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Getting enough sleep during your Amsterdam visit? Forget about it! Snoozing is no option with everything the city has in store for you during the day and what your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket brings you at night.Amsterdam asks for action and with this list of Amsterdam activities, you will be sure to get plenty.We have created a good mix of partying, culture, shopping and feeling like a local.

Get Lost in your Own World at HUSH Silent Disco

The first silent disco in the Netherlands and proudly part of the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket deal. A big sound installation is something you won’t find in this club, which doesn’t make sense at first. Instead, everyone gets a headphone upon entry. It can be connected to three different channels, so you can choose what music you want to dance to.

So don’t be surprised to see the person next to you dancing completely out of rhythm, he or she might be moving to an entirely different beat.You can fully immerse yourself in the music of your choice and still bring that friend you normally don’t go out with because you don’t like the same music and both have a great night.

Looking for someone special to dance with? No problem either, the color that lights up your headphones indicates which channel you’re tuned in on, making it easier to find your match. And if you want to get to know a bit more about each other than music preference, simply take off your headphones and have a conversation that doesn’t require you trying to drown out the music and losing your voice for a few days.

HUSH is open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and offers a different musical menu each day.Book your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, add your special events and dance to your favorite tune.

Go to a Festival at Noorderlicht

During spring and summer, it’s hard to find a weekend without any events or festivals planned and they add up to 300 a year.The city and its many old buildings, huge terraces and wastelands are ideal for summer parties. They’re literally everywhere so make sure to check what’s on before you arrive and add a few to your list of Amsterdam activities you don’t want to miss.

This summer, your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket will give you access to a number of festivals around the city.One of the hotspots we’re adding to the stock is Noorderlicht. Located right on the NDSM-wharf waterfront in the Northern part of the city and just a short ferry ride away from central station. It’s light and bright, casual and chill. On any regular day Noorderlicht is already an excellent choice for drinks with a view, but when festivals are on it gets even better.


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Go Shopping in the Haarlemmerbuurt

The ‘Haarlemmerstraat’ and ‘Haarlemmerdijk’ are two streets that merge into one of the nicest shopping passages in the Netherlands. Strolling around can easily take all day and we advise you to take your time for this awesome spot.

Starting with breakfast at Vinnies sets the bar high for the rest of the day, but these streets are definitely up for the challenge.Delicious healthy and homemade food gives you a solid foundation for the shopping part. Vintage stores, local designers, the good kind of souvenirs (sophisticated, not cheap), book stores, cooking supplies, cheese, fashion, and jewelry. You can find it all and plenty more in one of the 235 shops.

Head over to the Coffee Company for a good cuppa and even better views on the street and everyone passing by. Bagels & Beans is a great option for lunch and make your way to the nearby Westerpark afterwards for a good walk to work up an appetite for dinner. Pizzabakkers is a superb option for the thin-crust pizza lovers among us but for something a little fancier try Stuyvesant Wijnlokaal.This restaurant is situated in the monumental ‘West Indies House’, dates back to 1614 and used to be the seat of the West India Company.

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Take a Day Trip out of the City

A good reason to take it easy during the day is having enough energy for all the action during the night. So escaping the city for a day to find a quiet destination is a great way to relax and still see something special and unique. And there are plenty of options for Amsterdam activities just outside of Amsterdam.

Zaanse Schans

It’s just a 20-minute train ride away from the center, yet a completely different world. The long row of windmills lining the Zaan river provide epic views that are beyond Instagrammable. It’s just a short walk from the train station and in one of the streets you pass you’ll find ‘Het Zaanse Bakkertje’, a very cute(vegan - friendly) bakery with space to sit down and have a homemade lunch.

Beach time

In only 30 minutes you travel from Amsterdam Central Station to Zandvoort aan Zee. The perfect destination for an afternoon beach walk or a romantic dinner watching the sun set over the sea. Stroll the boulevard, get a little active with some water sports or work on that tan in the sun. < b > Forgot to bring your swimwear ? No pants no problem !You will probably find something appropriate in one of the boutiques in town or just head over to the nudist beach.

