Amsterdam wears many faces being a small, historically rich, port city. This famous place is home to yearly attractions, celebrations, and unique cultures throughout all seasons. It all depends on which one suits your taste the best!

For those who enjoy a bit more time in the sun, then Spring or Summer months are the best choice for you. Summer brings an influx of people as well as exciting parties and festivals along with them.

To help you navigate your way around Amsterdam and get the most out of your time, Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket had crafted the answer to all your nightlife and touristic needs for a set price of €10 or €20 for exclusive and unlimited access to Amsterdam’s nightlife.

Summer in Amsterdam


The summer months in Amsterdam see more people, parties, festivals, beautiful weather, scenery, and an energetic atmosphere. With this new rush of life, Amsterdam becomes the perfect adult playground for the party kids at heart.

With so much to do and see, Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is here to help guide you through one of the craziest summers of your life. Whether it be with a group of friends, a loved one, or just yourself, there is more than enough for everyone to benefit from.

Navigate Amsterdam with your nightlife ticket and dive into the nightlife districts. With just a single ticket you will receive unlimited and free access to over 20 clubs and bars, welcome shots, and drinks, as well as other nightlife extras.

A great place to begin is in Leidseplein (square), Amsterdam’s most popular district for nightlife attractions. This cozy little center offers a wide variety of the most well-known clubs and bars like Melkweg, the Sugarfactory, and Chicago Social– to name just a few.

Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket cuts the entrance fee for all clubs affiliated with the ticket. Party until your heart’s delight and try several places in just one night without the weight on your wallet.


To give guests that VIP feeling, also included on the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is both an Uber and an UberEATS discount, each of 10 euros on the first ride or order. If you’re feeling too tired to walk home, use your discount to get you and your friends home, and fed well!

If you’re struggling with that hangover the next day and don’t have the energy to get ready all over again, the ladies can benefit from a makeup touch-up at Douglas before any great night out. Save some time and try out some professional makeup recommendations.

When planning your week or weekend, there is plenty more to choose from. Benefit from experiences like free entrance and cocktails at the Holland Casino, 2 for 1 cocktails all night at the Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam, or even a few games of Lazertag or glow in the dark bowling at Powerzone.

While this is only a taste of the nightlife options offered, for a full overview of everything that the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gets you, book your ticket below and see the ticket add-ons offered or continue reading up on this fantastic nightlife navigation tool.

We hope to party with you very soon!

Summer in Amsterdam

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