ways to plan your night out in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Nightlife offers access to 30+ nightclubs with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. An Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket includes 2 or 7 days access to Nightclubs, Experiences, and extras for €10.

Amsterdam is the party hub of the Netherlands and is the perfect place to spend your unique vacation full of unique and diverse experiences. When planning a night out, you will be treated to unforgettable scenery, gothic architecture and mind-blowing parties from world-class nightclubs.

It doesn’t matter the company you keep. Whether you are hanging out as couples, groups of friends or lone travelers in Amsterdam, the team at Amsterdam Nightlife ticket have put together 3 different ways to plan your nights. We hope this inspires you and yours to indulge in the endless possibilities you receive with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Get it at  €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days.

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1. Nightlife for Couples

Traveling with your boyfriend, fiancé or wife?  Amsterdam is the perfect place to take that vacation. This is a historic city with plenty of sights to take in and plenty more to learn. And the great thing is, all the experiences, sights and scenery are easily accessible by public transport.

Amsterdam welcomes all couples with open arms.

With the Amsterdam Nightlife ticket, you can take advantage of the many possibilities that are designed to cater exclusively for couples.

Start your night off with a little shopping and a complimentary makeover/touch-up at Douglas Parfumerie with your significant other. Here you will also receive advice, beauty tips, and products catered to your complexion by professionals.

Ways to plan your night

Feeling hungry? Both you and your significant other need to be energized with good food for the evening of fun ahead. Redeem your 10 euro UberEATS credit and enjoy the ride!

Try some great tasting traditional Dutch food as you immerse yourself in the culture of Amsterdam. We have chosen local favorite restaurants and bakeries to order from on our food blog. 

Nothing beats doubling up on your drinks. Head off to Craft & Draft and enjoy some refreshing beers. With your Amsterdam nightlife ticket, you get to double up on your beer intake. How cool is that?

Once you lovebirds have your buzz on, why not try your luck at the Holland Casino? Here you receive a free drink as well as free admission with your Amsterdam Nightlife ticket.

Because the casino is located conveniently near Leidsesquare, you have several options of nightclubs within walking distance

Amsterdam is a magical city with many stories to tell. This is just one of many Nightlife Ticket perks that you can enjoy.

We hope this inspires you to reach into your imagination and create your own. If you are interested in reading more please continue below.

We suggest checking out our recommended hotels and hostels and booking early so you can get the most out of your experience for less.

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2. Nightlife for Singles

Traveling on your own? If you are a lone wolf, Amsterdam offers you a unique way to view the city in all its glory. From spectacular architecture to fun-filled nights, take your handy camera with you and capture those intimate moments. An incredibly inviting and diverse city, Amsterdam makes it the perfect place for single travelers

We have pulled together what we think is the perfect night out for that ‘lone wolf’. All the clubs, event, and perks mentioned are included on our Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and more.

With the ticket, it’s time to party unlike you’ve done before with the more than 20 participating nightclubs situated throughout the city.

Are you in for a stroll through the city streets? Why not start off your stay by exploring the red light district After taking in the sights of the night workers displaying their “merchandise” behind large glass windows, step inside the Winston Kingdom Nightclub with free entry thanks to your Amsterdam nightlife ticket. This district is infamous for many reasons, so expect the unexpected upon exploring.

To make the most of your nightlife experience, your body needs energy. You can order some sweet Dutch cuisine courtesy of your UberEATS discount. Check out our food blog here for suggestions.

Feeling like a picnic? Several local parks and squares are at your disposal. Or, try sitting along one of Amsterdam’s canals, framed in classic lights.

Ways to plan your night

If you are looking to make the most of your drinking, visit Sports bar Heffer and get an extra beer for the first beer you buy. You can even head off to the Hard Rock Café and get 2 cocktails for the price of 1 with your Amsterdam Nightlife ticket.

‘Treat yo self’ with a complimentary makeup touch-up, product recommendations and more from the professionals at Douglas Parfumerie.

Once you’re feeling fresh and dressed to impress you can head on over to the Holland Casino to collect your free drink (and free entrance). Try your luck at the tables, mingle a bit, and when you’re feeling good bring a few new friends club hopping in Leidsesquare.

When travelling alone (or with new acquaintances) Nightlife recommends the smaller, livelier clubs like Club Bubbels. Here people are looking to mingle, share stories, dance and drink the night away. 

It’s 5 in the morning, and you are feeling tired and a little tipsy… so what can you do? Take an Uber. With a Nightlife Ticket you receive a credit of 10 euros that is redeemable on your first ride with Uber. Just input your location, wait for a car, and ride home in air conditioned luxury.

On behalf of Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, we truly hope this helped to inspire your own plans. As a single traveller, the opportunities here are endlessRead more about what the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket includes or book your ticket here. We hope to see you soon!

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3. Nightlife for Groups

Some of the best experiences are shared between close friends.  Are you planning an outing with the crew, don’t worry we will take care of you. There is no better place to visit than Amsterdam.

We have put together a list of top things to do with friends to make the most of your stay in Amsterdam. We hope to inspire you and your crew on how to customize your own unique plan.

The Amsterdam nightlife ticket has a large list of experiences and participating nightclubs so you and the crew can look forward to a night of fun and games. The opportunities are endless. 

We know it can be difficult to manage a whole grouplet’s simplify it. Begin by taking a visit to the Power zone where you and the crew can compete in a game of bowlinglaser tag, and mini-golf. Thanks to the Amsterdam nightlife ticket, you get to play for 2 hours at an hour’s price. Inside Powerzone are two conveniently located bars so your cup will always be filled up.

Navigate this city of sin with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket where you receive a 10 euro credit for UberEATS delivery. Buy it at €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days.

Ways to plan your night

Try a typical Dutch meal from one of our favorite restaurants. Order to your hotel and eat wherever you’d like. In Amsterdam, there are several large parks, beautifully lit canals and more where you and your pals can sit and chow down.

Each activity mentioned is right from our own list of participating nightclubs, bars, casinos, hotels, parks and more

A night in this historic city wouldn’t be complete without a beer, right? At Craft & Draft you can double up on your beer. Here they have many house brews as well ad Dutch and Belgian classics.

The Holland Casino is one of the biggest in all of the Netherlands making it the perfect place to bring your group and try your luck. Win big or keep trying!

Even if you don’t win, entrance is free and a complimentary drink is provided.

When everyone is feeling a little rowdy head on over to the infamous Red Light District where you have the choice of several different clubs and bars. Explore all the secrets this sassy district has to offer, have some laughs and take some names. It isn’t called ‘The City of Sin’ for no reason.

On behalf of the Amsterdam Nightlife team, we hope that this inspired you and your friends to plan your very own nights out. Although many perks and experiences were mentioned, the fun doesn’t have to stop there.

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