This is a question which seems to linger in the minds of those nightlife lovers who have still not yet had the chance to try it out. Here are some reasons which may help you make the right decision.

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Is the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket worth it?
This question seems to linger in the minds of nightlife lovers who have still not yet had the chance to try it out. Whether taking a cruise through the canals, enjoying outstanding Dutch cuisine, or simply taking advantage of the best coffee shops in town, Amsterdam seems to have it made for party enthusiasts. It makes sense to make the most of your trip to Amsterdam.

Daylight hours have their own spots and joints to have a great time, but if you are really looking to party hard, you need to be out and about when the sun sets. This is when the streets indeed come alive with cheerful partygoers.

One facility that is quickly gaining popularity is the  AMSTERDAM Nightlife Ticket. It includes access to over 30 of the best nightclubs in Amsterdam. 9 of those nightclubs will provide you with free welcome shots. Yet, some still wonder, is the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket worth it? Let’s explore!


TIP: With the €10-euro package, you get all that for 1 day of the week. However, if you feel like 1 day is not enough to make the most of the Amsterdam nightlife, there is the 2 -days option for €12 and even a 7-days option for €20 which lets you enjoy all the above for 7 days. We and thousands of nightlife visitors that went before you, say that this ticket is most definitely worth it, if you want to discover the nightlife of Amsterdam to the fullest!

Gain access to
the best clubs and nightlife experiences in Amsterdam with the Amsterdam Nightlife ticket; choose your favorite club, including exotic Club Prime, techno Club Panama, Club John Doe, Jungle Club, Supperclub, Melkweg, and many more. Hear crazy music, take some shots at Hotshots, and discover the first silent disco club: Hush. Dance the night away at Club Smokey, Club Rare, Club Hartje, and Club Candela. There is so much to discover with this ticket!

Party all night long and spend your nights out when and where you want to go. Visit Suzy Wong and enjoy 2-for-1 on all cocktails. You can also go to the most prominent casino in Amsterdam, Holland Casino, where you get free entrance and a welcome drink.

The fun has only begun at Aloha Amsterdam. Are you still wondering whether the Amsterdam Nightlife ticket is worth it? Try out bowling, laser tagging, and glow golf for 2 hours for 1 hour. What’s more, you have access to the above facilities and services and can enjoy them throughout the week.

Douglas even offers fairer sex with free touch-ups and make-up to prepare for Amsterdam's perfect evening of fun and dance.

You don’t have to walk to your party zone. Simply call an Uber and get a free ride for up to €10 with the code on your nightlife ticket. You can even use the Uber ride to get yourself home safely. Uber speeds will deliver free food to you up to €10.

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Are you hungry? We now have a variety of restaurants that you can choose from our exquisite selection; a 3-course dinner from 25 euros; check out here to see the most delicious deals with Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

TIP: Learn about our locations and different districts in Amsterdam. Learn about all the different ways to get the most out of your experiences! Read our Amsterdam Nightlife blogs to find out what you can do with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, including food recommendations and more.

Spend less and experience more!

An Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket includes 1, 2 or 7 days access to Nightclubs, Experiences, and extras for €10.


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