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The Melkweg is a popular music venue as well as a cultural center in Amsterdam

Melkweg Amsterdam is a popular live music venue. It is also a well-known, huge cultural center in Amsterdam. Melkweg is known for its broad and diverse pop culture. It is a location for several purposes for a wide variety of audiences. Each year, hundreds of concerts, club nights, (music) films, theatre shows, expositions and multidisciplinary events are being hosted at the Melkweg. Together, all those events attract more than 470,000 visitors.

The venue is in the last remaining factory building remaining in the Amsterdam canal ring. The building of Melkweg used to be a milk factory, which is where the club got its name from. ‘Melkweg’ translates to ‘Milky Way’ from Dutch.

In 1973, Melkweg Amsterdam was permanently turned into a cultural playground. This was originally just a temporary project, a place for young people to hang out and enjoy culture during the summer. This proved to be successful, which is why they decided to continue with Melkweg. Over the past 40 years, the building has seen many big changes. Nowadays, it has two concert halls, a cinema, a theatre and an exposition area. All of the different areas can be used separately for their own purposes, or they can be combined as one big cultural center.

Discover new music at Melkweg Amsterdam!

Melkweg Amsterdam is a club on a mission: to improve social consciousness! They want to achieve this through their diverse and professional events and line-ups. This way of programming is what distinguishes Melkweg from all other locations. You will be able to see established names on stage at Melkweg, but you’ll also get a chance to see upcoming talent. So, besides well-known artists, upcoming talent also gets a chance to reach a huge and wide audience as well. This means that there is a lot of new music waiting to be discovered at Melkweg.

The exceptional location and the unique setting are combined to make a visit to Melkweg an amazing and unforgettable experience.  Every Monday, Saturday and Sunday you can get free entrance at Melkweg Amsterdam with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. On Monday the club hosts its “Cheeky Monday” event. Cheeky Monday is Amsterdam’s legendary drum and bass night, which starts at 11 PM and ends at 5 AM. On Saturday you can experience “ENCORE”; the biggest, most energetic and exciting weekly club night the Netherlands has to offer.

The capacity of every event depends on which area of Melkweg will be used. This may differ from 50 to 100+ which means they could be sold out quickly. So don’t hesitate to get your tickets.

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Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday: 23:00 – 05:00

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Lijnbaansgracht 234A, 1017 PH Amsterdam

Public Transportation Options:
Melkweg is located near Leidseplein where several trams and buses stop.

Tramlines: 1, 2, 5

Bus Lines: 170, 171, 172


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