Sun, drinks, and great music on the waters of Amsterdam


The Boat Party Locations are some of the 30+ participating venues in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.
An Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket includes 1, 2 or 7 days access to Nightclubs, Experiences, and extras for €10.

A new Amsterdam experience

The Netherlands is a country of water. In fact, more than 25% of the Netherlands is below sea level. That water has made the country internationally famous (we all know about the extensive canals in Amsterdam and many other cities), and now it’s time to use that all that water for more interesting activities! And that’s exactly where Boat Parties come in. 

Bars are great, clubs are cool, and coffee shops might be a big part of why you’re in Amsterdam, but once you let yourself experience a party on the top deck of a boat sailing through the city, everything changes.

Armed with amazing DJs, great sound systems, and alcohol flowing easily from the taps, Boat Parties with Amsterdam Nightlife will untether you from earthly worries and allow you to float on the waves and the sounds to new levels of euphoria.

Select your 1, 2 or 7 days Nightlife Ticket here, and add the Boat Party you want to attend as a special event, without any extra costs.


For access to Club Escape, you need to be 18+. ID is required

Live it large, or live it in luxury

With 5 ships and 2 canal boats, Boot10 always has the perfect venue for the party you’re looking for. Whether it’s a huge open party boat, a boat filled with intimate spaces, or one of the classic canal boats, you won’t ever be disappointed.

Rederij Docks
Rederij Docks knows how to party, and they do it big. Both ships, Docks 1 and Docks 2, are large vessels capable of hosting more than 600 partiers across several decks and balconies and even an open-air bar and dance floor up top! If you’re lucky you might be able to catch one of their legendary parties as it breaks free of Amsterdam and heads out to sea!

Rederij Staets
Where Docks does large, Rederij Staets does luxury. Where Docks does crowds, Rederij Staets does intimate. Staets fleet of small canal boats is the perfect venue for a party of refinement and luxury. Equipped with a panoramic opening roof window for those hot summer nights and heating to fight off the winter chill, you’ll party against the backdrop of the worlds most beautiful city.


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A 1-day Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket costs €10 and grants access to the participating nightclubs, special events, experiences and extras for 1 day.

A 2-day Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket costs €12 and grants access to the participating nightclubs, special events, experiences and extras for 2 days.

7-day Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket costs €20 and grants access to the participating nightclubs, special events, experiences and extras for 7 days.

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Rederij Docks

Opening Hours:
Rederij Docks does things a little differently from a normal nightclub, and their events regularly change.

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Pier 14, De Ruijterkade 14
1011 AA Amsterdam

Public Transportation Options:
Pier 14 is easily accessible by foot from the Amsterdam Central Station (5 minute walk).

Buslines: 18, 21, 22, 48, 248, 281-289
Trams: 2, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 24, 26
Metro: 51, 53, 54


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