Spring in Amsterdam


Spring in Amsterdam is a time of light and of blooming life. The spring season brings us longer days, lush trees and flowers as well as the blooming time of the famous tulips. The spring months in the Netherlands are from April through June. It is important to note that these months find an influx of tourists and visitors making a great experience for those who enjoy socializing with new people or simply enjoy the energized atmosphere.

Along with brighter days, spring brings a great nightlife energy, buzzing with both locals and tourists alike. You will find more events and activity going on throughout this city, as it wakes up from the colder months.

Using your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket not only helps guide you through the many things to do, but it helps you plan out the perfect spring agenda. We want to help you take advantage of all this city has to offer be it a 2 or 7-day Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Enjoy unlimited access to over 20 clubs, bars, experiences and nightlife extras. As the sun shows its face, many of these locations begin to allow for convenient outside standing and sitting areas to enjoy a drink or some food, its all up to you.

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Wanting to catch some great weather in Amsterdam before and during a fun night out? One of our favorite things to do in Amsterdam is the Amsterdam Canal Cruise, where you can get a full tour of the city and its beauty. We also recommend  Club Candela at Leidseplein. Each of these is found in the center of Amsterdam, a nightlife and hub for all things fun, and also offer outdoor areas during this season.

A great way to start planning for your trip is first by choosing some of our locations which appeal to you and then reading up about Transportation around Amsterdam to tailor a smooth, and fun-filled night.

In Amsterdam, you will never have the same night twice. Each time is a different and unique adventure. To assure you arrive on a good night, check out what’s happening each night here.

Spring is a time for exploration and wonder. We have only mentioned a handful of the options that an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gives you, there is a whole world more to experience.

If you would like to read more about how to plan your nights out, birthdays, wedding party or other related celebrations and much more, information can be found here.

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