Pub Crawl Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the ideal place for a pub crawl! With an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you not only receive free shots at different locations, but also free access to 30+ clubs, experiences and extras!

Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gives you access to over 20 different bars and nightclubs in the liveliest city in the world. The average visitor stays for about two nights. See the potential problem there? We know what you’re thinking and yes, a pub crawl seems to be the only logical solution to this pressing first world issue. But we won’t just let you crawl in any random direction. You can, if you want to, but it might not be the strategy for success.

Instead, the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket facilitates your pub crawl but leaves enough freedom to do it the way you like it. Want to make your own selection of places you want to check out up close? No worries! Need some suggestions? Read on. Challenged in the navigation department or just want to be shown around by someone who knows the best places? Our VIP Nightlife Host(ess) is the perfect option for you.

Pub Crawl Amsterdam

Best of Both

In bigger clubs, the party usually doesn’t get started until late. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait till 1 am to get those feet moving! Combine the best of both worlds in your pub crawl and start your night with some bar visits and end it at one of the bigger clubs.

Bubbels starts the party early which makes it a great spot for a first stop. Locals are in the mood to have fun 24/7 and the vibes in this place will definitely get you going. After that? Head over to El Punto Latino to shake off all your worries to some salsa, bachata and merengue. Things get hot and steamy in here so a better place to warm up for the rest of the night is not going to be easy to find. You’ve got plenty of options for your next destination, but since your night already consists of a little something of everything we suggest club CandelaTake your casual-chic attire in the direction of the main square to this one of a kind establishment. The bar has all the flavors and skills to serve you your favorite drink and when the dance floor is open they know exactly what to do with it. A smashing line-up where local and international performers do their thing. On Friday and Saturday night you can dance here till the early hours of the morning and lose all track of time.

Mix, Match, Dance!

Of course, the night described above can be served in many different varieties, the possibilities are pretty much endless. So below we’ve listed a number of places that would be a perfect addition to your pub crawl. They’re conveniently located in the city center and vary in party peak times so you can get the best of the bash at every place you visit.

Dinner Time and Early Hours

The Red Light District is definitely the place to be at this time of the day. It’s the hour when everything starts to come alive and the perfect moment to get a taste of the unique vibe of the area. Head over to Sportsbar Heffer and start your night with ‘buy one beer, get one free’ with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Build a solid foundation for the rest of the evening with a delicious burger, fish and chips or chicken wings and perhaps have one more drink before you move on. Don’t forget to take in your extraordinary surroundings as you make your way to the next stops in town!

9 pm – midnight (and sometimes beyond!)

Do as the locals do and start the party in a cozy, or ‘gezellig’ like the Dutch say, bar or smaller club. Grab a drink and watch how the party slowly starts to unfold and more people make their way to the dance floor. Surprise bar, located in the Leidse square area, is a spot that never fails at setting the right atmosphere for an epic night out. Go see what all the fuss is about and discover why many locals call this a favorite. Head over straight after dinner because Surprise bar fills up quickly after opening time and standing in line is no one’s favorite activity.

Another favorite in the area is Club Hartje, where 9 pm is the starting sign of the fun to begin, regardless of what day it is. The Monday mood doesn’t exist at this place and a free welcome shot makes you forget about all your troubles and makes those feet move towards a night full of dancing. Hits and dance music provide everyone an opportunity to sing along and live DJ’s will deliver the beats.

Hush Silent Disco gives visitors something truly special and perfect for groups! The first thing you’ll notice upon entry is probably the absence of loud music. No blasting speakers in the house, but headphones instead. Hush is the first silent disco in the Netherlands but looking at its success probably not the last! Three channels each play a different tune and DJ’s battle to see the color that represents their sound rule the dance floor. Tune into your favorite channel and move, or sit back and watch the audience dance to different beats.

Club Amsterdamned combines hip-hop and R&B with 80’s music to create a unique party playground. Over twenty years of experience wrapped up in a newly renovated venue guarantees a party of magnitude. Never a dull moment within the walls of this club and a visit with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket always includes a complimentary shot.

