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Check the most asked questions below. 
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Questions about corona

If you have Corona symptoms or your test result is positive, of course we wish you a good recovery.

And about your booking; no worries. Up to an hour prior to your reservation you can reschedule (to another date). You can easily contact us through the Live Chat in your personal account.

If your booking gets cancelled due to recent announced COVID-19 measurements, we will provide you with a fitting alternative.

All the locations that we work with have taken precautionary measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 advised by the Dutch government.  


What is SupriseNight Experience?
Are you a bit adventurous? Do you like to be surprised?
At SupriseNight you can choose from three Experiences! Based on your choice, we put together the package, you will receive a text message and you can go out!

The package can be arranged with an extensive 3-course dinner, a fun attraction in the heart of the city center and / or a stay in a secret 5-star hotel. You will hear last minute where you are going. #Exciting!

Read all about the three Experiences here and let's have some fun!

For how many people can I book the SupriseNight Experience in my account?
You can book for 10 persons.

What do I have to bring?
A good mood and a nice outfit! If you booked the hotel option, you should bring clothes for the next day.

Is there a dress code?
Yes, we advise you to dress up for a fun night out!

loetje cruise

How can I book my seat?
After your purchase, you can reserve your seat by calling 
+31 20 4204000
daily from Monday till Sunday.

Where can I find the meetingpoint?
Check in at Loetje restaurant (Central Station) 15 minutes prior to the departure time.Team Lovers will take care of you from there and accompany you to the canal cruise boat.

Do I have to show my E-ticket?
Yes please, at the meeting point you will be asked for your e-ticket. 
Make sure to download it on your smartphone.

When will access be denied?
Management reserves the right to deny access if guests are intoxicated, underaged or cannot show their ID.

Voucher redemption instructions
Please check in at restaurant Loetje, located at Stationsplein 10 in front of Amsterdam Central Station. Show your (digital) ticket upon entering.


What is Terassen Pas?
Amsterdam is known for the most pleasant and lively terraces!
And especially for members-only, we treat you to the second drink at one of the hotspots in Amsterdam! The pass rotates monthly, so you can vary a bit, alone or together!

Not a member yet? No worries! You can register easily and for free and then you can claim your pass immediately. See you on the other side!

How does the ‘’De Terrassen Pas’’ work?
Very easy! You receive an e-pass with a code in your account. Whenever you feel like it, you go to the location with the e-pass and the e-pass will be scanned. Order your drink and enjoy!

How often can you use ‘’De Terrassen Pas’’?
You can use ‘’De Terrassen Pas’’ once per location. The locations change at least once a month.

How much does a ‘’Terrassen Pas’’ cost?
Nothing at all! ‘’De Terrassen Pas’’ is completely free for Amsterdam Nightlife members as a gift to you! Tell your friends :)

Can you bring someone with you with ‘’De Terrassen Pas’’?
Yes, you can! You can bring your friends and treat them for a drink. If they sign up as an Amsterdam Nightlife Member, they can use the card as well.


What is Amsterdam CocktailKaart?
The best and most unique cocktail bars can be found in Amsterdam! And we have a list of cozy places ready for you.

The Amsterdam Cocktail Card is a gift for Amsterdam Nightlife members only. Namely; Buy one cocktail and we will treat you to the second cocktail!

The range of cocktail bars rotates every month so that you can enjoy the best at a different location every time.

Not a member yet? No worries! You can register easily and for free and then you can immediately claim your Amsterdam Cocktail Card. See you on the other side!

How does the Cocktail card work?
Very easy! You receive an e-pass with a code in your account. Whenever you feel like it, you go to the location with the e-pass and the e-pass will be scanned!

Order your cocktail and enjoy!

How often can you use the Cocktail card?
You can use the Cocktail card once per location.The locations change at least once a month. 

