Let's create our dreams
From idea to realization | €27,50

Are you working for a monthly salary or are you working on your dream?

Everyone has dreams, but unfortunately it often stays with a dream, an idea, a (suppressed) feeling, a (demotivating) conversation or sometimes “you don't know” what you really want to do. During our sessions, we actively work together to discover and realize your dreams. This can be your own company, but maybe you want to become an artist? fashionista? lawyer? event manager? a teacher? an influencer? Or you really want to find out what suits you better than what you have done so far.

This turns out to be quite difficult and often it can also offer a lot of insights to involve someone from outside your circle who will work with you with a different point of view, a positive open minded attitude and a large network.

My name is Menka Worae    and one of my dreams is to help thousands of people to realize their own dreams and to help as many people as possible not to decide and live in their own fears.
I now do this initially for myself, and for my team members who are open for it, for students from Inholland University, ROC Amsterdam, HAVO schools in North Holland, friends / acquaintances and starting entrepreneurs. I regularly received feedback that I should do this more often… so time for some action.

My goal is to realize each other's dreams together and help you to live in self-defined “success”. All you need is your own commitment and an open attitude!
We will work on our mindset, body and spirit by using the key ingredients of peek performance.  

+ Benefit from my years of studying and applying peek performance techniques of experts/coaches like Bob Proctor, Corey, Jim Rohn, Zig Zigar, Tony Robbins, Steve Harvey and many others
+ Become a student of peek performance together with me and many others
+ Take steps towards your dreams and / or discover what your dreams are;
+ Interactive Follow Your Dreams event participation (minimum of 1 per month)
+ Q & A (minimum of 1 per month)
+ Feedback on plans
+ Online and offline meetings with other participants (minimum 1 per month).

Questions? If you have any questions about this, we are happy to assist you in the Live Chat.



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Let's create our dreams
From idea to realization | €27,50
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