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Frequently Asked Questions

General information

A 2-day Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket costs €10 and grants access to the participating nightclubs, special events, experiences and extras for 2 days.

A 7-day Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket costs €20 and grants access to the participating nightclubs, special events, experiences and extras for 7 days.

Yes, it does! With the purchase of your €10 Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you receive access to all activities listed.

Check the opening hours for all clubs and experiences here.

Yes. For all nightclubs, and the Holland Casino you must be 18+ to enter. Some clubs have an age limit of 21+.

Please do not use this ticket if you are under the age of 18 years. Always have a valid ID with you when visiting the nightclubs and locations.

Your ticket is not valid the night before scheduled. For example, If you have booked your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket to start on a Monday it will be active on that day starting at 12:00 in the afternoon.

Yes! Visit all the bars and clubs which are included in the basic ‘Nightlife Ticket Package’ as many times as your heart desires within the 2 or 7 days you have scheduled. Special events which you select for free when purchasing your ticket can only be visited once.

First (and most important), do not over-drink and/or use drugs before getting in line for a club. Refrain from bringing large bags or excess apparel with you, as it may create problems at security. And lastly, dress freshDon’t look like a mess. Appearance and the way you behave in line have a big impact.

Check out our dress code tips if you aren’t sure what to wear.

Ticket Information

Don’t worry, each ticket has its own separate ID code, so you’re good to go!

After payment, you can instantly download your ticket(s). You will also receive a confirmation email containing your ticket(s). These ticket(s) will give you direct access to all the locations, so you do not need to pick-up any other ticket(s). Just make sure to print your ticket(s).

Yes! Please print your ticket(s) and present it at the nightclubs and experiences.

Most hotels/hostels have a printer available for guests to use. Simply ask the staff if they can print a document for you.

If this is not the case, Amsterdam also has several printing locations available, like PMS Print & the Orange Copy House (to name a few). Please ask your hotel/hostel staff for a location closest to you.

Nightclub information

You will have access to all locations that are included in the basic package. You can additionally select your Special events (free of charge) as soon as you have chosen your start date and the number of tickets that you want.

These are the locations that are always included in your Amsterdam Nightlife ticket:

CLUB ESCAPE (every Sunday) Rembrandtplein 11

MELKWEG (every Monday) | Lijnbaansgracht 234A

CLUB PRIME (7 days a week) Rembrandtplein 22

CLUB AMSTERDAMNED (7 days a week) Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 77

CHICAGO SOCIAL CLUB (Sun till Wed) | Leidseplein 12

PANAMA (Fri till Sun) Oostelijke Handelskade 4

SURPRISEBAR (7 days a week) | Rembrandtplein 18-20

BUBBELS (7 days a week) Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 90 92

FEEST VAN JOOP (Thur till Sat) Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 39

CLUB CANDELA (7 days a week) Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 85

CLUB HARTJE (7 days a week) Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 64-66

Right after you have chosen your start date and the number of tickets here. The extra Special Events are free of charge and included in your € 10,- (2days) or € 20,- (7 days) ticket. Bring your seperate Special event ticket(s) to the club/event that you have chosen.

What are the opening hours of the nightclubs?

Special Events

Special Events’ can be added (free of charge) to your Nightlife Ticket Package. For each day your ticket is valid, you will get the option to select one (extra) ‘Special Event’.
The available ‘Special Events’ are shown when you book your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket(s).

No, for each ‘Special Event’ you’ve selected, you will get a separate ticket, which provides you with access to this ‘Special Event’. You can find all your tickets on your download overview page.

You can access your ‘Special Event’ tickets at any time.
In the confirmation email, you will find a download button. When you click on it, you will be directly forwarded to the overview page with all of your Nightlife Tickets (all ‘Special Event’ tickets you’ve selected included).

Don’t worry.
If there are tickets available for the ‘Special Events’ you would like to attend, send us a message through our live chat or an email to contact@nightlifeticket.nl with the preferred Special Events, which you would like to visit.


As often as you want! You get 2 or 7 days unlimited access to the Holland Casino with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

Yes! Collect your complimentary cocktail by showing your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket at the club Lido (downstairs at the Holland Casino) to your server.

To ensure you do not have to wait when visiting the Powerzone, you can make a reservation in advance.
If you want to make a reservation, you can either call or do this online:

Online reservation:  click here
Phone number: 020 760 76 00

You can always walk in without a reservation, but it’s possible you have to wait before you can start.

The Hard Rock Cafe is near Leidseplein, and is next to Holland Casino ;). Max Euweplein 57


When you have purchased a Nightlife Ticket, there is a unique code attached to the ticket. You can use this code only once in the UBER app on your smartphone or tablet. The code only works for new UBER accounts. 

You can use UBER code everywhere in The Netherlands

Download the Uber Eats app here, create an account (or use existing) and fill in the promo code mentioned on your Nightlife Ticket.
The free credits (€10) will instantly be added to your account.

Please note: This deal only applies to ‘first-users’ and can only be used once.

Ladies can get a make-up touch-up once with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket at a Douglas store in Amsterdam.

Dress code

This means that if you don’t dress up, you will probably get refused to enter the club. Please check our dress code advice here and make sure you dress correctly to ensure your entrance.

Our code is: Dress fresh, don’t look like a mess. Stick to the dresscode, for more information about the dresscode click here.

No, you cannot bring your bag to the clubs, only bring the necessary things with you: phone, ID, wallet, keys… and of course your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket ;). Only small bags are allowed ( small purse or clutch).


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