How much does a Cocktailkaart cost?
Nothing at all! The Cocktail card is completely free for Amsterdam Nightlife members as a gift to you! Tell your friends :)

Can you bring someone with you with the Cocktail card?
Yes, you can! You can bring a friend and treat them for a cocktail!

If they sign up as an Amsterdam Nightlife Member, they can make use of the Cocktail card as well.

Relax Lounge

Can I keep my clothes on?
Yes! For the best experience, we advise you to wear something comfortable.The chairs and capsules are specially designed to enter with clothing.

Upholstered in high quality leather, with the integrated arm console you experience a full hand and arm massage and dozens of airbags provide an overall pressure massage. These high-tech chairs are designed in such a way that the neck, back, buttocks, legs, feet, arms and hands are massaged. This is carried out with various massage methods / combinations such as kneading, tapping and shiatsu and therefore also with a clothing on a fantastic experience.

Do I have to wear 3D glasses?
In the Relax 3D Capsule you can choose to use 3D glasses where you can choose a relaxed virtual environment.

Would you rather just hear relaxed music? Then there are also headsets available.

How long does a massage last?
Both the Massage Chair and the Relax 3D capsules are set for intense massages for 20 minutes. With the Relax 3D capsules you can choose from five different programs.

What are the prices?
With your personal Nightlife account, you can enjoy discounted rates. You can book the Massage Chair 20 minutes for €5,50 (instead of €7,95) and the Relax 3D Capsule 20 minutes for €12,50 (instead of € 19,50).

Do you want to take someone with you? Make sure that he or she also creates a Nightlife account and can enjoy the extensive range of Amsterdam Nightlife offers.

Can you get a massage if you have a pacemaker?
Relax Lounge does not recommend people with a pacemaker to use the 3D Capsules and Massage Chair.

Can you get a massage at Relax Lounge when you’re pregnant?
Relax Lounge does not recommend pregnant women to use the 3D Capsules and Massage Chair.


How many cinema tickets can be ordered in my personal Nightlife Account? 
You can order to a maximum of 50 tickets.

How long is my cinema ticket valid for?
After your purchase, your Pathé Cinema ticket will be valid until
31st of August 2020.

Can I also go to a 3D or 4D show with this ticket?
This ticket is valid for one regular film show. Want an upgrade? It’s possible to purchase your upgrade for an additional cost at the Pathé Cinema or via

Boat Cruises

Do you need to make a reservation?
Yes, you can call this number to reserve your seat: +31 20 4204000

What are the time slots for the available cruises?
Daily from 10:00 to 22:00, please book in advance.

What is the duration time for the cruises?
You can enjoy the cruises for one hour.

Can you bring your dog with you on the cruise?
No, please do not bring pets on the cruise.


What are HUSH's opening hours?
Thursday     22:00 - 04:00
Friday          22:00 - 05:00
Saturday      22:00 - 05:00

How old do you need to be to visit HUSH?
You have to be 18 years or older, bring your passport or ID card.

Is there a dress code?
Put on your best party outfit and don't wear sandals or flip-flops! ;)


Where is Aloha located and what are the opening hours?
De Ruyterkade 153, 1011 AC Amsterdam

Monday 12:00 - 23:00
Tuesday 12:00 - 23:00
Wednesday 12:00 - 23:00
Thursday 12:00 - 00:00
Friday 12:00 - 01:00
Saturday 12:00 - 01:00
Sunday 12:00 - 22:00

How can I reach Aloha?
From the back of the Amsterdam Central Station, you walk in the direction of the Muziekgebouw at the river IJ. Near the Muziekgebouw you will see a bridge, you don’t cross it but keep walking on the left side (alongside the quay). Aloha is situated under this bridge. From the Amsterdam Central Station it is a 10 minutes walk.

Where can you park your car? 
Aloha doesn't have its own parking facilities. You can park your car at: 
> Parking place behind Aloha
> Parking garage Oosterdok, book your ticket here for only €12,50 for 24 hours
> Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

How many people are allowed on the same bowling lane?
Maximum of 6 persons.

