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Adison n Chelle

Nothing but good time, SILENT DISCO was awesome, just fantastic 👌.

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Overall it was ok. I did run into some issues when trying to select Special Events to attend. But the customer care team was extremely helpful and was able to add the Special Events from their end.

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A must have if you want to partyin Amsterdam

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Yoep Cramer

Was geweldig! Wat een weekend

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Lucas Z.

In terms of value, I think the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is an excellent option. For the price of just one regular club entrance fee, you can gain access to multiple venues and enjoy special offers. It's a no-brainer, in my opinion

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I had a mostly positive experience.  I really liked the convenience the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket offered. I was able to visit several different clubs and bars without having to worry about cover charges. This allowed me to make the most of my time in Amsterdam and experience as much of the nightlife scene as possible. In terms of the clubs and bars themselves, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of some of the venues on the list. There were a few hidden gems that I would never have discovered without the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, and I had a great time at those places. Make sure you pick your Special Events! The only downside to the nightlife ticket was that the free drinks and shots were not the best. I still saved some money though. Overall, I would say that this Ticket is a good value for the money. It offers a lot of convenience and access to some great clubs and bars, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to explore Amsterdam's nightlife scene.

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I recently used the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and had a decent experience overall. The ticket gave me access to multiple clubs and bars, and I was able to attend a special event. One of the things I liked about the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket was the variety of clubs and bars it offered access to. I was able to experience a few different venues and enjoy different types of music and atmospheres. However, I also had some issues with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. For example, some of the clubs and bars on the list were not very good, and I felt like I wasted my time going to them. Additionally, the shots/drinks were not as generous as I was expecting. Overall, I would say that the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is a decent option for those looking to experience Amsterdam's nightlife scene. It has some benefits, but it also has some drawbacks.

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Echt een hele leuk dag gehad met onze vriendinnen groep! Eerst een dagje Amsterdam en daarna met het Nightlife Ticket de clubs bezocht. Echt een aanrader!

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