How to party in Amsterdam

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The Party Life in Amsterdam!

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Party Amsterdam’? Sure you have! If you are an unrepentant party lover, then the next stop for your ‘partying cruise’ should be the good old city of Amsterdam. The city is most commonly known as the party capital of the Netherlands for obvious reasons.

Amsterdam is a city with its preceding reputation virtually bigger than the city itself. The city is one that welcomes visitors with open arms, it even has pre-laid plans for visitors so they do not end up being bored during the course of their visiting period.

There are a large variety of activities to keep you occupied all through an ideal partying holiday in the city. The experience of these activities can be quite exhilarating. From having major fun in nightclubs down to experiences that are better experienced than said, the city is a field of enjoyable happenings eagerly waiting to be discovered.

Let us get on to the specifics of how to roll out the party life in Amsterdam!

How to party in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Nightclubs!

The normal succeeding name that will follow the thought of having fun in the night irrespective is a Nightclub. Even beyond the city of Amsterdam, the nightclub is the most common way of having fun in the night, so why not also in our ever famous party city?

It is highly satisfying to know that there is a large number of a variety of nightclubs in the city. Standard nightclubs in the city are known to be open for business literally every day of the week. So if you are in the city on a quest to party away in Amsterdam, guess what? You are in for a fully satisfying period.

Each specific club in question have their own unique hours of operation but it will definitely be between the hours of 10.00PM to 4.00AM. Information pertaining to each nightclub are best gotten from the club’s personal site to avoid cases of misinformation.

As expected there are age limits for every club visitor. So if you are underage and on this quest of ‘Party Amsterdam’, you can as well remove nightclubs from your list. However, there is a little bit of good news on this topic. Different clubs in Amsterdam has a different age limit for access. Some clubs require that you are not any less than 21 years of age while some other clubs set their own age limit to people of 18 years of age and above, granting more access to people.

The dressing is another topic to be considered when planning on visiting night clubs in the city. As much as it is in the night and a club, it, however, does not allow the excuse for irresponsible dressing. All party lovers, specifically the night club lovers should ensure that they put in an effort to dress well at all time.


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How to party in Amsterdam

There are definitely entrance fees to be paid in order to be granted access into every nightclub in the city. These prices vary from club to club. However, for party lovers who want to enjoy the nightlife of the city but also do not want to break a bank in the process, there are the Amsterdam Nightlife Tickets to the rescue. This ticket helps you to enjoy admission to a number of Amsterdam popular Nightclubs and some special events for less money. With €10, you can gain access to the best nightclubs for 1 day and for 12 you will have acces for 2 days in a row. A better option is to gain this unlimited access to the clubs for 7 whole days with a fee of just €20. With these extremely cheap rates, it is quite affordable to build life experiences.

The tickets even come with extra bonus plans such as a makeup touch for ladies at a specific studio before heading out for a night of fun. There are also bonuses of a certain rate deducted from your first Uber ride to cruise around the city.  There are a number of many other bonuses that come with this package.

Nightclubs to Party Amsterdam!

A lot of participating nightclubs for the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket are located in the center of the city. The most popular party spots of the city can be said to include the Rembrandtplein and the Leidseplein. These spots are not really far from the city heart, so you can quickly head out there to catch the heap of fun activities going on there. A number of the city’s best nightclubs are found in these locations and are also part of the participating clubs. There are about over 30 participating clubs, some of these clubs included are:

Paradiso Amsterdam

Looking for a nightlife experience that will leave you breathless? Look no further than Paradiso. Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, this iconic venue is an absolute must-visit for party enthusiasts and music lovers alike. With its rich history and captivating ambiance, Paradiso promises to take you on an unforgettable journey through Amsterdam's vibrant nightlife scene.

Step into Paradiso and immerse yourself in a world where music transcends boundaries. Known for its diverse lineup of artists across various genres, this venue offers an unparalleled selection of performances that cater to every musical taste. Whether you're a fan of rock, electronic, hip-hop, or jazz, Paradiso has a stage that will captivate your senses and keep you dancing until the early hours.

What sets Paradiso apart is its unique setting. Housed in a former church, the venue combines the grandeur of its historic architecture with cutting-edge sound and lighting systems, creating an atmosphere that is both awe-inspiring and intimate. The moment you enter Paradiso, you'll feel a sense of anticipation and excitement, knowing that you're about to embark on a truly extraordinary nightlife experience.