What is the minimum age for bowling?
The minimum age for bowling is 6 years.

Does the price includes bowling shoes?
Yes, the price includes bowling shoes.

What is the minimum/maximum number of participants for laser tagging?
The minimum number of participants is 4 persons, and the maximum number of participants is 20 persons.

Groups are put together by the Aloha crew, there are no exclusive rights.

What is the minimum age for laser tagging?
The minimum age for laser tagging is 8 years or when the child fits the laser tag vest.


Where is VRGH ARENA located?
Address: Gyroscoopweg 102, 1042 AX Amsterdam
020 290 3886

How do I make a reservation?
After purchasing your ticket, you can make a reservation at: or call 020 290 3886.

Bring your e-ticket along on your smartphone.

What is the opening time for VRGH ARENA?
Opening Hours:
Monday 12:00–22:00
Tuesday 12:00–22:00
Wednesday 12:00–22:00
Thursday 12:00–22:00
Friday 12:00–22:00
Saturday 12:00–22:00
Sunday 12:00–22:00

Where is VRGH ARCADE located?
Address: Warmoesstraat 155, 1012 JC Amsterdam
020 290 3886

What is the opening time for VRGH ARENA?
Opening Hours:
Monday 12:00–21:00
Friday 13:00–22:00


About Amsterdam Nightlife?
Amsterdam Nightlife makes unique evening and night experiences available for locals and visitors of our amazing city. 

Together with clubs, attractions, hotels, restaurants and local entrepreneurs, we created the platform to provide you with the best leisure and pleasure experiences of the nightlife in Amsterdam. Check out the discover page to explore all options as well for outdoor activities as awesome tools to create a nice evening at home. Enjoy your evening!

What is My Nightlife Account?
Via the Amsterdam Nightlife Account you can easily and quickly find an extensive range of attractions, experiences and events in Amsterdam. You automatically become an Amsterdam Nightlife Member as soon as you have created your account (which is of course free of charge).

After, you fill your agenda with great experiences, delicious dinners and the best attractions, you can quickly and easily find your orders in one overview. As a member you also get exclusive access to member-only offers and events.

How does My Nightlife Account work?
Actually it’s quite easy!
You simply log in with your Google- or Facebook account. On the discover page, you will find a full range of events, evening experiences and attractions to enjoy and awesome experiences both at home and in the city for you ,and your friends and family!

You can easily plan your experiences in advance or go out right away. You'll also find your purchases in your personal account, plan. Have you seen the free services already? As we appreciate you as our Member, we love to surprise you with some gifts. Go check it out and enjoy!

What is Amsterdam Nightlife Member?
We consider everyone who sign up for the Amsterdam Nightlife Account with his / her Google or Facebook account as a member. And because we really appreciate our Amsterdam Nightlife Members, we offer (rotating) free services, a varied range of experiences and access to member-only events!
Have a look around on the discover page and we wish you a lot of fun!

Where can I find my orders? 
In your Nightlife Account you will find your ticket(s) immediately after purchase via "My Nightlife" under the button "My Tickets". In some cases it takes a little longer, because this ticket is created via the partner and then appears in your profile after a specific time slot.

An example of this is the 24-hour parking ticket (with which you can park behind central station for only €12,50), the request for this ticket takes a maximum of 60 minutes before you can find it in your profile.

How do I connect with customer service?
You will find the most frequently asked questions on our extensive FAQ page. Are you stuck? No worries! You can easily contact us via the Live Chat in your account.

How do I delete my Amsterdam Nightlife Account?
We're sorry to see you go! Feel welcome to come back anytime! Please send us an e-mail so we can remove your account:

What is Nights out?
Within the Nights Out category, you will find an adventurous variety of fun things in the heart of Amsterdam in your account on the discover page. From Silent Disco, sailing and dining, giggling with Comedy, an adventurous Cocktail Tour at House of Bols and the list goes on ..!

