Amsterdam is a city of fun and lively parties. With the laid-back approach to sex, drugs, and alcohol any first-time visitor can view this as the land of ‘anything goes’. However, there still are rules in Amsterdam that any visitor needs to abide by.

Rules to know in Amsterdam



Considering how much the Dutch love their beer, drinking in Amsterdam is very much legal. However, as of 2015, the rules in law are that you will need to be at least 18 years to drink.

Note that if you want to drink outside of the clubs, you can only do so in parks or on terraces. Hefty fines await if you are caught with a beer bottle out in the open on a non-festival day.


Amsterdam is well known for its coffee shops and a high tolerance for cannabis. But what visitors need to learn is that cannabis is actually illegal in Amsterdam but the police are known to ‘turn a blind eye’ to smokers and no more than 5 grams on your person. Please be courteous as to where you choose to light up as not all public spaces are always as tolerant of smoking.

While soft drugs are tolerated, hard drugs are definitely illegal so you will need to make sure you remain clear of these and be safe. 

NOTE: If you choose to partake in any illegal hard drugs, please be sure to make use of the drug testing kits found in smart shops across the city. Amsterdam has the peoples best interest at heart but still strongly discourages use.



When you are out partying in Amsterdam, the expectation of the dress code is to look fresh and nicely put together. The rules for most clubs and establishments are generally the same and are known by most locals. To start, avoiding hoodies, oversized t-shirts and baggy trousers is always a good idea. Although each establishment will follow similar rules, each has its own rules regarding special occasions or nights. If you are ready for a night out, make sure you check out the website of your chosen nightclub.

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