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Radion is one of the participating nightclubs in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.
A Nightlife Ticket costs €10 and provides access to 20+ clubs, special events, and extras for 2 or 7 days.

RADION, it’s a place where there’s music

RADION, it’s a place where there’s music, art, and culture in former lecture halls where dentist used to be educated. That place was called ACTA. ACTA is an academic center for dentistry in Amsterdam and RADION at Louwesweg was the previous location of the academy..

Nowadays, the building is used for many purposes including a nightclub. Club nights are hosted in the great hall of the building. The program of the club nights is decided by RADION and its several fixed partners. These club nights are hosted during the weekend, offering a wide range of several artists and DJ’s every week. Which also means, lots of variety in music and nights to attend.

Don’t miss out on these club nights.

Don’t miss out on these club nights. Experience a different event every weekend and lose yourself in the work of many artists. Buy an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and you can enjoy free access to every available event at RADION that weekend.

RADION also has a café which is open seven days a week. Gather your friends and enjoy a drink and snack while catching up.

Live performances such as plays and dance performances, movie nights, debates, lectures and many more creative gatherings are organized in the grand hall of RADION. All these disciplines draw the attention of different types of people. It’s a cultural hotspot of Amsterdam, something to do for anyone and everyone. It adds a whole new dimension to the immersive club nights of RADION.

Opening hours:
Friday & Saturday: 23:00 – 06:00

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Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA Amsterdam

Public Transportation Options:
The RADION building is in front of the I.N.S. Buses and trams stop near here.
Tramlines: 2

Bus Lines: 18, 195, 785