Libertation Day

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The 5th of May is a special day in the Netherlands. There is always a reason to party, but freedom is probably the best. It is a concept highly valued by the Dutch, and a right we especially love to celebrate with the entire country on this special day. And since you’re here, we would love for you to join us!

And of course, celebrating is something you don’t do inside or on your own. Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket brings you one step closer to the party. Which party? That’s entirely up to you to decide!

During the day you can head over to one of the festivals held in different locations around town. There’s a concert at night and afterward, one of the many clubs or bars are the perfect spot to make this Liberation Day unforgettable.

Open Air City Celebrations

A few liberation festivals will be held in the city during the day and they are definitely worth a visit. Freedom is something you honor with good music, great food, and chill vibes and the Dutch know exactly how. All of the festivals mentioned below don’t require buying a ticket or paying an entrance fee. This day is all about freedom and free access to the coolest festival in town is part of it.

Het Vrije Westen

Westerpark is one of the hottest spots to spend your Liberation Day. Seven stages are spread across the huge area and different bands and artists perform all day. Food trucks roll in to provide visitors with a wide variety of yummy food so going hungry isn’t an option.

Although Amsterdam celebrates big, the city of liberation is Wageningen. The end of World War II in the Netherlands started there. Since 1948, a liberation fire is lit here at midnight and relay runners from all over the country carry a torch to their own town. You won’t be able to miss the huge flame in Westerpark that symbolizes unity, living in peace and freedom.

Liberation dance, Museum Square

What better way to express your happiness than through dance? Museum square revolves around dancing and you can watch performances as well as move your own feet together with a happy crowd. You’ll see all kinds of dances passing by. From tango and salsa to classical ballet and hip hop, jazz and urban. Move those feet to Museum square at 1 pm and dance the day away!

Liberation Day at the Homomonument

Freedom and people trying to take it away from us can be found in many different forms. Although World War II is something of the past, many battles are still to be fought. The stage at this monument reminds us of the freedom to be who you are. Party along with DJ’s, performers and people having fun.

Bevrijdingspop, Haarlem

Want to get a taste of something a little different? Neighboring city Haarlem does a pretty good job at throwing a big party, one with over 130.000 visitors. In fact, it’s the biggest free open-air festival in the Netherlands and only a 15-minute train ride away from Amsterdam. This year on the menu? Sam Feldt, Miss Montreal and other Dutch artists (don’t worry, many of them speak and sing in English).

Liberation Day

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Concert on the Amstel

After the daytime festivals are slowly starting to wind down, it is time to move to the banks of the Amstel River. Next to Royal Theatre Carré a big stage on the water will traditionally continue the celebrations with a concert. Performances will be done by various artists, a gospel choir and the orchestra of the Royal Dutch Air Force and if the weather allows it there are fireworks at the end. Visiting the concert is free and an excellent opportunity to see some unique aspects of Dutch culture and society you wouldn’t see on most trips to the city.

Club Nights

The 5th of May is on a Sunday this year so double the fun because it’s still weekend. Regular weekends in Amsterdam are festive, but on this night we have an extra reason to party. What better way to end a day out on the town moving from celebration to celebration, than heading over to one of Amsterdam’s clubs? The party continues and your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is your invitation to the wonders of the city described below.

Club Air

OMG, it’s Sunday! Well, you have been out all day so you’re probably aware of that, but Club Air likes to emphasize this joyful fact and honor the best day of the week with this returning affair. Let your favorite hip hop and R&B sounds lure you to the dance floor and party until the sun comes up. And no better place to celebrate this special day than a club that stands for tolerance, diversity, and freedom.

John Doe

‘No Sundays Without Techno’ according to John Doe and you can probably guess the measures they’ve taken to ensure your night is flooded with techno sounds. The best Amsterdam underground artists join forces with international DJ’s to shake up the town with electronic music. From 11 pm till 4 am this is where you need to be if you think a Sunday without techno is something you don’t want to deal with.

