House, Pop, Hiphop & R&B | Dress code: Smart stylish


Club Atelier is one of the 30+ participating Special Event Nightclubs that you can add to your order for no additional charge.
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Hidden gem

This hidden gem club is now notorious. The Club welcomes all scenes at all locations. This Club cannot be captured in 1 niche. At different times there is different programming with its own club nights and resident DJs. In addition, there is a lot of collaboration with many promoters in the field of dance and live music. The evenings and nights always bring something unexpected, so let's dance!

All the party’s at this club are legendary and in the festival season the parties go beyond that. The club feeling is fully present both inside and outside. When you visit this club for the first time, we can assure you that you get the WOW feeling! They organize parties themselves but also the party scene uses this as a location to have multiple great parties at. From dance music, to urban, till house, it really doesn’t matter! Everything is possible here!


For access to Club Atelier, you need to be 18+. ID is required

atelier feeling

From the desire to host parties, catering, events and the need to be able to offer flexible working and sports everywhere, the multifunctional label Club Atelier in Amsterdam was born in 2015, with a great creative heart. It has grown into a well-known spot for the youth even with its own clothing brand. 

Everyone is a member from the atelier club, you do not have to become one, just visit one of the parties where everyone is more than welcome and experience the “Atelier feeling”.  It is the beautiful, versatile club where friendships are made and continue to grow. Nights are experienced here that will never be forgotten

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Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday: 12:00 – 22:00

Anthony Fokkerweg 3, 1059 CM Amsterdam

Public Transportation Options:
Club Atelier is easily accessible by taking Bus 62 to Naaldwijkstraat, Aalsmeersplein & Maassluisstraat.

Buslines: 62


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