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Amsterdam Nightlife offers access to 30+ nightclubs with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. An Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket includes 1, 2 or 7 days access to Nightclubs, Experiences, and extras for €10.

Amsterdam has one big problem – it is too attractive. But is this truly a real problem? Few places in the world offer such a variety of entertainment and freedom during each season of the year. The best part is that you don’t always need extra cash to have fun.

Of course, the city is also popular with its annual festivals, some of which are quite expensive, but besides them, there are so many events to visit every week, whether it’s in the city during the day or at some of the unique venues at night.

Undoubtedly, anyone would prefer to party without having to pay a lot. The events we have selected combine the best of all Amsterdam events – daily fun activities, annual festivals, and the best club events in Amsterdam.

If you’re here, chances are you’ve heard of our Nightlife Ticket. And if you’re unfamiliar, it lets you avoid entry fees to over 30 clubs and venues for two full days for only €10. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to outsmart the expensive nightlife of Amsterdam and spend the time of their lives.

If you do not have a ticket yet, it is good to know that ordering it unlocks our special event calendar. You can then use it to stay up-to-date with all the best Amsterdam club events that are happening during your stay. There is hardly an easier way to find the perfect event for you and experience it seamlessly.

Your Guide to the Best Amsterdam Events

If you’re here, I guess you’re not looking for tranquility and casual walks. On the contrary, you are looking for events to fill your time from morning till late at night. Fortunately, we and Amsterdam are here to provide you with the best experiences.  It is time to immerse yourself in the diversity that this city offers to locals and tourists alike.


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Every Thursday there is YOU&EYE, every Friday there is Mayhem and every Sunday they celebrate the weekend with Sundaze

3 awesome events that will most definetely provide you with a luxurious great night out!

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Awakenings Festival

The Netherlands is one of the originating countries of electronic music and it is no wonder why people name Amsterdam one of the best dance music cities in the world.

If you wish to combine your visit here with one of the best events in Amsterdam throughout the year, then perhaps you should check out the dates for Awakenings Festival. With over 20 years of history, it has become the ultimate techno experience and one of the strongest festivals each year.

If you, however, prefer clubbing and that special intimate feeling of being with a smaller group of people with similar tastes, continue reading below.


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Free Entertainment in Vondelpark or Music in Concertgebouw

Vondelpark is without a doubt the most popular park in the Netherlands and you can also always see it as a tourist destination in practically every second brochure or online blog about Amsterdam. In summer, it offers far more than a simple relaxing walk and becomes a focal point of the free leisure events in Amsterdam.

In summer, the park hosts an open-air-theater which has a variety of events every day. Take a look at their online program and you will be able to choose between concert shows from different genres, workshops, comedy shows, and even cabaret.

The summer stage in Vondelpark continues to attract more and more tourists every year while it traditionally remains a favorite leisure activity for locals. There are, however, many more places that host free shows or other types of entertainment.

If you want to experience something more exclusive while listening to classical music, for example, the most popular concert hall in the Netherlands – Concertgebouw hosts free 30-minute shows every Wednesday. It is a widely popular leisure activity for locals and there is an unwritten rule for tourists when abroad – If you see many locals, then it should be good.

Moreover, did you know that Concertgebouw is one of the most well-known concert halls in the world and considered as one of the three with the best acoustics?  If you happen to be in Amsterdam on Wednesday, take advantage of one of the most popular weekly Amsterdam events for locals.

While you are there, you can also book a 75-minute backstage tour of Concertgebouw and learn everything about the history of the building. Having its status in the world of music, it seems like a worthy cultural experience. Besides that, the tour is quite cheap also.

Party Like Never Before in Amsterdam Dance Event 2020-2021

With less than a month remaining to the most important dance event of 2020-2021, it is about time that you get familiar with the clubs and venues and make your party choices. If you are unfamiliar with ADE, it is simply a five-day music conference and festival which makes Amsterdam the largest party in the world.

Over 200 clubs and venues participate each year which makes for over 1000 events in just 5 days. Fortunately, you can now skip big entrance fees at some of the key venues in the city for two days or the entire festival period with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Make your life easy and take advantage of the incredible carefully chosen events during ADE 2020-2021. Our partner clubs, which coincidentally are among the most popular party venues in Amsterdam, have prepared five days of sheer madness, expressed in a variety of electronic music events and occasionally, crazy dress codes.

You can find all available events in Club Escape, Nova Club, and many other venues in our calendar here. And if you want to read more about ADE 2020-2021 in general, you can find all the information here.


TIP: Make sure you check our Kingsday Amsterdam – nightlife program. The best events in town during Kingsnight and Kingsday.