Liberation Day


Sunday remains Sunday at Melkweg and that means their weekly club night Wicked Jazz Sounds takes over. This edition is Dancers Delight and the shared dance floor experience brings you on a futuristic trip brimmed with funk, hip hop, jazz, soul, house and much more. Sundays are for dancing so grab your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and head over to Melkweg for a wicked night out.


JUICE is Amsterdam’s busiest Sunday night. The legendary club, Escape, at Rembrandtplein knows what the people want. Every Sunday that means just the right mix of R&B, house, afro, hip hop, Latin and eclectic to please the crowd. Dress up for this one, so your awesome looks match the great music. Bring your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and leave the sportswear at home, the perfect formula for an epic night out.

Chicago Social Club

Alamaisunday what? Don’t even try to pronounce it, just head over and see what’s going on. Whether Sunday is the end of your week or the start, there’s no better way to do it than at Chicago Social ClubThe music provides something old, something new, something for everyone and that includes you. The party starts early for those who have to make it to work the next day, but they end the night with a bang from 1 am till 2 am with all drinks half price. All the reasons to be happy can be found right here!

Liberation Day

Bar Bash

Seen enough crowds for the day and looking for a more intimate environment to party on? These clubs and bars show you that a smaller surface doesn’t mean smaller celebrations. Dutch hospitality comes in all shapes and sizes and at these spots, you will find local ‘gezelligheid’ on top of great tunes and cool drinks.


Nothing sets the mood like a free welcome shot and Candela knows how to welcome you with a nice gesture. They keep things casual in the dress code department but go all out with Latin hits and dance music that makes standing still impossible. The pro bartenders whip up any drink you like and the audience is visibly happy and enjoying their time in a space where having good fun is a number one priority.

Club Smokey

DJ’s playing awesome tunes are no exception at Club Smokey, but the standard. And it’s a high standard with quality hits, pop, house, R&B and hip hop for the 20+ audience. Look good, feel good is part of the policy so dress accordingly and party looking pretty. With your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you can go here every day, but the 5th of May is a great occasion to enjoy this local gem.

Club Prime

Soulful-Latin house, EDM, eclectic, R&B, and dance to feed the soul and get the feet going. Club Prime moves its audience with music, great energy, and good spirited staff. Locals, visitors, students; Club Prime is a favorite to many. It might not be big in terms of space but when it comes to reputation and party skills, Prime is one of the best of its kind and that’s exactly the reason we have included it in your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Enjoy!


Pour the free welcome shot back and make your way to the dance floor. The party has started and it’s time to join in! Watch the Dutch go crazy at Bubbels when local hits are played and sing along with the hits you know. Sundays are also for live music and during ‘Power Hour’ the drinks are even better priced than they usually are.


Last on this list but definitely not least. In fact, you could say we’ve saved the best for last. Club Hartje on Leidsesquare conquers every heart with chart hits, hip hop and dance music that keeps you moving till the lights come on at 4 am. Locals know why Hartje makes their hearts sing, and you should go have a look for yourself. Show your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket at the bar to pick up a free welcome drink and let this place amaze you!

Remembrance of the Dead

Arriving in Amsterdam on the 4th of May? Prior to a day full of celebrations, there is a moment of commemoration. On the 4th of May, the Dutch remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. At 8 pm in the evening, people all over the country observe two minutes of silence. Official ceremonies take place everywhere, but the biggest one is held at Dam Square in Amsterdam. Members of the royal family, relatives of the dead and government officials place flowers at the monument. Everyone is welcome to attend the service, the silent march and, other events.

Are you out in the city at night? No worries! But don’t be surprised the see people stop whatever they’re doing to observe two minutes of silence at 8 pm. Bus and tram drivers stop, bar staff put the work down, everyone could decide to take a moment and since these days are all about freedom no one really makes a fuss about it. And after those two minutes, say cheers to freedom!

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