Do you like to be surprised? Then our favourite experience >> SupriseNight (including a stay in a 5-star hotel!) << is just the thing for you!

Here you will find the full range within Nights Out. Have fun!

What is Chill Nights?
Within the Chill Nights category, in your account on the discover page you will find a variety of - yes, “chill” tools, to plan a relaxing evening. Think for example of an ultimate massage experience, go to the Sauna (right in the center!), a movie night both in the cinema and at home ..!
Ready for relaxation? We like to make it easy for you. Click here.

Do you prefer to be active? Then you can certainly energise yourself at Nights Out.

What are the member services?
The team behind Amsterdam Nightlife has a great passion for
providing unique experiences. And we proudly serve everyone who lives or comes to visit in beautiful Amsterdam. With a wealth of attractions and a vibrant catering industry, you can maintain or even exceed your social life, your level-of-fun and also your relaxation! Yes! Make beautiful memories!

That is why we offer all our Members a variety of services where we treat you. Think of a free second drink or taxi credit to get to your evening destination. Are you coming by car? For you as a member (only), a super parking deal, central location, directly behind the station. As soon as we add new services for you, you will receive a notification. We wish you a lot of fun!

House of bols

What is the minimum age for the experience? 
You must be at least 18 years or older. This has to do with the alcoholic drinks during the tour. 

Do you have to book your experience in advance?
No, after you bought your ticket you can go whenever you want to!

Where is House of Bols located and what are the opening hours?
Paulus Potterstraat 2, 1071 CZ Amsterdam. Across the street from the Van Gogh Museum.

Maandag 13:00 – 18:00
Dinsdag 13:00 – 18:00
Woensdag 13:00 – 18:00
Donderdag 13:00 – 18:00
Zaterdag 13:00 – 18:00
Zondag 13:00 – 18:00

Amsterdam Nightlife Diner

What is Amsterdam Nightlife Diner?
If you like extensive dining, then this is for you!
Enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner with exclusive prices at a variety of fantastic restaurants in Amsterdam. Order here your favorite dish from your favorite kitchen and enjoy! Bon Appetit!

How often can you use the Amsterdam Nightlife Dinner?
As many times as you desire! There is nothing better than going out for dinner and not having to cook at all. Enjoy different restaurants and treat yourself with a 3 course dinner. *Dinner shows, and dinner show restaurants are excluded from this offer.

How much does an Amsterdam Nightlife Dinner cost? 
There are different price categories. You can choose 3 course dinners for €25,00, €30,00 or €40,00. Everything you order extra can be paid at the location.

Can you take someone with you to the Amsterdam Nightlife Dinner?
Yes, you can! You can have dinner with your friends, family or a date. If they sign up as an Amsterdam Nightlife Member, they can make use of this as well!
Of course, you can also use your account to buy an Amsterdam Nightlife Dinner for them.

Do you need to make a reservation for an Amsterdam Nightlife Dinner in advance? Yes, you can easily and quickly make a reservation at the restaurant where you want to eat. You can find the contact details and opening hours of all Amsterdam Nightlife Dinner restaurants here. You will also receive an overview after purchasing your Amsterdam Nightlife Dinner.

What is a Silver, Gold and Platinum Amsterdam Nightlife Dinner?
These are different price categories. The participating restaurants in the Amsterdam Nightlife Dinner all offer a 3-course dinner. Some restaurants charge higher prices for their dishes than other restaurants. All the participating restaurants are high rated within their own category. We have selected the best dinners and put together exclusive offers. Then we divided the restaurants into 3 price categories, called; Silver, Gold & Platinum Dinners.


Where can I park with Interparking?
Interparking IJDock is on walking distance from the Amsterdam Central Station. Address: IJdok 33, 1013 MM Amsterdam

Interparking IJoever Centre is directly connected to the public transport. With tram 26 within a few minutes you’re exactly where you want to be in the city centre.
Address: Vriesseveem 9, 1019 GM Amsterdam

When and where can I find my parking ticket after purchasing?
60 minutes after your purchase, your ticket will be found in your personal account.

