December 16, 2016

Club No 129

On this picture you will see the drink wall of Club no 129. Club no 129 is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.
On this picture, a girl is holding a sign for her mouth with the text thereon; Club no 129. Club no 129 is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

CLUB NO. 129

Want to experience a great night out in Amsterdam? Visit Club no 129 !

Club No 129 know's how to party, and how to deliver your perfect night out!

Club no 129 is a very stylish and a nice nightclub to experience Amsterdam by night. It is located at the Leidsesquare where the nightlife of Amsterdam is very vibrant. In Club No129 there is a wide variety of music genres, from pop and house music to urban-eclectic. National DJ’s know how to hype the crowd at this nightclub. You can party every day of the week in this nightclub from 9 pm till 4/5 am.

Every day has its own DJ and this gives the audience a familiar feeling. Club No 129 is a medium sized nightclub. Let yourself be tempted by the wide range of drinks and the friendly staff. Club 129 is really worth to visiting if you want to experience a night out in Amsterdam with the best music of this moment! So we want to make sure you visit the greatest parties in Amsterdam.

Feel the Addiction, we make it unforgettable! That is what Club 129 wants you to experience. There is a photographer who makes pictures every day so make sure you look great all the time!

For the ladies, the DJs are loving it when you ask them to play your favourite song. So do not hesitate to do that! The men are allowed to ask their favourite songs also, but ladies first of course. Club no 129 knows how to make Amsterdam look good and present Amsterdam by night. You are on the right address for an amazing night out in Amsterdam at Club 129!I

In this night club, you can dress casual with nice trousers or jeans. For the ladies, a nice dress or skirt will do fine. To make your outfit complete wear a nice watch, designer shoes, clutch or a fancy belt and you will be ready to shine. Click here to check out all our dress code tips.