4 Great Things to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city renowned the world over for its laid-back lifestyle, stunning architecture, and scenery to rival any in Europe. For both local and international visitors, the city offers the best in partying and nightlife and with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you have access to over 20 nightclubs and plenty of other experiences.

During your stay in Amsterdam, why not enjoy the best in Dutch cuisine or visit one of the many coffee houses around as you chill and enjoy a good puff or marijuana. Spend time at the houseboats on the canal and be amazed at the beauty of the canal and architecture.

Let’s take a look at 4 great things to do in Amsterdam during your visit.

things to do amsterdam

Listen to Jazz at the Bimhuis

The Netherlands is a great place to enjoy jazz music on a still and calm evening and one of the best joints includes the Bimhuis.

Located at the waterfront, it was built back in 1974 as a place where great local and international talent would come and entertain guests.

Order a refreshing drink as you get lifted by the smoothness of the music right next to the water.

Check in at the Melkweg

One of the best things to do in Amsterdam is to visit the Melkweg. The building was a milk factory, back in the 19th century, hence its name but was converted to a concert hall in 1973.

Located in Lijnbaansgracht, it is among the most popular nightlife venues in Amsterdam and comprises of a restaurant, cinema, and 4 music halls.

This nightclub is full of nightlife lovers and party animals. Hit the dance floor for the best in techno and electronic music from local and international DJs

things to do in amsterdam

Take a Cruise in the Canal

When looking for things to do in Amsterdam, taking a boat cruise through the canals should be on your list of to-dos. It offers a unique way to view a different, calmer side to the city.

The lanterns on the arches and nightlights cast their beautiful light onto the water creating a spectacular, unforgettable experience.

You also have the option of enjoying cocktails and meals while on the cruise.

Take a Walk Through the Red Light District

Amsterdam is known the world over for its Red Light District which comprises of 3 main areas; De Wallen, Singelgebied and Ruysdaelkade. Its history dates back to the 1300s during a time when women looking to attract customers at night would carry red lanterns.

There are plenty of brothels where sex workers display themselves behind large windows. There are also many sex shops and coffeehouses. Feel free to indulge!

You simply cannot miss the Oude Kerk, the oldest building in Amsterdam, which serves as a church built in the 1400s.