Best clubs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has no shortage of nightclubs, bars, and pubs to choose from. On the contrary, whatever your party scene is, Amsterdam’s got it. With your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you will get access to the best clubs Amsterdam has to offer for €10. So whether you want to stick to the usual recipe during your visit or are looking to try something new, there’s nothing holding you back.

An Unforgettable Nightlife Experience

Wherever you choose to go, a party atmosphere unlike any other paired with the best vibes imaginable are the rule in Amsterdam. An unforgettable nightlife experience in the city that stands out in making everyone feel like they fit in is guaranteed. So get your ticket, grab a drink, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to roll. Here are some of the best clubs in Amsterdam to look out for.


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Check our NYE festival at Q-Factory, or at Oerknal! Rather celebrate New Year’s Eve in the city centre? We also have a NYE party at Club Hush! Check all the NYE events here.


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Club Escape

Founded back in 1986, Escape is arguably the biggest nightclub in Amsterdam. It is situated right at the heart of Rembrandtplein, surrounded by at least a dozen other hangouts so the fact that it remains one of Amsterdam’s most popular party places probably says enough. It has made a name for itself both locally and internationally and people from near and far make their way to Escape.

The club features multiple venues which include the main hall, the club, and Escape deLux. Light and sound are aspects of a night out that are taken seriously and over the years Escape has had three big transformations to keep up to date. The club area is equipped with the newest technologies that take every party to a higher level.

Fill up on some tasty and delish meals courtesy of the Escape café to start your night out with a solid foundation. And to make things even better, your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is your free invitation to this club and a night you will remember.Best clubs in Amsterdam


Melkweg is a spot that cannot be left out. Not from this list, not from your visit to Amsterdam. It’s pop culture at its finest and throughout the week this city icon welcomes you for all kinds of events. Their program is legendary and includes theatre performances, (music)films and exhibitions but the club nights are definitely the cherry on the cake.

The club is located in the last remaining factory building at Leidseplein and back in the days, milk was their signature drink. But that’s all in the past because international DJ’s, musicians and two concert halls where you can party all night long are better served with cocktails and shots.

Melkweg is a non-profit organization that aims to please a wide audience, support experimentation and create a platform for young talent and subcultures. Freely translated this means it’s a club with few boundaries and endless opportunities. Attitudes don’t make it past the entrance and you don’t need to look fancy either. The atmosphere is laid back and friendly, Melkweg is for everyone and that includes you.


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Club Panama

In the Oostelijk Havengebied, also known as the Eastern Docklands, an old warehouse is home to Club Panama. This large historic building is impossible to miss and an excellent place to soak up the Amsterdam party feels. It can hold up to 1050 people so expect a party at Panama to be big in every way.

Ranked amongst the best in Amsterdam, Club Panama has a well-deserved reputation. Big house & techno DJ’s and live performances and the superb sound system mean that you can enjoy the music from any corner of the nightclub. Check what’s on before you head over to make sure you know what to expect.

A good atmosphere and helpful staff are always guaranteed so the only thing you need to worry about is getting your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and select the events you want to check out. No need to dress up either, the only thing that needs to be in check are your dance moves.

Best clubs in Amsterdam Chicago Social Club

Club Paradiso Amsterdam

Club Paradiso is conveniently located in the Leidseplein area and is a great choice for an evening filled with drinking, partying and dancing. This nightclub is among Amsterdam’s most noteworthy joints and is situated inside an old church which gives your party location unique characteristics and makes your night even more special.

But the sound of religious sermons has been drowned for decades by great music and performances. Local, as well as international artists, have made their appearance at Paradiso. David Bowie was there in ’87 and Amy Winehouse, The Rolling Stones, and Prince have also honored the venue with a performance.

Paradiso’s club nights are just as fabulous as their show history. Listen to hip-hop, house, disco and new electronic music during Friday’s Zwarte Koffie (black coffee) at club Paradiso or pick an event from the extensive entertainment menu.  


At just a five minute walk from Amsterdam’s central station, you’ll find this club and podium located amidst canals and cafes. The name of this place, Bittersweet, is somewhat misleading as generally nights out at this spot are friendly like candy.

Bitterzoet’s goal is to please a broad audience with their varied offer that includes punk, rock, hip-hop, soul, ska, and funk. Say what? It might sound like a lot, but the underlying thought is to provide bands, DJ’s and musicians a platform to experiment with their unique sound.

