Balloon Deluxe
Mesmerising Hot Air Balloon Flight | 159€ per person

Experience what it’s like to float peacefully in the air while enjoying the breathtaking views at different heights with a glass of champagne.
A ride with a hot air balloon is a unique experience which must be tried at least once in your life. Even for people that are usually afraid of heights! The lack of wind in the balloon and having no contact with the ground takes away all the fear! Moreover, to this day it is considered one of the safest modes of transportation.
You will get to experience not only sailing in a hot air balloon, but you can also take part in preparing it for setting off and the packing process.
In addition to that, once your trip is over, you will receive a certificate, as a reminder of that wonderful experience and toast with a glass of champagne - the proper way of celebrating a successful hot air balloon trip!
Experience your surroundings from a completely different perspective, as you peacefully behold the breathtaking views a hot air balloon can offer.

*Flights can be booked for the following locations: Utrecht, Amersfoort, Hilversum en 't Gooi

Check all available Balloon flights here:

+ An experience that must be tried at least once in a lifetime.
+ More than 30 launching points
+ A commemorative flight baptism certificates
+ Celebrate your flight with champagne

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Balloon Deluxe
Mesmerising Hot Air Balloon Flight | 159€ per person
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