Amstedam Nightlife New Years Eve

Amsterdam Nightlife offers great NYE packages on December 31st. Get access to the best events with Nightlife Tickets for just €15. Check the program and the available packages here. Read more about these NYE special events below.

Amsterdam Nightlife NYE 2020 program

We only have 50 (€10) early bird tickets left!

New Years Eve is just around the corner, and we have already got your plans sorted.
This year things get even better, because there’s not just one party, not even two parties.
2020 is going to be even bigger then 2019, so we’ve decided to bring you 5 parties to choose from! ) Delirium, Hush Silent Disco, Surprise Bar, Terpentijn, and Players (Leidseplein) are all gearing up to deliver you into the next decade.

And because you need a guarantee of at least one sweet something on your lips, every single party can include one or more bottles of champagne, maybe for you to share with your friends, or maybe with that special someone. Early bird tickets are on sale now, €15 for single tickets, and €35 for a ticket plus your own bottle of champagne.

The normal ticket price will be €15. For the late buyers it will be €25, so you better get your tickets now!

Celebrating the start of a new year in the Dutch capital city is an experience that can’t be compared to any other NYE happening in the world. There’s no Opera House backdrop, no dramatic high-rise skyline, no Times Square and definitely not the world’s tallest skyscraper. Amsterdam doesn’t need any of that. Because all the things Amsterdam was already loved and famous for, are shed into a completely new light. The light of locals and visitors shooting their own fireworks high up in the sky, cheering to a new start with everyone that crosses their path that night, eating another ‘oliebol’ and heading over to one of Amsterdam’s epic parties where a great atmosphere is the number one priority. Are you ready for ‘Oud en Nieuw’ (Old and New) in Amsterdam? A fresh start and a great party are waiting for you! 

New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam means possibilities, and it’s entirely up to you how many of them you use to shape your own unforgettable night. Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket has created a few options of their own, to make your night even more special. Let us fill you in on all the details and make sure you have a great holiday trip to the lowlands.  


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Join the Locals in the City Centre

The reasons to visit Amsterdam are endless. But the holiday season in the Netherlands offers visitors something extra. It’s warm, inviting, exciting and awe-inspiring. Locals reciprocate a cheerful mood through socializing, food, and crazy events that reflect how much the Dutch like to celebrate life. Join them in the city center to get a magical holiday experience.

Enjoy food stands filled with fresh baked traditional treats and foods. Meet and learn about locals and their traditions and try participating in some Amsterdam events put on by the city or the shopping centers.

New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam is the perfect time to share a kiss, a bite, and creating new experiences with old and new friends. There is definitely enough beer to go around, and champagne of course. The Dutch also love their olliebollen during the holidays. A visit to Amsterdam in December is not complete until you try one from the many food stalls around the city. And while you’re at it, fill your belly with a fresh, hot apple beignet. They’re almost as famous as the oliebollen and definitely just as tasty.

Go for a City Walk

The 31st of December is not a day to spend inside. It gets dark early, so as it gets later in the afternoon the city will start to look magical. Charming Christmas decorations, locals rushing home from work getting their last party essentials from Albert Heijn and the smell of oliebollen filling the streets. Another extra you get to enjoy during this time of the year is the Amsterdam Light Festival. The 2020/2021 theme ‘disrupt’ will probably blend in smoothly with the fireworks and the impressive light art is definitely worth a detour. You can find installations in different locations throughout the city and the Light Festival walking route is a highlight in every sense of the word. 

Watch Fireworks Throughout the City

As the sun starts to set, which is early in December, the sound of roman candles, firecrackers and rockets increases by the minute. In the Netherlands, all citizens are allowed to light their own fireworks for the occasion, and they do so en masse. Stunning illuminations make the city glow from all angles and give the beginning of a new year the magic touch of a fairy tale war zone. We’re not exaggerating, things can get rough and a little caution is required, but don’t let the loud bangs stop you from exploring the city and experience the NYE craziness. The Amstel river banks is a perfect location to watch Amsterdammers get creative with explosives and they provide the best views of everything that’s getting launched into the night sky. It’s going to be loud, colorful and exciting! But don’t worry too much about location, no spot in town is fireworks free on NYE.

A little less extreme is entirely possible too. The city organizes an official fireworks show, which will probably take place at the ‘Kop van Java’, close to the central station on the shores of the Ij-lake, like previous years. This fireworks show is all about the looks and spectacle, not creating the loudest bangs.

Amsterdam New Years Eve

Our New Year’s Eve Package

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket has something special in store for your New Year’s Eve in the city. Our ‘Amsterdam Nightlife NYE 2020’ package gives you exclusive entry to one of the five special events we have selected for you. But the fun doesn’t stop there. There’s no NYE without an after-party, so this deal also gives you a complimentary standard one night Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket to use on the first day of the new year to check out that famous 1st of January vibe! There’s also an upgrade option that includes a bottle of champagne to start 2021 with a proper toast. Now, let’s look at the events!

