Why You Should Take an Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Canal cruise Amsterdam

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One of the best ways to view the city of Amsterdam is through the water. Its history is connected to its waterways. Today Amsterdam’s 165 canals are internationally recognized as a UNESCO world heritage sight and this is especially why a trip to the city is not complete without an Amsterdam canal cruise.

You will get to enjoy spectacular views of the city in a way that can only be appreciated from the water. A guide will teach you some of the most intriguing and important aspects of the city.

Amsterdam canal cruises mainly last for an hour. There are boat rides you can take in the evening with your partner for that romantic time for two, and some that are ideal for kids and family, as well as guide boat tours which you can take as a group and learn about this magical city.

With over 32 cruises to choose from, you are not short of options. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Lovers Canal Cruise

The lovers canal cruise takes you across some of the most historic and monumental scenery that Amsterdam has to offer such as the Zevenbogenbruggengracht. You will also gain spectacular views of the docks all while gaining input via the audio system. Other sights include the clock gables, skinny bridge, neck cables as well as the spout gables.

Boat Rental – Blue Boat Company

One of the best cruises that can accommodate any type of family member is the blue boat company. With accessibility to wheelchairs, pretty much anyone can hop on board. This is an excellent and luxurious way to enjoy what Amsterdam has to offer.

You have access to different times and options. Choose from a romantic evening Amsterdam canal cruise, a blue boat dinner cruise or a city cruise through the canals. Groups can also order a custom cruise designed to their liking.


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Amsterdam Circle Line

Here you get a free mobile app to help you find your boat. The Amsterdam circle line allows you views of the city from a half open boat. You are comfortable throughout the trip thanks to the heated seats. If you are looking for a trip through the entire city, the Amsterdam circle line has you catered for. You can board it from anywhere as well as alight from any of the seven pit stops. The whole cruise takes about an hour and a half.

Canal Cruise

Canal Tours Amsterdam –
Dutch Cheese and Wine Cruise

Are you looking to take your special other on a romantic evening cruise? The Dutch cheese and wine cruise allows you to make memories as you enjoy good food inside an enclosed boat. You also get to try French bread, nut and olives all under candle light.

100 Highlights Cruise

You are given the chance to view Amsterdam from a different angle. Go back in time to 17th century architecture and merchant houses. The 100 highlights cruise passes through some of the most unique and unforgettable sections of the city. From old century warehouses to churches crowned with carillon, the cruise is educative as it is memorable.

City Canal Cruise CCC – Combination with the Heineken Experience

You are not short of sights and scenery with this Amsterdam canal cruise. From the Dutch East Indies Company ship replica to beautiful houseboats to the canal with seven arched bridges, your hour and a quarter cruise will be well worth every dime.

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