To fully embrace the Paradiso vibe, come dressed to impress. This venue is a place where style meets music, and you'll want to showcase your fashion flair while dancing and mingling with like-minded partygoers. Keep in mind that Paradiso is an 18+ venue, ensuring an atmosphere tailored to adult revelers who are ready to let loose and enjoy the night to the fullest

Supperclub Amsterdam

If you are a lover of R&B or the Hip-hop genre of music, then this is your best option! Supperclub is one of the clubs included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket but you still have not heard the best of it. The Supperclub has a number of other side attractions which would make you get even more of your money’s worth.

A club combined with a gallery, this place is unlike any other clubs in the region. The gallery can be used to get into that same party Amsterdam mood without necessarily being physically involved. you can get to witness amazing hands down musical performances. The experience that can be gotten from this exciting stream of performance can only be imagined.

Another addition is the restaurant also located in this club. In this restaurant, you can get to experience a different kind of art in the form of food. You are introduced to a number of different striking culinary tastes which you cannot resist.

Supperclub combines the restaurant, gallery and the nightclub to provide you with loads of experiences that you cannot afford to miss. You will get to satisfy your stomach cravings with food, satisfy your mind cravings with works of arts and most importantly satisfy your body needs by partying away the night in the club. In this club, you can choose to forget etiquettes, table manners and the likes. However, do not forget to ensure you are dressed right for the occasion so your partying vibes are not downed before they are even lighted.

The Netherlands is popularly known to be home to a number of big-time DJs whose names are known over the globe. DJs like the Afrojack and Martin Garrax are known to have their origin as the popular city of Amsterdam. Do you love the DJ kind of music supply? There is no better place to experience this other than the numerous clubs and partying spots in the city. Who knows you could get to meet another world-renowned DJ in your partying spree in clubs. Or you can even be luckier and actually get to meet these big guys in the industry.

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The Melkweg Party Experience in Amsterdam

Are you ready for an extraordinary nightclub experience in Amsterdam? Look no further than Melkweg. As one of the city's premier nightlife destinations, this venue is a must-visit for party enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable evening. Conveniently located and offering a diverse range of high-quality music across all genres, Club Melkweg guarantees a fantastic time for every taste.

In the legendary party scene of Amsterdam, Melkweg shines like a true gem. If you're seeking endless nights filled with excitement, this club will surpass your expectations. What sets Melkweg apart is its commitment to hosting a variety of themed parties throughout the week, even on weekdays. There are no excuses when it comes to having a great time here.

To fully embrace the Melkweg experience, dress to impress. This venue embodies the spirit of celebration, and you'll want to showcase your party best while dancing the night away. Remember, entry to Melkweg is restricted to those aged 18 years and above, ensuring an atmosphere tailored to adult revelers.

When exploring Amsterdam's vibrant nightlife, make sure to put Melkweg at the top of your list. Its energetic atmosphere, diverse music offerings, and dedication to hosting unforgettable parties make it an ideal destination for both locals and tourists seeking an unparalleled nightlife experience. Get ready to dance, mingle with your amsterdam nightlife ticket and create memories  that will last a lifetime at Melkweg.

Amsterdam Dance Event

If you are planning your trip to the party city, why not give yourself a real party treat? Plan your holiday to fall around the period of the all-time favorite Amsterdam Dance Event and get to witness this mind-blowing exhilarating festival. If you think you are a fun lover, this is the perfect avenue to connect with other fun lovers like you and party away your holiday. The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is known as the world’s biggest club festival and also as Europe’s leading electronic music conference.

Can you imagine having an unending diverse line-up of music playlist ranging from hip-hop to drum and bass to keep you moving? Yes, that’s right! The ADE boasts of over 2500 artists from over 140 locations. There is a guarantee of 5 days non-stop partying for over 395,000 clubbers. This means that you get to also mingle while having your party fun.

The festival also has a number of side attractions, which includes the ADE playground which is a daytime program with a number of studio sessions, among many others. Ensure to plan your time well so you do not miss these five days of the festival.

However fun loving the city of Amsterdam is, it should be noted that there is a specific code of conducts to abide by when in the city. For instance, it is forbidden to drink alcohol in public places irrespective of your age. It is also not allowed to openly carry alcoholic drinks in some specific parts of the city. Breaking these specific codes can result in you being fined.

These afore listed experiences are few out of many other ways by which you can choose to fulfill your mission ‘Party Amsterdam’ without overstretching your pocket. This agrees to the school of thought that believes that Amsterdam can be likened to a city which makes everything possible!


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