Delirium NYE Festival

Celebrating the start of a new year at Delirium eliminates one of the toughest NYE dilemma’s you would normally face. The best views of the dazzling fireworks are definitely outside, but the warmth and real party vibes are inside. The heated terrace with views of the Ij-lake leaves nothing to worry about for the rest of the year. You’ll be warm, entertained by fireworks and DJ’s spinning hot tunes into 2021. 

The place is big enough to host a party of magnitude, but also cozy enough to maintain an intimate atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re making a fresh start with close friends. Celebrate NYE at Delirium and a smashing start of the new year is a guarantee. This place knows how to throw a party, make sure you don’t miss out!

Café ChaCha

Right in the heart of the city, at the center of where everything happens tonight, lies the start of your year. Café ChaCha is a perfect spot to find some style combined with a warm, mellow feeling and awesome tunes. A great place to go with a group of friends and listen to all the noise outside while you’re safely tucked away listening to great music drinking delicious cocktails. Move your feet to the dance floor and whirl into the future. Café ChaCha makes sure your year starts with a drink in your hand, an awesome party crowd and absolutely nothing to worry about.

Café De Waard Leidseplein

The party center of all party centers: Leidseplein. And Café de Waard is definitely the place to start the new year in style! Lavish cocktails, exclusive champagnes and exactly the right dose of fanciness. It’s also an excellent location to start your evening with a dinner in the beautiful restaurant. Start 2021 with a bang, looking your best in this unique location that creates a perfect ambiance. Dress up, feel fancy and enjoy the company of likeminded souls all night long.

Amsterdam New Years Eve


Is partying the only thing on your agenda for New Year’s Eve? HUSH is your spot. Europe’s first silent disco bar is ready for 2021 and will make sure the start of a new year sounds right for everyone on the dance floor. Put on your headphones, choose a channel and drown out the sound of fireworks. Start dancing and don’t stop until the sun rises on the first day of the new year. HUSH is the number one place where you can get carried into a new year by your favorite tunes, watch the crowd around you dance to a different rhythm and still all be part of the same party.

Surprise bar

Want a fuss-free celebration this year? Something down to earth, because that’s why you came to Amsterdam in the first place? No flashy displays, no fancy stuff, just a good old Amsterdam atmosphere where you feel free to be who you are and dance like no one’s watching. Surprise bar is located right off Leidseplein so you can still get a glimpse of all the madness from a distance before retiring to your own party bubble for the remaining part of the year. Surprise bar doesn’t need fancy gadgets and accessories to build a fiesta. All the energy comes from the crowd that only has one thing on their mind: starting the new year with a party the city has never seen before.

Choose the event you like most and select it when purchasing your Amsterdam Nightlife NYE 2020 Ticket. Prepare for the night of a lifetime and don’t forget, the party isn’t over when you wake up because your ticket is also valid on the first day of 2021. There’s always a party somewhere in Amsterdam and if you think everyone is taking it easy after the big bash the night before you’re in for a surprise. Check the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket calendar to see what’s on during your stay and take your pick from a wide range of night clubs and bars.

The year 2021 starts on a Wednesday, and that’s not a bad day to party at all. Escape and John Doe have regular club nights and many of the smaller clubs are open every day of the week. Bubbels and Feest van Joop are excellent Amsterdam establishments where locals meet to wish each other a happy new year.

Amsterdam New Years Eve

Dress to Impress

Where ‘casual is key’ on 364 nights of the year in the Netherlands, New Year’s Eve is definitely the exception. On this day, most Dutchies go all out and you’ll look out of place if you don’t tag along. Suits, ties, dresses and heels: tonight they’re the standard. So bring your shiniest outfit or plan a shopping session before you head of the party because on NYE in the Netherlands, all that glitters is definitely gold! More info on dress codes? Click here.

New Years Eve Amsterdam

The Day After

‘Gelukkig nieuwjaar!’. Remember that phrase, as you’re going to hear it all day, every day, for at least a week after New Year’s Eve. Wishing everyone, from parents to friends and colleagues to total strangers, a happy new year is part of the holiday traditions and is usually accompanied by three kisses on the cheeks, but only if you know someone well. Haven’t had enough of partying after the big night? This is an excellent time to continue the festivities into a wide range of ‘New Year’s drinks’ and events. Most houses in Amsterdam aren’t too big, so inviting all your friends over for a new year’s toast is usually not an option. The Dutch take the party to one of the many clubs and bars and of course, all visitors are welcome to join in. The best way to cure that hangover is with some leftover oliebollen and a fresh glass of champagne.

Do you want to take your immersion in Dutch New Year’s traditions very literally? And perhaps a little extreme? Start 2021 with the Dutch polar bear plunge in Scheveningen, our traditional ‘New Year’s Dive’ on the first day of the new year. Isn’t that cold? Yes, it is. But we do it anyway! Around 30.000 crazy Dutchies take the plunge and warm up with a bowl of hot traditional pea soup afterward.

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