Events in Amsterdam

Lose Yourself in Modern Hip Hop on Saturday or Experience an abnormal drum’n’bass Monday in Melkweg

Melkweg has been the place to go when you look for the best Amsterdam Events since the 70s and to this day continues to offer a variety of musical concerts, film screenings, and so much more. While it is the most popular concert spot for both fans and musicians, they have their own regular events every week.

Two of the local favorites are the Encore night on Saturday and the Cheeky Monday which is, well, on Mondays. There hasn’t been a more successful hip-hop club night in Amsterdam so if it will be your first time; you are guaranteed a second returning visit next week.

As for Cheeky Monday, it is without a doubt not for everyone in terms of musical taste. Nonetheless, it is worth a shot. Not only this, but you can enter both events for free with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Love To Dance? Then Check Out these Weekly Events from Monday to Friday

In a city known for its wild nightlife, how can you choose only one or two clubs to check out? Luckily, you have us to cover you and that is what we will do. Here we have the best events in Amsterdam represented by the venues which you gain access to with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

If you need a reminder, our ticket relieves the entrance fee of your shoulders to over 30 clubs and venues for the low price of €10. Staying in one place is never interesting enough. Take advantage of your ticket and see as many as you can.

Events in Amsterdam

Monday – Wednesday

You already know about the Cheeky Monday in Melkweg. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually not among the common party days but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. Club John Doe, for instance, never rests. On Tuesdays, they host an excellent Techno/House night which does not lag behind the major weekend events in any way.  

On Wednesdays, they regularly host their Hip-Hop and R&B Urban night which is the perfect location for people who keep up with the trends in music and love the latest hits.

What days of the week do we have left – Thursday and Friday? These two together with Saturday are the definite party days in Amsterdam and there is a wider variety of events and venues to choose from.

Since it is highly likely that you choose one of these two or three days to the party rather than the beginning days of the week, let us give you some party locations to consider.

Events in Amsterdam 


Club Escape is the largest nightclub in town and definitely one that traditionally hosts some of the best club events in Amsterdam. On Thursday every week, they host their famous Video Club Night accompanied by an incredible musical selection of the latest and greatest hits and exceptional visual effects caused by the hi-tech lighting in the club.

Another incredible party spot to consider is Air Amsterdam. Every Thursday, they host some of the largest parties in town. What makes it different than Club Escape, for example? Every party on Thursday at Air has a strict dress code – Sexy & Classy. Remember, you have to stick to the dress code if you want to enter. Even the Nightlife Ticket will not help you if you decide to keep it casual.

One of the recent party attractions which rose to fame in the last decade is the silent disco. If you have never experienced this, I urge you to take advantage of your Nightlife Ticket and at least try it out for a few songs. The location is Hush Silent Disco in Amsterdam and the days of the parties are from Thursday to Saturday.

Experience the futuristic concept of partying without deafening-loud music. You will be handed a pair of high-quality headphones and you can personally choose the music channel you will listen to. Simultaneously, the DJs in the house will battle to win the most people to their own channels and beat the other DJs.

Events in Amsterdam


Friday is, of course, the last day of the working week. It is the day that every working person looks forward to. Having this in mind, it can definitely be hard to choose a single party to go to. Fortunately, with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you can jump from venue to venue and experience the best Amsterdam Events without also jumping into poverty.

We have prepared two special locations with events completely different from your regular party evenings. Before we get to them, however, you should know that all of our favorite venues – Club EscapeHUSH Silent Disco, and John Doe are also open and accessible for you for free with your Nightlife Ticket. All three locations have electronic music parties, so we can safely say that Friday is for House Music.

As for our two extraordinary places you need to see, have you ever tried a Reggae & Dub party? Club Paradiso welcomes reggae and dub enthusiasts, as well as anyone who might want to go on a musical reggae journey from its roots decades ago to the most well-known tunes of the 21st century. The dress code is casual and the parties happen every Friday night.

Looking for a Latin Paradise in Amsterdam? El Punto Latino is a Latin-inspired club which is open 7 days of the week. No matter if you are an experienced dancer or a first-timer, you are guaranteed to find a dance partner and show your trained or maybe improvised salsa moves. Every Friday, El Punto Latino hosts their famous Ladies Night which has a strict Sexy & Classy dress code.

Can’t Get Enough of Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one of those cities that always make you want to return again and again. There is so much more to choose from than the events specified above. However, our specialty is partying, which is why we emphasized nightlife locations of this type.

 In order to experience Amsterdam to the fullest, you should combine partying at night with a bit of culture and history during the day. You can find all the necessary information about Amsterdam and all its treasures from our useful blog section here.

Last but not least, if you need more information regarding the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and everything included in the purchase, you can contact us via email or leave a message through our chat section on our website.

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