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Bolt is a leading European mobility platform dedicated to making city travel more affordable and sustainable. Bolt helps people save time and money, reduce stress and make cities better. Bolt also provides reliable revenue for millions of drivers around the world. Bolt believes that most trips around the city don't require a personal car.

At Bolt, they are building a future where people are no longer forced to buy a car to get to their destination. They want people to have the freedom to use transportation on demand. For each occasion, the best vehicle is chosen for the person who gets into a Bolt taxi. Bolt's products and services are designed to provide a reliable solution to global logistics problems in an affordable, safe and sustainable manner.

Not only was the taxi ride expensive in 2013, but it also took an unreasonably long time to get a taxi, resulting in a terribly bad customer experience. In an effort to solve this problem, Markus Villig (then 19-year-old) built the first version of the Bolt app. The product was launched with 50 drivers on board, whom he personally recruited and was immediately successful. To this day, Bolt is now the fastest growing carrier platform in the world, with more than 50 million users in more than 40 countries. Bolt also offers micro-mobility rental, car-sharing and food delivery services through Bolt Food.


Do you also regularly need a taxi to go out or the way back home? That's perfect because then Bolt is the ideal platform to use for you! With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you can use to get various benefits at Bolt. You get 10 euro credits for your first and two rides with Bolt!

Everyone is afraid of the "time to go home" moment. But with Bolt, you can easily get home. Forget the endless search for taxis at 4am. Instead, grab your phone and book a ride to the location you want. You can use the Bolt app to see exactly what time the taxi will pick you up, what the registration number of the taxi is and what time you will arrive at your destination.

Your friends and other companions will finally have no more trouble with their feet after walking long distances to a means of transport. With the Amsterdam Nightlife ticket we hope you have the best and easiest experience. We are proud to partner with Bolt to provide this.


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