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If you are located in Amsterdam Central, there are plenty of experiences, perks, nightclubs, and pubs that will offer you a great time courtesy of your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Here you will find information on the participating Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket locations in this area and more!


One of the best-known nightclubs to be found in Amsterdam central is club Panama. With its unique setting and architecture, which consists of a warehouse over 100 years old, visitors can enjoy a different feel to their nightly experiences. It provides an ambient atmosphere perfect for letting loose and partying the night away.

Club Panama plays different types of music genres throughout the week including house and R&B. But what it is famous for is its techno beats from both local and international DJ’s.

Here visitors can also enjoy weekly parties which feature a different theme. It is a world class nightclub that has hosted international singers such as Alicia keys and Fatboy Slim.

The service is world-class as well which makes Panama Nightclub perfect for groups and individual walk-ins. There is really no strict dress code but we do suggest you come here looking fresh to death.


TIP: With the Amsterdam nightlife ticket, you get free entrance to Club Panama.

Tafelservice (VIP) in Panama is ook zeker een optie en kan worden geboekt door contact met Panama op te nemen via e-mail. Met een privé-ruimte, snelle ingang en professionele gastheren, bevind jij je in het middelpunt. Panama zorgt er voor dat het een avond wordt om nooit te vergeten!

Deze club is geweldig voor groepen maar ook gezellig voor bezoekers die alleen willen komen.

Hoewel Panama geen strikte dresscode hanteert, raden wij je aan om (op een gemiddelde zaterdagavond) toch je beste party-outfit uit de kast te halen.

Voor meer informatie over Club Panama en de actuele openingstijden, klik hier.

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There so much fun to be had at Aloha which explains why Aloha Amsterdam is a playground for adults and children alike. From glow mini-golf, laser tag and LED bowling, the experience is absolutely fantastic.

There is no need to search for a different venue when you want to fill up. Simply go to the BBQ restaurant and enjoy that mouth-watering steak.

If you’re thirsty, Aloha is also equipped with full bars and professional staff waiting to fill your order.

Aloha's modern interior decor is both stylish and futuristic and blends well with the LED lights which keep changing throughout the entire floor keeping guests in the mood for some groove.

Enjoy all of this with beautiful views of the water and boats as you watch the sun go down.

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The bright decor and fun-loving attitude makes Aloha the perfect choice for people of all ages.While you play dance along to your favorite hits and electronic beats. What makes a perfect night even better than good tunes?

With Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket valued at €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days, you will receive 2 hours of LED bowling for the price of 1, as well as 2 games of laser tag for the price of 1.

This venue is perfect for big groups or for people looking to meet new people. An energetic atmosphere with great music always playing.

Aloha is easily reached in the Amsterdam Central area by a short walk from Central Station or public transportation.

The dress code here is casual but we recommend putting in just a little effort!

For more information and opening times, please click here.

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