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Is ADE the sole reason you’ve booked a trip to the capital city and are you planning to party your way through as many events as possible during this festival? Or did you plan your trip before even knowing ADE was on and are you trying to catch a few last minute raves? Whatever the plan is, make sure you have your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket on you to get access to the most epic Amsterdam Dance Event celebrations.

We’re happy to show you what is on and how to choose. Choose? Well, there’s only so much you can do in five days and with 450 events, 2500 performers in 140 different clubs. Choices have to be made and it’s not going to be easy.Welcome to the biggest electronic music festival in the world. ADE Amsterdam will stay with you for a lifetime.

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ADE by Day

There is so much to celebrate about electronic music. The tunes take the center stage during the night, but during the day the tip of the iceberg becomes visible. Film, art, live music, photography, gear demonstrations, technology events; everything you can think of is represented. ADE Amsterdam isn’t just the perfect opportunity to enjoy electronic music and all its sub-genres, it is also a great way to learn more about your favorite artists and how they do what they’re doing.

There’s a Sound Lab Program at Brakke Grond as well as MusicTalks and if you happen to have a demo you’d like to get some feedback on you can do that during a demo pitch. Was that all? Nope, let’s not forget about the workshops and masterclasses and ADE BeamLab that is dedicated to top-notch stage design and visual technologies.

ADE by Night

Nightfall is the starting sign for everything that ADE is essentially about: music.Everyone is involved, and that’s no exaggeration with the number of venues participating. Everywhere you go, everything you do, there’s literally not a chance of this event passing by unnoticed. An overwhelming fear of missing out is however, a realistic worry during this five-day spectacle. There is so much, going everywhere is simply impossible. And that is why Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is your chaperon through the psychotic party agenda.There’s a vast number of clubs that can always be counted on to take ADE to the next level, but there are is also some insider info we want to share with you.We’ll tell you exactly what you cannot miss out on!

ADE X Melkweg

‘Go big or go home’ was probably the thought behind Melkweg’s ADE-policy and that is what took them to a position at the heart of the event.Over 100 acts performed during 2018’s ADE and future editions won’t be an exception.Melkweg doesn’t miss out on an opportunity to party non-stop and that spirit combined with their mission to give a stage to both established artists and new talent always results in an unshakable program that the crowds can’t ignore.

The historical building houses two concert halls, but also a space for film and exhibitions. The multidisciplinary room doesn’t go unused during the festival either so technically, there’s no need to leave the building during these five days. And if the extensive program and variety wasn’t enough reason to put this place at the top of your ADE hotspot list, add up the excellent, mostly casual vibes, laid back staff and the best equipment to make the night a joy for all senses. Check the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket calendar to see exactly what’s on during your visit and select the events you’d like to add to your personal party schedule!


TIP: Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gives you free entrance to the special events at Melkweg, Paradiso, Air, Escape, Panama & HUSH!


Another legendary venue that is part of the center of ADE in Amsterdam. Both Paradiso locations are utilized to the max during the Amsterdam Dance Event and you can count on non-stop music and entertainment. The program gradually unfolds during the months prior to the festival and you should keep a close eye on the agenda if you don’t want to miss out on anything.Because even though the program isn’t fully revealed yet, you know it’s going to be good.

Paradiso’s space is made for live performances and if the acoustics alone won’t convince you, the beautiful atmosphere of the old religious building will. Paradiso never disappoints and during ADE it will exceed all expectations.

ADE at Air Amsterdam

To be fair, there aren’t many clubs that don’t join the party. But club Air is definitely an ADE treasure that provides party goers an exciting program. It has been a successful hotspot since 2010 and over the years they’ve developed a unique identity that appeals to a large audience. They highly emphasize their core values freedom, tolerance equality, and diversity and by doing so they are providing a place for everyone who feels at home in these beliefs. And who doesn’t? On a more operative level, they have invested in a high-quality sound system, the best audio-visual facilities, five bars and a huge space where 1300 people can come together to party.

