Salsa, Reggae, Punk, Hip-Hop | Dress code: Casual, Chique


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From salsa to reggae to punk to hip-hop, Akhnaton is the one club pioneering in the adoption of new music styles.

Founded as a student organization back in the 50s, with the intention to break old traditions and customs, Akhnaton carries the name of the legendary pharaoh Akhenaten whose legacy is built upon that same idea of innovation.

Ever since the club has always been closely involved in the social, political and especially cultural developments in Amsterdam. Thus arose the Provo movement in Akhnaton, where Roel van Duijn also proclaimed the Orange Free State.

Having acquired the core values of being bold and unbiased, Akhnaton have been providing a platform for creative and artistic talent for years. From the outset, the location at the Kolk was a center for new music styles, imported from distant countries and regions.


For access to Club Akhnaton, you need to be 18+. ID is required

Akhnaton - the place where different cultures come together and where freedom and openness are encouraged.

Salsa, reggae, punk, hip hop, they all found their way to the Amsterdam public through Akhnaton. 'The merengue entered our country at Akhnaton', the Groene Amsterdammer once wrote. Prophet, the founder and owner of the largest hardstyle label, ended up in hip-hop disco Akhnaton and flourished there together with Osdorp posse, the first Hip-Hop group in the Netherlands.

To this very day the club is hosting sensational and controversial activities offered to groups that find it difficult to find a place elsewhere. Thus offering a unique atmosphere worth experiencing.

Akhnaton is a versatile and attractive event location for up to 300 people in the heart of Amsterdam. Hip-Hop parties, Student parties, Dance parties, Kinky parties… everything you have in mind is organized here. So check out the event calendar and select the events that you want to attend.

Don’t forget to arrive early and split up if you are with a large group.

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Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday: 12:00 - 1:00

Click here to see all the upcoming special events at Club Akhnaton Amsterdam

Nieuwezijds Kolk 25 1012 PV Amsterdam

Public Transportation Options:
Akhnaton is easily accessible by taking Sprinter 5489 towards Zandvoort aan Zee to the Amsterdam Sloterdijk stop. It is also easily reached by walking within minutes around Amsterdam.

Tramlines: Sprinter 5489


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