When does the 24 hours start exactly?
From the moment you enter the parking lot.

Sauna deco

What’s included?
Full access to all Spa & wellness facilities: Steam bath, swimming pool, Finnish Sauna, infrared sauna, Lounges and rest areas. You can order your food and book a massage additionally.

How many times can I book this experience?
With your Nightlife Account you can book this experience as many times as you want.

Can you keep your swimwear on?
Swimwear is not allowed for hygiene reasons. Bringing your own slippers and towels is allowed.

How do I book my visit?
Currently the request is to book in advance. This can be done at any time via the reservation tool on the website( Currently a maximum visit of 20 people is allowed and you can book for a maximum of 2 people from the same household. Reservations: or T: 020 623 8215

What are the opening hours?
Visiting hours
Monday, 11.00 – 22.00
Tuesday, Closed
Wednesday to Saturday, 11.00 – 22.00
Sunday, 13.00 – 19.00 

20 Euro Per Person


How many times can I make use of this service?
As many times as you want.

What is the minimum age?
All events have the minimum age of 18+. In case of any deviations this will be mentioned at the description of the event/club.

Which clubs offer VIP tables?
Click here for an overview of the participating clubs.


What is HomeNights?
Want to relax, have a romantic date night or have fun with your friends without leaving home? We bring the best experiences to your home!
We do this through different packages, the first one that is ready has something to do with a film and a cocktail… curious? Check here what fun you can experience at home!

When will HomeNight be delivered?
The Pathé film code is added to your account within 30 minutes.
The cocktail package will be delivered to your home within 24 hours.

Can I choose any Pathé film at home?
Yes, also the latest movies from €9,99.

Where will my package be delivered?
At the address that you fill in in the checkout.


What is an Escape Room actually?
An escape room is a game where you are locked in a room. The aim of the game is to escape from that room by solving puzzles, riddles, difficult math games and locks. You will be given exactly 60 minutes for this. The game is challenging because only a small part of all groups can escape without help. But do not panic; there is an emergency button in every room ;) All doors will open immediately when the emergency button is pressed. 

Where is the Escape Factory located and what are the opening hours?
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 267, 1021 KP Amsterdam
Monday 09:00–22:00
Tuesday 09:00–22:00
Wednesday 09:00–22:00
Thursday 09:00–22:00
Friday 09:00–23:00
Saturday 12:00–23:00
Sunday 12:00–22:00

Parking and OV:
You can park in front of the Escape Factory in a public parking lot. The first 1,5 hours is free parking, after you pay low parking costs. Parking outside the public parking lot costs € 1,40 per hour.

By public transportation it’s only a ten minute walk distance from the Ferry and the Metro Station.

What are the time slots and how do I make a reservation?
Every experience counts 90 minutes, this includes 30 minutes of explanation and safety regulations.
The time slots start at:
11.30hr. - 13.00hr. - 14.30hr. - 16.00hr. - 17.30hr. - 19.00hr. - 20.30hr.
After purchase you can book your date and time slot here

Want to come with a large groups?
No problem!
 At Escape Factory 50 people can play at the same time!

Boom Chicago

Can you eat and drink at Boom Chicago?
Yess! You can order delicious food packages online in advance. Before the show starts you can order your drinks at the bar. You can also order drinks during the show.

What time should you arrive at the show?
15 minutes before the show starts. Of course it's more fun to come even earlier to have a drink at the bar and play games on the pinball machine.

How long is a show?
Usually shows are about two hours with an intermission.

Where is Boom Chicago located and what are the opening hours?Rozengracht 117, 1016 LV Amsterdam
Monday 18:00 - till last show 
Tuesday 18:00 - till last show
Wednesday 18:00 - till last show
Thursday 18:00 - till last show
Friday 18:00 - till last show
Saturday 18:00 - till last show
Sunday 19:00 - till last show


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