Top Nightclubs in Amsterdam for Good Parties

Amsterdam is top of the list when looking for an evening of partying, drinks and socializing with new found friends. Top nightclubs with international renown are to be found all over this medieval city of sin.

Whether you want to listen to the hottest hits in Hip Hop, R&B, House or Electro as you sip on some refreshing beers or cocktails, Amsterdam has everything you are searching for. Let’s find out some of the best nightclubs that you definitely want to check out.


The Melkweg

nightclubs in amsterdam for partying melkweg

The Melkweg is both a cultural center and a party zone drawing crowds from all over Europe and the world. Here you will get treated to international talent but the Melkweg also welcomes local uprising talent and offers a stage where they can showcase their skills and gain repute.

This is definitely the place to be when searching for an unforgettable evening. Locate it at Lijnbaaansgracht 234A in Leidseplein area.

Get your Amsterdam Nightlife ticket and enjoy free access to the Melkweg at €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days. At the Melkweg, the party is always on!

Winston Kingdom

nightclubs in amsterdam-for-partying winston kingdom

After checking out the women behind large glass windows at the Red Light District, perhaps it’s time to get your groove on. Luckily, Winston Kingdom is just nearby where you can hit the dance floor and shake to your favorite music.

Located at Warmoesstraat 89, it offers the perfect place for the best in Hip Hop, Reggae, Indie, and Rock music. And with your Amsterdam Nightlife ticket, you will get free access to the club as well as a free welcome shot.

Things don’t get better than that!

Club Paradiso

nightclubs in amsterdam for partying paradiso

Club Paradiso is one of the oldest nightclubs in Amsterdam and offers its visitors with a unique experience. Why? because the club is set in a former church. Be amazed at the gothic architecture as you make your way to the center of Club Paradiso.

Here the superb sound system delivers the beats that pass right through you and cause you to move your body. The very design of the building concentrates the beats giving you an experience unlike any other.

Some well-known names have performed at club Paradiso such as avid Bowie, The Rolling Stones, and Nirvana. Find it at Weteringschans 6-8 in Leidseplein as you look forward to the best of Indie, rock and alternative music.


Club Escape

nightclubs in amsterdam for partying escape

Having a stroll along the streets of Rembrandtplein and wondering where you can find the best parties in the area? Look no further than Club Escape. While the location is a party hotspot and draws in crowds from all over Europe, Club Escape is simply unmissable.

Fill up on some good food at the restaurant and later head off to the club area for the best in music and drinks. Club Escape’s dance floor is a sure bet. With excellent visuals and great acoustics, the eclectic music will keep you grooving as the night advances. Don’t forget your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket which you can use for free access at just €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days.