Therefore it is also advisable to check the agenda before planning a night out at Bitterzoet, to make sure you get what you’re coming for. They’re open pretty much every night so when you need an escape from a quiet evening, keep this place in mind as a good option.

The intimate dance floor, nice stage area, and countless nooks and corners offer plenty of space for you to move your feet. Casual is key at this night spot so there’s no need to get your fancy attire dusted off for an occasion at this club.

Chicago Social Club

A valued member of our Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket community and to make you feel more than welcome you can use your ticket to skip paying the entrance fee and get a complimentary welcome shot from Sunday till Wednesday. Get dressed up and check what’s on at Chicago Social Club.

Throughout the week the agenda offers a number of regular club nights that always draw a crowd. Every Thursday they go Super Social and you can probably guess what happens on Tequila Tuesdays. Weekend on Wednesdays provides hip-hop, house and a ‘sexy dose of disco’.

On top of the fixed nights, a different party finds its way into the Social Club every weekend and often times well-known local DJ’s bring their famous party nights here. LOBI is a regular with good old hits that no one wants to forget, Girls Girls Girls brings hip-hop, R&B, and dancehall to the floor and last but not least, Vunzige Deuntjes for some ‘dirty tunes’.

Best clubs in Amsterdam Chicago Social Club


A bit further outside the city center on the 7th floor of the Volkshotel is a well hidden Amsterdam gem. Though situated above a hotel, it’s not a touristic spot at all and you will probably feel like a local in this club. The building used to be home to the Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper and on the Wibautstraat where it is situated you will find more former newspaper home bases.

Quietly reading the daily journal is still possible on the ground floor, but not further up in the building. The 7th floor is for partying and while you start your night with dinner and drinks served with stunning views, your surroundings will take you into a party mood with regular DJ’s that bring the tunes.

Moving in the opposite direction will take you to DOKA in the basement of the building. This nightclub is a place to lose all control and do everything that cannot stand the light day. Canvas and DOKA are open on Fridays and Saturdays from 21.00 till 3.00 am and DOKA from 1 am till 6 am.

Air Amsterdam

This club’s got an impressive reputation given the fact it hasn’t been around for that long. But Air knows what it stands for and there’s really nothing not to like about their core values creativity, freedom, tolerance, quality, and diversity.

Club Air is home to five bars and three party areas each with their own looks and vibes. Check the party agenda to see what’s up because their program is diverse and pleases a large crowd. Whether you like techno, hip-hop, house or disco there is probably a night at Air that suits you.

The dress code is party chic, but trust us there’s no better excuse to dress up than a night at this Amsterdam icon.


Ask Google about the best clubs Amsterdam, and you’ll see Claire mentioned at the top. This club describes itself as a chameleon that takes on any color and form you need it to be and that can be literally anything. A dance partner, a lover or a best friend.

Claire’s program brings you first-rate house and disco and loves to see you dance to it. The interior is cozy and wooden floors create a warm sound. And because it’s the inside that matters a dress code is non-existent.

Want to head out for breakfast straight afterward? No problem because the dance floor is lit until 8 am on weekends.

Club Claire changed her name to Club Oliva this year. 

Celebrate NYE like you have never did before!

The best New Year's Eve parties of Amsterdam 

A New Years Eve festival at the biggest music centre of Europe: Q-Factory An indoor and outdoor festival at Oerknal or celpebrate your NYE at HUSH Nightclub

Best Clubs In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Nightlife Tips & Tricks.

Apart from the obvious, always bring your ID, check age restrictions, dress codes and don’t show up at a club entrance looking completely hammered or high on drugs, there are a few more things that are good to know when you head out to party in Amsterdam’s night scene.

We’ll keep it short because we don’t want to sound like your mom, but we do want to make sure you are fully prepared to enjoy what Amsterdam’s got in store for you.

Staying outside the city center? Make sure you have Uber all set up or a rental bike parked out front as trams and pretty much any other forms of public transport stop after midnight. You can use your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket to get your first Uber ride under €10 without paying anything. Combining the nightlife experience with the weed experience? There are a few things you better not show in public and that neatly rolled joint is one of them. Save it for the coffee shops and don’t try to sneak it into clubs, trust us the smell will give you away the second you fire it up.


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