Fun Things to Do in the Red Light District Amsterdam

Famous for its nightlife and liberal culture the world over, no place is perhaps more infamous than the Red Light District Amsterdam. From sex shops, museums, brothels, and nightclubs, this place has all you need for an unforgettable experience. And contrary to what anyone might think, the atmosphere is actually very friendly.

Walking through the Red Light district or De Wallen, especially in the late afternoons, you will notice women standing behind windows offering their services. Indeed, prostitution is legal in the Netherlands provided it is not done in the streets and these women pay their taxes. An open window with a red light on top means that a woman is currently available. Once the window is closed and the red light turned off…well, it’s pretty obvious what that means.

While it may even have its own museum of sex, The Red Light District Amsterdam isn’t all about sex. There are also many restaurants that offer both local and international cuisine as well as plenty of coffee shops. Daytime is the best time to enjoy the picturesque architecture.

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Visit the Bulldog Coffeeshop

It is claimed to be the first coffee shop in Amsterdam. In its early days, it was in fact a sex shop. It is now a great place to chill and if you partake, smoke a reefer. There is a large variety of weed at the Bulldog coffeeshop and this makes the experience all the more worthwhile.

Check in at one of the many nightclubs

There are also plenty of world class nightclubs that are located near the Red Light District Amsterdam. Such include Winston Kingdom Club which is located in Warmoesstraat 129 and is open for 7 days a week. Here you can enjoy great indie, rock, Drum n bass as well as hip hop from DJs who will absolutely blow your mind.

By getting an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you will gain free access to the club as well as a free shot of Belushi’s.

Players Club is yet another night club that you simply do not want to miss. Located in Warmoesstraat 170, it is open for 7 days a week. Experience the best of old school, sexy house, new school and funky house at the Players. With your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you will also experience more for less by gaining free entry and a welcome shot.

Don’t forget the Stone’s Nightclub. Find it on Warmoesstraat 96 in any day of the week. Here you can listen to international pop, Dutch as well as Eclectic and House Music. Your Amsterdam nightlife ticket will also come in handy by allowing you free access to the stone’s night club.

Go to the Oude Kerk

Amsterdam’s oldest building, Oude Kerk is also located in the Red Light District Amsterdam. Back in 1306 it was constructed from wood. It is one of Amsterdam’s contrasts serving as a church in the sinful streets of De Wallen. With its gothic architecture and stained black windows, the building is nothing short of spectacular.

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