Reset after drink is the hangover cure after a big night out in amsterdam. Get 2 for 1 with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

RESET: The Hangover Cure

‘The Concept’

Everybody on this planet hates hangovers. From the headaches to the upset stomach, all you can do is wait until it passes. However, that is no longer the case. Here is your hangover cure – RESET After Drink realized that with the proper balance of water and nutrients, your body could beat its own hangover! RESET is a nutritional supplement created by Dutch researchers that are made from a balance of vitamins and amino-acids. While it is not a cure, it does aid the kidneys to naturally cleanse themselves of the toxins in alcohol. Realistically humans need to drink one glass of water for every glass of alcohol so that your organs can recover much quicker.

When water consumption is neglected this causes the horrible headaches and pains that we all love (not) so much. The founders of RESET After Drink believe that by drinking the concoction after a night out and just before bed, that you will be protected from a nasty hangover the next morning. This product is not to be mistaken as medicine but as a natural remedy. By researching what the human body needs to recover scientists have found a way to replace the nutrients you need! Only one RESET per person is necessary at the end of a night of drinking. RESET is not available for sale under 18 years of age.

Nightlife Ticket Perks & Benefits

‘Nightlife Ticket Benefit’

When purchasing your hangover cure, make sure to show your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Buy one bottle of RESET After Drink and get the second one for free. This deal is great if you are planning to go out several nights in a row. RESET will give you energy, shorten your hangover recovery time and have you ready to go by the end of the day! Share the second bottle with your friends or keep it for yourself. To plan your wild nights out click here.

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