Best hip hop clubs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Nightlife offers access to 30+ nightclubs with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. An Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket includes 2 or 7 days access to the best Hip Hop clubs in Amsterdam, several nightlife experiences, and extras for just €10.

Bring your love for hip hop to the city that loves it just as much, or perhaps even more. Locals and visitors go out at night in search of the rhythms that make their heart skip a beat. And the clubs? They gladly provide what draws in the crowds. Running short on options isn’t something to be scared of. Instead, worry about choosing the right place for quality music and good vibes. There are so many, you won’t be able to visit even half of them during your stay, so picking the right one is something that requires your attention.

And for that, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve made things a little easier for you with this list of the best hip hop clubs in Amsterdam. And because your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gives you access to the crème de la crème of Amsterdam’s hip hop scene, all the ingredients for a fabulous night out are right here. The clubs are waiting. What are you waiting for?

Best hip hop clubs in Amsterdam

TIP: Get access to Club UpMelkwegAir AmsterdamEscapeNova Club & Paradiso with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket!

Club Up Nightclub

Looking to go all out all night? Club Up doesn’t even allow you to hold back and apart from their venue and music that spirit also applies to your outfit. Dress up and head over to John Doe if you are up for a night in style.

Check the Amsterdam Nightlife calendar to see what’s on during your visit. Your ticket gives you access to a number of club nights at Club Up and you can choose to add as many as you want. Don’t forget to pack your party chic outfit for your visit. Look good, feel good and head over to your best night out in history.

Melkweg, Encore

Melkweg is as famous in Amsterdam as the artists that have performed there over the many years it’s been around. Everyone knows it, everyone has been there and everyone has at least one great story that started on the dance floor of this club. A place everyone should visit, and can visit thanks to the diverse musical flavors it’s got to offer. But what you are here for, is Encore.

And one of the perks of your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is free access to this legendary hip hop event that’s held every Saturday night. Melkweg calls it ‘Holland’s Home to Hip Hop and R&B’ and that’s exactly what it is. Hip hop lovers from all over town, about 1500 of them every week, find their way to one of Amsterdam’s best club for a night full of the beats they enjoy most. It’s original and entertaining, out of control and crazy. Whether you’re here for something new, or some good old classics, you won’t go home disappointed. Party along with the locals and other visitors for a night that might be the beginning of one of your new best stories.

Check the Amsterdam Nightlife calendar to explore other events at this club, because Encore isn’t always the only hip hop devoted night at Melkweg.

Air Amsterdam

Located at what is best known as Amsterdam’s party central but officially called ‘Rembrandtplein’, is one of Amsterdam’s best known night clubs. Air opened its doors in 2010 but the legendary reputation of their location goes way back. Club IT dominated Amsterdam’s party scene in the ‘90s and ‘00s and Air took over in 2010 for a new era of renowned club nights.

Air basically has it all. Multiple dance floors, a number of bars, muchos extra’s for your convenience and well thought out club nights that give visitors exactly what they come for. DondAIRdag (a play of words on the Dutch word for Thursday) is a reoccurring club night revolving around the best hip hop and R&B sounds in town. But that’s just a tiny glimpse of what’s going on at Air. Want to find out more? Head over and explore this musical playground!

Check the calendar when you’re purchasing your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket to see exactly what Club Air’s got in store for you during your visit. One thing is for sure. Of all the hip hop clubs in Amsterdam, Air is definitely one you cannot miss.


Bitterzoet is a nice surprise that can be found just outside the official party area. What they offer is kind of all over the place so definitely check the agenda if hip hop is the only thing that pleases you. But when one of those nights is on, it’s going be good and you can count on that.

Dressing up isn’t a must, just look casual nice and you’ll be fine. Bitterzoet aims to offer new, upcoming and slightly different DJ’s and artists a podium so don’t be surprised to hear a sound you’ve never heard before. Who knows, this club might be the place to discover your next favorite artist.


A superb reputation built on a rock-solid foundation of more than 30 years of experience in the Amsterdam nightlife scene. That guarantees a place that knows their stuff and it’s entirely safe to say that Escape is one of Amsterdam’s best clubs for a mad hip hop party. They often go in different directions, music-wise, but not on Thursdays. That night is exclusively reserved for R&B, hip hop and eclectic tunes for a 21+ crowd.

Dressing up is not optional and we advise you to leave your sports clothes at home. Match your looks to the music and the keyword is awesomeness. The line-up varies but the quality doesn’t. Escape gives you exactly what they promise and on this special night of the week it’s hip hop and R&B from 11 pm till 4 am.

Knowing this, including this night into your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket wasn’t optional, we just had to. Sundays are also included so check Escape’s website before you plan your visit to see what’s on this week.

Nova Club

Nova’s Fridays and Saturdays revolve around R&B, hip hop and eclectic music. It’s a night celebrated in style and this high-end club demands you to look like you could have just stepped out of a style magazine. Searching for a place to make some beautiful memories? This is the club to go.

The interior is 100% instagram proof and we dare say it’s impossible to find a more polished place at Leidseplein. Seating areas surround the huge dance floor and the international staff will make you feel like you’re part of a global family. Party till dawn on almost every night of the week at this hip hop hotspot.

Of course, Club Nova is part of the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. It is your license to party at this extraordinary location that will show you just how fancy a night out in Amsterdam can be. We may be laid back, we know how to party in style. Have a look at the calendar at the checkout and select the events that catch your eye.

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De Bajes

De Bajes, which is Dutch slang for jail, is the perfect spot to step a bit out of line. The music selection, however, is anything but shady so get ready for a party bursting with grandiose tunes that are definitely criminal.

Jokes aside, apart from the name nothing about his place screams prison. On the contrary, being stuck here for a while is definitely not a punishment. It’s the first street art restaurant in Europe and everywhere you move within the walls of De Bajes you are surrounded by impressive murals that were created by a variety of different artists. So there is art, there is food, there are drinks and there are parties!

The nightly fun starts right after work on Friday night and drinks slowly turn into a weekend of fun and music. They offer young talent a stage to perform their tricks but established DJ’s also find their way to De Bajes to throw a good bash.

Check the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket calendar to see what’s on during your visit and add events at the checkout!

Best hip hop clubs in Amsterdam


Have a look at the website of this Amsterdam favorite and you’ll instantly see that hip hop is something they don’t take lightly. Under the section ‘Paradiso hip hop’ you’ll see exactly what’s happening right now and in the near future so you can make plans accordingly. And what’s happening is usually a lot.

From American underground, acoustic, local and international artists to experimental evenings with different styles combined together. Paradiso isn’t afraid to wonder of the beaten track and show you what’s new in town. The old church building sets the stage for an excellent fiesta and just one glance at the program tells you a night at Paradiso will go beyond all your expectations.

Café de Duivel

Looking for a sweet spot to get into the party mood before heading over to one of the clubs on this list? Cafe de Duivel, Dutch for the devil, is where you need to be. A household name in the Amsterdam hip hop scene and loved by locals and visitors, some even say it’s the best hip hop bar in town.

Music first is their policy and though from the outside it looks like any other bar on the street, inside is a whole new world. DJ’s from all over the world gladly accept De Duivel’s invitation to spin some records and for a place that tiny, it says a lot about their reputation.

The doors open at 8 pm every day of the week and the party lasts till 4 am on the weekend, 3 am during the week. The staff is beyond friendly and looks like every night at their job is a party too. And don’t underestimate the size of the bar, whatever you’re drinking, they’ll make it.


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