September 2, 2016


Dies sind die häufig gestellte fragen über die Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.
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My name is on all tickets?

Don’t worry, each ticket has a unique ticketID.

What is ticket fee and is it mandatory?

Ticket fee is a surcharge that you pay on top of the ticket price. This amount is set for the booking provider. Everybody can have a different booking provider, so the cost of the ticket fee can also be different. These are mandatory costs for each ticket purchase.

Should I Arrange Insurance for My Nightlife Ticket?

When you have chosen a date for your ticket you will be asked if you want to add insurance. If you want to play it safe you are able to select how many tickets you would like insured.


How Can I Get the Refund for My Nightlife Ticket?
With this insurance, you are able to get a full refund. This means that anything goes wrong or you do not wish to use it before the activation of the ticket you are then able to get your money back.

How Can I Cancel my Nightlife Ticket?
Now that you have ensured your Nightlife Ticket you are able to receive a full refund. To receive your payment you must send an email with your order ID (found on your confirmation email/nightlife e-ticket) to

If this is the case we are sorry to see you go but would like to hear why you cancelled and how we could improve.

Pay Attention!
You can cancel the tickets up to 4 hours before the start date of your ticket without reason. However, this is only an option for insured tickets.

Good To Know…
The purchase price will be fully refunded, insurance costs will not be refunded. This will then be deducted from our administrative costs.

When Will I Get My Money Back?
You will receive your refund within 5 business days. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via email or our live-chat. or our live-chat

Do I really get access to all the activities for 7 days and do I only have to pay 10 euros?

Yes, with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you get access to all the activities for 7 days and you only have to pay 10 euros per person once.

When is my ticket valid?

Your ticket is valid on the starting date that you select in the calendar when you buy your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.
From that day your ticket is valid for 7 days. Yes, also in the weekend!

Can I buy multiple tickets with the same name?

Yes. Each ticket has a unique ticketID.

My credit card type was not compatible with this payment requirement?

Make sure your credit card has 3d-secure authentication. Most reliable credit card providers has this by default.

3-D Secure uses Three Domain and SSL Technology to provide a standardised and secure method of performing transactions over the internet. These systems are in place to protect all parties including the merchant, card holder and the banks of the cardholder and merchant against unauthorised use.

If your credit card provider does not have this, we recommend choosing another payment method. For example Paypal.

Im only in Amsterdam for 1 or 2 days?

It doesn’t matter if you are staying for 1 day or a whole week. The ticket is valid for 7 days, but if you only use it for one night, it’s still worth your money. The Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket has a lot of benefits and will make u spend your money wisely, even for one night out.

Are all nightclubs within walking distance of each other?

All clubs are in walking distance of each other, except Club Panama.
You can get to Panama within 10 minutes from central station with the public transport or use the free UBER promocode on your Nightlife Ticket to get there.

How many clubs can I visit with my Nightlife Ticket in one night?

You can go to every club mentioned on the ticket for 7 days. There is no limit to the number of times you can visit a club in one night.

What should I do when the club is sold-out?

You can wait until people are leaving the club, but that may take a while.
advise you to go to another club, there is always a club open to welcome you.

Do i need to print my e-tickets?

Yes. Please print your e-ticket(s) and present this at the nightclubs and experiences.

I do not have a printer. What can I do?

In Amsterdam people are helpful. Ask at your hotel/hostel (residence) if they can print this for you.
If that is not a option, visit the library at central station, since this is always possible there.

Why won’t they let me in?

Clubs and locations reserve the right to refuse admittance if your are not properly dressed or in case of indecent behaviour. Also, when you are planning to go with a big group (bouncers do not always let people in that are in a large group with only guys, without girls.) or if you are to drunk or stoned. Please behave when waiting in line.

What we recommend to make sure you get into the clubs

Dress properly, don’t drink and smoke too much before you are going to a club, don’t bring bags into the club and act normal when you are waiting in line.
Check our dresscode tips here.

How many nightclubs can I go to with my Nightlife Ticket?
What are the opening hours of the nightclubs?

For all the opening hours, please click here

At which clubs do you get a welcomeshot?
How many times can I go to Holland Casino?

You get 7 days unlimited access at the Holland Casino with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

Do I get a free drink at holland Casino?


Where is the Hard Rock Café?

The Hard Rock Café is near leidseplein, and is next to Holland Casino ;). Max Euweplein 57

Is every second cocktail free at the Hard Rock Café?

Yes, you get every second cocktail for free at the Hard Rock Café bar area.

Where can I double-up my beer?

Here you can double-up your beer. Order any beer and get a Temple beer for free:

CRAFT & DRAFT  | Overtoom 417

*Click on the street name to open the address in Google maps

Can I go to the same club every day of the week?

If you want to, you can go to the same club for 7 days. You decide where you want to go in the evening, but we recommend you to go to different clubs so you will get a full experience of the nightlife of Amsterdam.

How do I get 15 euro discount at UBER?

When you have purchased a Nightlife Ticket, there is a unique code attached to the ticket. You can use this code only once in the UBER app on your smartphone or tablet. The code only works for new UBER accounts. 

Can I use UBER everywhere?

You can use UBER code everywhere in The Netherlands

How many times can I get a make-up touch-up at Douglas?

Ladies can get a make-up touch-up once with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket  at every Douglas store in Amsterdam.

How do I get my discount on the Nightlife Glasses?

Show your Nightlife Ticket at the location where you buy your Glasses:
Club Candela | Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 85
Club Amsterdamned | Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 77

How should I dress?

Our code is: Dress fresh, don’t look like a mess. Stick to the dresscode, for more information about the dresscode click here.

Can I bring my bag to the clubs?

No, you cannot bring your bag to the clubs, only bring the necessary things with you: phone, ID, wallet, keys… and off course your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket ;).

Can I go out on a Sundaynight if I bought the Nightlife Ticket on a Monday?

Yes you can, for example: if you buy a ticket, with an activation date of april first  you can use the ticket until April 8th.