Having your pre-midnight bash around Rembrandt squareClub Prime and Smokey both start the night a little later, at 11 pm and absolutely deliver in the professional party department. Dress up if you’re heading over to one of these spots. Nothing too fancy, but definitely no sportswear. Ready to find out where style meets nightlife in Amsterdam?

Club Prime is bold, flashy and never sits still. EDM, hip-hop, R&B and dance are what it sounds like and you won’t be disappointed in the looks and drinks department either. Smokey is open seven days a week and the standard is up each night with DJ’s always in the house.


TIP: Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gives you free entrance to the best clubs in Amsterdam, experiences and more!

After midnight – sunrise

When the smaller bars get a little too crowded it is time to find a bit more space. An excellent time to check out some of the major Amsterdam clubs and take your pub crawl to its final destination.

At Club John Doe you can take on any identity you like and a mysterious night awaits you. But you will never have to pretend to be someone you’re not because there’s room for everyone. John Doe doesn’t shy away from a little craziness and isn’t afraid to get out of control. The only thing they’re clear about is the quality of music and light and combining those two to set the stage for a memorable night.

Club Escape, is one of the best and biggest clubs in Amsterdam. This club is highly recommended by us to finish your night out in the best way in “Amsterdam Style”.

Are you dressing up for the occasion and want to prove crawling from place to place doesn’t affect your style badly, Blue Ivy Nightclub should be your next stop. Hip Hop and R&B are what you’ll move to in this high-end venue and apart from pleasing the ears, this club is a feast for the eyes. And don’t worry about the attitude, because we’re still in Amsterdam. That means even the fanciest place opens its doors to everyone, as long as you show up with the best looking version of yourself.

The Marktkantine is a club with a history that goes back to 1936. Not much clubbing back then, but nowadays we can definitely enjoy the fruits of the past in this renovated building. Multiple dance floors provide plenty of space to dance to house and techno and different stages give a platform for new talent and well-established DJ’s. Over 1200 people find a place to party here and you should definitely be one of them.

In the Leidseplein area? Melkweg is the only place that deserves the honor of being your last. Head over after midnight and party the night away, Melkweg is always a good idea. Check the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket calendar to see what’s on and select the event you like!

Pub Crawl Amsterdam

VIP Nightlife Host(ess)

Having visions and nightmares of getting lost on the canals, ending up in the wrong bar and waking up with a bad hangover and memories you’d rather forget?  It doesn’t have to be like that! Or do you feel like meeting other party people that visit Amsterdam?
Our Amsterdam Nightlife VIP host(ess) has got your back on this one and will turn the maze of Amsterdam’s party venues into a well-organized main street. Including free drinks and if you like you can be meeting and getting to know other Amsterdam Nightlife visitors as well!

How does it work?  
Meet up at the Hard Rock Café at 8.30pm. When? Whatever works for you, we’ll be there seven nights a week. You can book your host(ess)  additionally to your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket after selecting your start date and your special events in the shop.

On this well thought out night with our host(ess) closely by your side, you’ll see a side of Amsterdam you’ve never seen before. Your host will take you to a number of clubs in our repertoire, you’ll get free entrance and drinks and will be taken care of the Amsterdam way. That means party, fun and lots of tips and tricks that make you blend in with the local party scene.  

Everyone with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket can add this service to their ticket. Do it’s also a great way to meet other people, share some visitor advice and be part of a group at the party. You don’t have to worry about where to go next and you don’t have to worry about not knowing anyone there!

And did you know the Hard Rock Cafe is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket with a 2 for 1 on all cocktails deal? So why don’t you arrive a little early and start with a drink or two? And perhaps a burger too? Dinner time is not a bad time at this hotspot at all, and we’ll meet you for dessert at 8.30. See you at Hard Rock Cafe!

TIP: Hard Rock Cafe is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket with a 2 for 1 on all cocktails deal!

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Experience the Extras

Make your night even more special with one of the many bonuses we’ve included in your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Beautiful evening make-up for the ladies at Douglas, deals on your Uber ride and something for the hungry moments in between party locations.

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