For ADE they go the extra mile to compose a program that matches the quality you find within the walls of this club and up until now, they’ve been successful every year. Club Air doesn’t only invite the best artists and DJ’s during this world-famous festival, they design a club night that addresses all aspects of a great party and makes sure every little detail is in check. All this has made Air a place ADE performers love to return, and the same goes for the partying crowd. Do you want to be among them this year? Check the Amsterdam Nightlife Calendar and see what’s on!

Club Escape and ADE

Though the name may suggest otherwise, this club is not the place to escape ADE. As one of the biggest clubs in town, Escape considers it their duty to provide you with an impressive line-up. EDM legends have done their sets here and a few of the names from Escape’s ADE past are Martin Garrix, Martin Solveig, Fedde Le Grand, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Afrojack and Sander van Doorn. These names don’t sound Dutch, but we all know where the biggest names in the industry come from and they love playing a home game. It gives you everything the Dutch are famous for. The DJ’s, the relaxed atmosphere where everyone can be who they want to be and a friendly crowd. Keep an eye on the ADE agenda to see what 2019 will bring to the party and check the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket agenda to check special events you can add at the checkout. Your ticket gives you free club access on every Sunday so there’s an event you can already fix on your schedule.


Another club that stays close to the theme is Panama, with their yearly ADE opening and after party. Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gives you access to the club from Thursday to Sunday so make sure you check what’s on during your ADE visit.

Hush Silent Disco

Remember we mentioned a fear of missing out being something realistic to worry about during the Amsterdam Dance Event? Hush Silent Disco might relieve the fear by offering you different sounds on one dance floor. Urban, dance, house, classics and all imaginable varieties and a button to switch back and forth between the tunes that match your mood. The color on your headphone shows your dance partner what you’re listening to and DJ’s battle to eliminate all colors that don’t represent their channel.The full program for this year’s ADE hasn’t been revealed but with three options to choose from, you’re 100% certain the night is going to be awesome. Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket provides you club entrance on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That’s 9x party potential on just 3 nights.


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Other clubs X ADE

Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket opens the doors to over twenty Amsterdam night clubs. Not just a random selection of places, but a carefully selected range of hotspots. There are over fifteen big clubs, like the ones we’ve mentioned above. Some of them play a special role in the ADE festivities, but all of them are involved. And although the Amsterdam Dance Event is all about electronic music, the choice to spread the event over the huge number of clubs gives every party something truly unique. So you know what the main dish is going to be, the sides fully depend on where you’re taking the party.Blue Ivy Nightclub and Nova Club have a strict dress code and throw something fancy in the mix.Noorderlicht literally takes you away from the party squares in town to their hippie-like establishment on the Northern shores of the city. Newer clubs like Marktkantine and Radion offer you a modern interpretation of a club night that’s industrial and multidimensional and a little rough around the edges.

The smaller clubs in the repertoire show everyone ADE isn’t just about the big names. There’s plenty of room for new sounds, experimental music and up and coming artists eager to present their tunes to the hungry festival crowd. Amsterdam Dance Event takes full control over the city during this five-day festival and with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you’re one step ahead of everyone else.

ADE Fun Facts

– You thought there were a lot of parties at the festival? Look at the crowd it draws to the city! In 2018, ADE attracted 400.000 visitors from all over the world. To put this number into perspective; the city itself is home to about 820.000 Amsterdammers.

– ADE is not just about partying all night long. There’s plenty to see and do during the day. On top of the ADE by Day program, there’s a conference program and lots of local places that respond to the festival in their own way. As you will see, during these five days Amsterdam revolves around ADE and the event finds its way to every corner of the city.

– Two legendary festivals for the price of one? Tomorrowland celebrates 15 years of existence at ADE in 2019!

Practical info ADE

Public transport is fully operational during the festival, although that still means around midnight tram drivers go to sleep and public transport options are pretty much non-existent.Rent a bike to get back to your hotel, or use your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket Uber deal. Uber deal? Yes! And it’s not the only bonus we’ve got for you. We know partying can make you hungry so we have some food deals lined up and a few other nice extra’s.Head over to the extra’s page to see exactly what we have done to make your ADE Amsterdam experience convenient and smooth.


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