Bar Lunar is one of the 30+ participating bars in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.
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A Cozy & Intimate Cocktail Paradise at the heart of Amsterdam

Lunar Bar Amsterdam may seem like one of the hundreds of small pubs and bars in Amsterdam at first glance but just wait until we tell you why it is way more special. In any case, if you plan to have fun and party in Amsterdam, you will find yourself in the nightlife heart of the city – Rembrandtplein, which is exactly where Bar Lunar is located.

With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you can now experience the fulfilling atmosphere of Bar Lunar and join one of their one of a kind cocktail workshops for free. Not only this, but you will be welcomed with a free shot upon entering the bar. All you need to do is show your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Before anything else, Bar Lunar prides itself on being one of the smallest bars in Amsterdam while also one of the most well-known by both locals and tourists. With space for not more than 120 people and excellent friendly staff, the result is an extremely intimate and cozy location that awaits your arrival. It is one of those rare places that aim to make you feel at home rather than give you an adrenaline rush.

Give Bar Lunar a chance and you will experience a genuine Dutch party like no other. We perfectly understand how many great locations there are to visit in Amsterdam at night. We also know too well that the best way to experience the nightlife of a new city is to try out as many places as possible. Trust our word and start your evening with a cocktail or two at Bar Lunar and give yourself the perfect authentic head start for the great Dutch party night that will follow afterward.

Professional Cocktails & Cocktail Workshops

It is true that cocktails are nowadays part of almost every menu but how many places offer you a chance to make them yourself? Use your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket to book yourself a free spot in one of their daily cocktail workshops.

Bar Lunar opens at 9 PM every night and the workshops usually start at 10 PM. You will be taken behind the actual bar to mix your very own cocktails. Each participant in the workshop will get the chance to make two cocktails with ingredients of personal choice.

Could you think of a more entertaining way to start your evening out with friends? Of course, you can always leave the cocktail work to the professional bartenders and choose to enjoy the chill music or maybe show off your best dance moves. 

Unlike most locations in Amsterdam, Bar Lunar is open every night, every week. Even if you happen to be in Amsterdam in one of the quieter days of the week, for example, Monday, you have now found a new location that promises to make you feel at home. Just don’t forget to show your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket if you do not want to miss out on the free welcome shot!


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Opening hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 21:00 – 03:00
Friday & Saturday: 21:00 – 04:00

Halvemaansteeg 14, 1017 CR Amsterdam

Tramlines: 4, 14

Bus lines: N85, N87, N89, N91, N93


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