Zuiderzee Museum

Enkhuizen is a small city on the shore of the Ijsselmeer, the lake that used to be the Southern Sea and home to one of Holland’s nicest open - air museums.Go when the weather is nice, and travel back to a time when people lived off the sea. Hundreds of authentic, historic houses and other buildings like windmills make up a tiny village that shows you what things were like back in the days. Try some old - fashioned sweets from the candy shop and have a bite of freshly smoked eel.

Feel the Local Feels in a Dutch pub

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ than to go to a local ‘kroeg’. And that’s exactly why we have included many of them in your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Sportsbar Heffer is a great choice for a first stop when you’re coming from central station and haven’t seen the Red Light District yet.Your ticket gets you two beers for the price of one and after you’ve had a few, make your way to Bubbels on Leidseplein. Flash your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket at the door to get free entry and a welcome shot. Bubbels doesn’t need an excuse to party so every night of the week is a celebration. There’s live music and apart from playing hits and dance music you’ll hear a few Dutch gems from time to time. Just pretend you know the words, sing along and make new local friends.

Just a small block away,  Surprise Bar is ready to welcome you with open arms and another free welcome shot. The music switches back and forth to chart-hits and good old classics and the crowd is always in party mode.

New to the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket family is El Punto Latino. The hottest Latin club in town, for those looking to loosen up the hips to tunes a little bit smoother than Dutch classics.

Visit the Anne Frank House

There are two reasons we’ve put this activity on the list.One, because we really, really think the Anne Frank house is worth a visit.This significant piece of history should be included in everyone’s trip.But you probably already knew that, and that brings us to the second reason.

You need to plan your visit ahead, way ahead. Tickets are only available online so showing up at the door hoping to get in is not going to get you past the entrance. Eighty percent of the tickets are released two months ahead and 20% on the day itself (9 am).Book your tickets at least three weeks before you’re planning to visit, otherwise, there is a big chance the tickets have already sold out.

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Have a Drink on a Terrace

When the first warm rays of the year hit the city, the Dutch switch right into summer mode. The temperature may still be well below 20 degrees Celsius, it doesn’t stop us from going straight to a nice terrace after work.When you start hearing the phrase ‘terrasje pakken?’ everywhere around you, it means the locals are ready to grab a drink outside. Are you coming along? You’ll see cafe’s putting chairs out front everywhere throughout the city, but there are a few spots that are favorite among locals.We do advise you to come early because once we have conquered a spot we ain’t going anywhere until closing time.

Jack & Jackie

Rooftops are always a good idea. Jackie has the views, the lounge area, and the cocktails.It’s an excellent place to start the night and finish it at Club Jack a few floors down. With your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you get free access to selected events at this club, so check them out when you’re purchasing your ticket.


If there’s a terrace that deserves a spot on this list, it’s the Skylounge.You’ve probably seen it, on your way into the city. It’s located right next to the central station in the Doubletree Hilton hotel and as you might expect, the terrace is spacious, stylish and the service is excellent.Whether you start with coffee or cocktails, expect nothing but the best. And of course, that applies to the view as well, arguably the nicest in town and pictured on many postcards and posters.

Cafe Van Zuylen, Torensluis

Your typical Amsterdam terrace with canal views for those looking for a local feel a bit closer to the ground.Is Van Zuylen’s terrace full? No problemo, a number of cafe’s surrounding this spot have a terrace outside so just pick one you like.Have a seat at watch the cyclists, boats, and visitors who arrived too late to find an empty a spot.


Another destination where relaxing drinks can slowly turn into a night out. Your first stop at VLLA is the nice garden where you can enjoy local artist’s creations and soak up some rays before you make your way inside where the party is getting started. At the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket checkout, you can select special events at VLLA without any extra costs.

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