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ViaVan is one of the newest players on the taxi scene in Europe. Originally begun in the US to rival Über, Via has taken New York and Chicago by storm. Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Vans, ViaVan has arrived in Amsterdam and is ready to provide you with a smooth and classy experience.

ViaVan works a bit differently to most ride-sharing apps, because it takes the “Sharing” part seriously to make your trip up to three times cheaper than a regular taxi. Open the app, set your location and destination, and ViaVan will show you all drivers going the way you need and organise a pick-up location. Maybe you’ll join an existing ride, or maybe you’ll be the first and will be joined by others along the way!

Looking for a bit more privacy? Not keen on sharing? ViaVan looks after you too, giving you the ability to spend a little extra and order a private car for those times you have a large group, or need that more direct route to your destination.

Maybe you’re trying to get across the city in a hurry to make that lunch booking, or you just want an extra convenient and cheap way to get to the clubs on a Saturday night? Just pull up the ViaVan app! It’s easy to see which vans are going past near you and schedule a pick-up.

With your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, your first ViaVan ride within the old Amsterdam canal network is free! Your only worry will be to figure out how to get your friends away from the pre-drinks and into the car when it arrives.

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket Benefits

Does all of this sound good to you? We think so too. Luckily you can use your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket to receive your first ViaVan ride for free!

You can redeem these credits by first downloading the ViaVan app on your smartphone or tablet, creating an account and then linking your Credit Card or Paypal. Once you have made your account you can redeem your free ride in the app.

Everyone dreads that “It’s time to go home” moment. With ViaVan you can ride home with ease. Leave out the endless searching for taxis at 4 in the morning. Instead, pull out your phone and order a ride to your exact spot. Your friends and loved ones will be thanking you and so will their feet. 

Download the ViaVan App and enter promo code on your ticket for a free shared ride in their Core Zone (within the A10, south of the IJ). You can also take a free ride up to €5 anywhere else in the city. Excludes +1s and private rides. No-shows and cancellations will be charged at regular rates.

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket wants you to have the best and easiest experience possible. We are proud to be working with ViaVan to provide exactly that. For questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us through our customer live-chat or email.


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Receive free city ride in Amsterdam with ViaVan. Enjoy!

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