melkweg's convenient location, you're within 20 minutes from Central Station. Melkweg is located near Leidseplein, giving you plenty of options to grab a nice bite, drink or dance beforehand at one of the many restaurants, cafés or bars in the area. 

Encore takes place weekly on Saturdays, and during Halloween they make it a drizzy special! Doors open at 11.59pm and the party goes on well into the night. So get out your best Halloween outfit and celebrate Halloween at the hottest party in Amsterdam!

With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket Special Events  you almost always get included entrance to Melkweg's Encore events!Be quick, because this event is very popular and tickets go fast. Can't be here unfortunately? No worries, check the Special Events agenda for more information and possibilities.


Other clubs x Halloween

 Not in the mood for a big and extravagant Halloween party? Or want to celebrate Halloween but don't feel like dressing up? Our affiliated clubs also organise club nights with a Halloween theme! The Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gives you access to more than 30 Amsterdam nightclubs. The programme is not yet fully known, but keep an eye on the Special Events Agenda and socials for more updates.

Halloween in Amsterdam: activities 

Although Halloween is not officially celebrated in Amsterdam, there are numerous locations and venues hosting great events both during the day and at night. So there are many interesting places to visit during the day in the hours before the crazy parties begin.

Amsterdam Dungeon

Although Amsterdam Dungeon is open all year round, there is no better time to visit than Halloween. It is a simultaneously terrifying and funny experience that takes you through the entire history of the Netherlands.

During the 80-minute show, you go through 12 separate acts with a total of seven actors, in which you experience the Black Death, the Spanish Inquisition and the Middle Ages. The simplest way to explain it is as a lifelike 4D experience - the shows are performed in complete darkness with the addition of sound and light effects and even scent effects.

 However, this attraction will not be suitable for people who cannot stand dark humour, as there is quite a bit of it in the 12 shows. However, it is perfect for people with a genuine interest in horror and real disastrous events from the past.

The Ghost Walk

A city with such a diverse and mysterious history as Amsterdam is certain to have a few haunted locations, right? If ghost stories and dark places are your thing, then you should definitely visit Amsterdam's Ghost Walk.

Although a ghost walk/tour sounds like something you usually watch on YouTube, we can assure you that this activity is of high professional standard and introduces you to many old legends and facts about Amsterdam's dark history.

However , there are too many legends and stories to fit into a single tour. Therefore, here is a simple fun tip: Search for curious myths and ghost stories in advance and prepare for the tour. That way, you will have a bigger share in the walk and can ask extra questions.

Halloween In Amsterdam

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